Stress Management


Stress is Choice , Your Stress might be someone Passion

Develop your Cognitive Limitation Towards Stress Before it Crush you, (Rock solid step to Overcoming Mental Health )

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Strategy to Optimize and take control of Different type of energy to under take stress and burnout

Building Mental Resilience to Thrive in Uncertainy and Complexity

Turning Stress in to an Advantage during the Time of complexity

Identifying Signature Emotion ,Thought feed, Body sensation and choice of Response

Developing Informed mindset and Attitude for Stress

Risk Management for Stress

Stress Personality type and consequences

Avoiding unhelpful Thinking Trap


Are you overwhelmed by stress and anxiety related Issue that harming  your productivity and robbing your potential?

Are you fed up with jigsaw-piece of information from random blog post and  Youtube videos  that send you down to internet rabbit hole?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all those "stress management tips and techniques' articles ?

You don't have time for huge , long drawn-out courses?

Are you looking for actionable tactics that get you to where you want be quickly and economically?

If this sounds familiar to you, This course for you.

Get out from the crowd and rewire your brain for long lasting success. This course will help you to provide executive frames works to see the stress in totally different way, come and join with this course to become world 5% high achievers .

Use stress for your advantage, who knows your stress might be someone passion. lets find out  and  dig deeper, know all proven strategy and most importantly rock solid mindset to thrive in this complicated world.

Research based tools and techniques, online test  will help you to stay ahead of the upcoming complexity, bio diversity, unemployment's, conflicts ,pandemic and many more things that world is facing under current and  coming 10 years.

This course will help you to access the risk for your signature emotion and prepare for you in advance to deal as such where you can win every unfavorable circumstances and become successful as your success depends on extension of your tolerance of unfavorable moment of stress.

                                     If you are like most people you always see stress as negative factor however this is attitude, rather than stress it self and this begets adverse side effects often associated with stress and  more you think you are stressed more you will be sad, angry, but also to experience joy, happiness, love and laughter.

In fact stress is indicator of purpose, and engagement , and if you can reframe your perception  and attitude towards  stress you can simply develop your physiological response to stressful situation on top of that viewing stress as a challenge with positive lens you can decrease the hormone in your body that cause the stress.

This course is made for the people who knows basic stress management ideas and Who has meaningful purpose , goal and vision in life will find this course as an internal flashlight.

lets join, It's under 40 Minutes course,  will see you another side of course.

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Stress is Choice , Your Stress might be someone Passion
Stress is Choice , Your Stress might be someone Passion
Stress is Choice , Your Stress might be someone Passion
Stress is Choice , Your Stress might be someone Passion



How stress can be your Friend

Understanding Stress

Why perception is everything

What we can learn from elite athletes

Why stress is good ?

How to devlop informed mindset and change the attitude about stress

How human body works during stress

Defining Negative Emotional Radars, Cause and body Response


Anxiety and Fear


Frustration ,Guilt,Shame,Embrrassment,& disgust

Energy Management

Physical Energy

Motivational Energy

Cognitive ( EMOTIONAL & MENTAL) Energy

How to avoid burnout and devlop resilience

Burnout and resilience

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Growth27 January 2021

Farsighted, after this course I gain tremendous insight to see stress as a friend and use it for advantage, this seems I took road less travel when knowing about stress. Thanks for great curriculum. Regards


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