Strong Core Yoga

Vinyasa based, core strengthening course


8 hours


May 2021

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What you will learn

Yoga to build a stronger core

Yoga that's safe for abdominal separation

Yoga to reduce back and hip pain

Yoga for improved mobility

Core Strengthening


Get the most from this course

This course is designed to give you the information needed to develop a strong foundation of core strength and confidence through yoga training and practices.

You will be guided through yoga classes with an emphasis on linking breath to movement and core activation to bring greater awareness to these areas.  Classes vary in length from 10-45 minutes and are appropriate for beginners (with some yoga experience) to more intermediate-advanced practitioners.

You'll learn how core engagement within a regular yoga practice helps build the muscle strength required to hold yoga postures as well as allows you to move better and with less pain. On top of all that, you'll develop increased muscle tone, greater cardiovascular fitness, and you'll start to balance the body and feel more comfort in your own skin.

The best way to use this course

This course allows you to develop a strong yoga practice as well as a strong connection to your inner power.  Ignite this power with 2 bonus Yoga HIIT classes. Yoga HIIT classes are meant to give you an extra boost of strength & cardio.  All of the yoga classes are designed to build strength throughout the body with each class focusing on a specific area. Taking at least two to three classes a week will allow you to build a solid foundation however feel free to take the classes when it it fits into your schedule.  If you stick to the recommended amount of classes you will see better and faster results.

One of the best parts of this course is that you have access forever! So you can go back and take the classes as many times as you like. 

In this program you will:

  • Learn to identify core weakness that can lead to back and body pain and how to change it

  • Build a greater understanding of WHY the core is so important

  • Learn HOW you can build strength safely, even with Diastasis Recti/abdominal separation (caused from pregnancy, weight gain or injury)

  • Learn HOW to engage the core to get the most out of each yoga practice

  • Reduce back and hip pain by strengthening the core and moving the body

  • Strengthen the whole body using body weight

  • Build the stamina needed for longer yoga classes or other exercise programs

WHAT do you need for this Yoga Course?

For this Yoga program you will need:

  • A Yoga mat

  • A Yoga block

  • A Yoga strap

Who this course is for:

  • Women who have gone through pregnancy and have experienced hip, low back and pelvic pain and/or have experienced an abdominal separation (diastasis recti)

  • People who have experienced injury to the abdomen and who want to start to build or rebuild core strength

  • People who want to help or prevent back and hip pain

  • Busy stay-at-home parents

  • Busy professionals (office work)

  • People with a sedentary lifestyle

  • People who want to advance their strength, stamina and build a stronger yoga practice

Testimonials from Students who work with Val

"Love the variety. One of my hips has had a big challenge for a while now. Your hip class is one of the practices that is bringing improvement."

"After playing football my entire life I need something that’ll help me feel like I’m doing something intense but still stretching the body and not high impact. Val is amazing. Goes at a great pace and really easy to understand and follow."

"I so appreciate your class and you are such a great teacher. I love being able to practice with Val even though we are in different countries."


Strong Core Yoga
Strong Core Yoga
Strong Core Yoga
Strong Core Yoga



Welcome to the Yoga Course

Yoga Warm-ups

Warm-up video 1

Warm-up video 2

Warm-up video 3

Shorter Yoga Video's

Hips & Glutes Vinyasa Yoga (16 mins)

Floor-Core Focused Yoga Flow (20 mins)

Back Body Focused Vinyasa Yoga (20 mins)

Core & Whole Body Vinyasa Yoga (20 mins)

Longer Yoga Classes (25 mins to 43 minutes)

TVA (deep core muscles) Vinyasa Flow (41 mins)

Inner Thigh Targeting Yoga Flow (33 mins)

Twisting Vinyasa Yoga (35mins)

Lower Body & Core Vinyasa Yoga (26mins)

Locust Vinyasa Yoga Class (43 mins)

Hippy Yoga Flow. Class (40mins)

Forearm & Warrior III Core Vinyasa Yoga (44mins)

Block Yoga Flow for the Core (36 minutes)

Yoga+HIIT Classes

Detoxing Yoga+HIIT (34mins)

Tap into your inner power, Goddess Yoga+HIIT (30mins)

Extra Information & Last Tips

Core Muscles & the Importance of Strengthening

Last Tips & Recommendations


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