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Student Success Masterclass: 6 Steps To Complete Your Degree

Learn & apply practical, top-rated techniques to avoid stress & confidently get through your research based study

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Develop a habit of reading, thinking & writing which will set a very important foundation for success in your degree

Set up your weekly supervisor status report so that you keep a regular discipline of progress and streamlined communications

Plan and master your tasks throughout your studies from "To-Do" to "Done" to drive momentum and benefit from Kanban principles

Support your study with a good proposal that sets the foundation for your degree and learn how to fix an existing proposal

Learn writing practices that help you write for your reader and complete your reports & discussion papers with meaning & clarity

Write & pass your final report, thesis or dissertation which will be your single biggest measure of success in your degree

Principles and practices of Kanban boards and how to set yours up either physically or digitally to maximise your progress

How to limit work in progress & achieve cadence in managing tasks to maintain consistent weekly focus on what matters most

The 3 key objectives that a good proposal needs to achieve: The what, the why and the how of your study

Learn writing practices like real nouns, real subjects, old before new, complexity last and how these make your writing clearer

The 5 main sections of a final report, thesis or dissertation: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Conclusion

The importance of writing early, often and well; practical techniques to making this an important part of your daily student life

Learn which content from your proposal can go into your final report so that you "think with the end in mind" and start early

The importance of writing discussion papers as a practical technique for writing often to document academic progress as you go

What goes into your weekly supervisor status report: The 5 tasks you completed last week and the 5 planned for the next week

Practicalities & benefits of a weekly progress report: How it helps improve your own discipline and improve supervisor interaction

How to plan key phases of your degree on a week by week basis; see a demonstration of how I planned and wrote my thesis

Demonstrations of each major section in my own final report; see a walk through of exactly what I put in my document

How to write a good thesis statement as a north star that guides your study; I teach you an example from the wipeboard

Download and see demos of my own successful PhD documents: Proposal, Proposal Presentation and Final Report / Thesis / Dissertation


This course is a premium masterclass in which I will teach you everything you need to know and prepare to get through your research based qualification with confidence and success. Avoid the stress that is often associated with a demanding period of your life, especially if you are studying part time or doing research for the first time.

Achieve confidence today by enrolling, learning and applying these 6 steps and then enjoy your degree rather than be stressed by worrying about whether you are well prepared. I've coached and taught postgrad students for 5 years and I draw on all my experience, as well as my own PhD, to provide everything in one place.

These are the top 6 most important aspects of academic student life that I see students struggling with and you can gain the advantage of my experience by going through these lessons. Learn what actually works from my experience and thousands of other students before you learn it the hard way with mistakes that can delay and significantly impact your studies.

In this course you will learn these 6 steps that will give you the confidence to complete your research based degree successfully:

  • Step 1: Develop a habit of reading, thinking & writing >> take action

  • Step 2: Set up your weekly supervisor status report >> take action

  • Step 3: Plan and master your tasks from to-do to done >> take action

  • Step 4: Support your study with a good proposal >> take action

  • Step 5: Learn writing practices for meaning & clarity >> take action

  • Step 6: Write & pass your final report, thesis or dissertation >> take action

The course also includes a downloadable PDF guide that highlights the key actions, insights and learnings for each of these steps. You will also be able to download my own PhD Research Proposal, PhD Research Proposal Presentation as well as my PhD Final Report / Thesis / Dissertation.

There are activities for each step so that you can take action and apply what you have learnt as you go to achieve your goals. Each step builds on the previous one so although you can select individual steps to focus on, it is also valuable to go through the steps in sequence. You will get the best results if you complete the entire course all together and put the principles and practices into action as soon as possible.

Review of Peter Alkema's course, Double Your Academic Writing: "I wish I had this course last year when I wrote my English papers and assignments. This has however assisted me now in emails and getting my point across better within my environment. The videos were interesting and captivated through the course. Very clear and precise."

Review of Peter Alkema's course, Finish Your Proposal: "Peter brings a wealth of experience from his PhD and presents it in a way that is easily accessible. Focusing on the fundamentals and then drawing those principles through to the final proposal. Especially useful are the real life examples from his own studies."

Review of Peter Alkema's course, Pass Your Thesis: "Thanks Peter, this is excellent. I have just completed my MBA, I so wish I had this lesson when I started my research project. I am contemplating a PhD, your lessons will definitely help me to decide whether or not I give it a go."

Review of Peter Alkema's course, Get Kanban Organised: "I have learned to compartmentalize and work systematically on tasks. It's less daunting when you tackle a task by breaking it down and tracking the progress rather than looking at it in its entirety"

Review of Peter Alkema's course, Transform Your Academic Performance: "This course was such a perfect match for my needs. Simple and practical, but yet contains so many useful techniques that i can see myself using as i embark on my PhD research journey. Thanks Peter"


Student Success Masterclass: 6 Steps To Complete Your Degree
Student Success Masterclass: 6 Steps To Complete Your Degree
Student Success Masterclass: 6 Steps To Complete Your Degree
Student Success Masterclass: 6 Steps To Complete Your Degree



Introduction To 6 Steps To Student Success & Confidently Completing Your Degree

Start Here: Introduce Yourself, Hear A Lecturer's Perspective On Student Success

Overview And Introduction To Each The 6 Steps To Student Success

Overview Article And PDF Guide To 6 Steps To Student Success

Wipeboard Lesson: Overview Of The Key Insights In The 6 Steps To Student Success

Step 1: Develop A Habit Of Reading, Thinking & Writing (Early Often & Well)

Introduction To Developing A Habit Of Reading, Thinking & Writing

Learn To Write Early As Part Of The Habit Of Reading, Thinking & Writing

Learn To Write Often As Part Of Developing A Habit Of Reading, Writing, Thinkin

Learn To Write Well As Part Of The Habit Of Reading, Thinking And Writing

Conclusion To Step 1 And Your Activity To Achieve Your Student Success

Step 2: Set Up A Weekly Status Report With Your Supervisors Or A Colleague

Step 2 Introduction To The Weekly Status Report & What It’s All About

How I Implemented The Weekly Status Report In My PhD And The Practicalities

Learn What Goes Into Your Weekly Status Report: 5 Things You Completed & 5 To-Do

Timing Of Your Weekly Status Report And How It Streamlines Communication

Your Activity For This Step Is To Set Up A Weekly Status Report

Step 3: Master Your Tasks From TO-DO To DONE & Plan Your Study Milestones

Introduction To Step 3: Plan And Manage Your Tasks Using A Kanban Board

What Is A Kanban Board And How Can They Be Set Up Such As Physically Or Digital

Wipeboard Lesson: Practical Overview And Demonstration Of Kanban Boards

Demonstration Of Kanban Practices Using Trello As A Free Digital Tool

Demonstration Lesson Of My 6 Month Planning Process To Finish My PhD Thesis

Step 4: Learn To Develop A Good Proposal As An Ongoing Foundation For Your Study

Introduction To Step 4: Learn Research Proposals And How They Answer 3 Questions

How To Do Meaningful Background Reading Using Guiding Questions And A Notebook

What Goes Into A Proposal; The What, The Why And The How Of Your Study

Walk Through Of My Own PhD Research Proposal As An Example Of This Step

Wipeboard Lesson: Your Proposal Must Answer Three Main Questions

Define What You Are Going To Do In Your Study, What Problem Will It Solve?

Define Why You Are Doing Your Study: What Is The Motivation Of The Research

Define How You Are Going To Do Your Study Which Links To Your Methodology

Wipeboard Lesson: How To Develop A Good Thesis Statement To Support Your Study

Learn How To Present Your Proposal And Take Some Actions To Make More Progress

Step 5: Learn 4 Practices To Double Your Academic Writing Quality

Wipeboard Lesson: Double Your Academic Writing Quality

Learn Abstract Subjects And How To Make Your Sentences Much Clearer

Learn The Writing Practices Old Before New And Complexity Last

Learn About Nominalising Actions So You Can Write Clearly With Real Verbs

My Writing Workshops At Wits University In Johannesburg, South Africa

Step 6: Learn How To Pass Your Thesis, Final Report Or Dissertation

Introduction To Step 6: Learn To Pass Your Thesis / Final Report / Dissertation

Learn How To Write The Introduction Section Of Your Thesis Or Dissertation

Demonstration Lesson: Walk Through The Introduction Of My Final Report

Learn How To Write The Literature Review Section Of Your Dissertation

Demonstration Lesson: My Literature Review In The Final Report Document

Learn How To Write The Methodology Section Of Your Thesis Or Dissertation

Demonstration Lesson: The Methodology Section Of My Final Report

Learn How To Write The Results Section Of A Final Report / Thesis / Dissertation

Demonstration Lesson: The Results Section, A Walk Through Of My Final Report

Learn How To Write The Conclusion & Discussion Sections Of Your Thesis

Demonstration Lesson: My Final Report - The Discussion & Conclusion Sections

Conclusion Of The 6th Step, Course, Brief Explanation Of The Front & Back Matter

Front Matter & Back Matter: Demonstration Of My Own Final Report


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Chanel22 March 2021

This course was phenomenal. The content was high quality and practical, and I found a lot of value in the time I spent working through it. My only critique is that during the voiceover demonstrations in step 6 you sounded a little bored. I suggest adding a bit more excitement to your voiceovers in the future to avoid sounding monotone. However, this did not take away from the learning quality as it is a very minor aspect of the overall course. After completing it I feel more confident and excited about my academic journey. Thank you for this wonderful experience, I would recommend this course to every student!

Gideon2 February 2021

I feel this course is very well structured. And even though I am still an undergrad, I know I will be going into a post grad field with lots of research involved. This course will, I believe, benefit my hugely.

Caitlin25 January 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I am beginning a Masters's degree and the tips and advice presented in this course gave me food for thought and a structured study plan for me to use going forward. The demonstration/wipeboard lessons helped cement and clarify concepts or study tools. I feel more confident now moving forward with my degree having completed this course. Thank you very much!

Aretha20 January 2021

This is a perfect match for me. I especially struggle with planning tasks and end up with tasks all over the show. I really appreciate the course in that regard.


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