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Stress Management
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Apr 2020
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What you will learn

What is stress?

Physiological response of the organism.

Тhe stages of Hans Selye.

Workplace stress.

Risk factors related to workplace stress.

Risk factors related to stress outside the workplace

Bio-psycho-social stress changes.

The four levels of stress and methods for controlling and combating them.


Hello and welcome to our stress management certification course. I am Gloria Dimitrova and I will be your lecturer in the upcoming training. The aim of the course is to gain a more in-depth understanding of the subject, to offer you practical guidelines, methods, and techniques to deal with stress. In the upcoming lectures, we will introduce you to stress phenomenon, Hans Selye's contributions to stress description and differentiation, his views on the stages of a person experiencing stress, the physiology of stress, changes in the biochemical level in the body, stress at work, its causes, as well as the risk factors that trigger and deepen the stressful experiences, the risk factors associated with stress outside the workplace, the bio-psycho-social stress changes and the four levels through which we can manage and influence the stress and the appropriate steps for that. Thank you for your attention and wish you pleasant and fruitful minutes with our training.

With this course you will receive:

  1. 10 downloadable materials which can be used for diagnostic purposes.

  2. Certificate of completion from Udemy.

  3. Certificate of completion about Stress Management.

The second certificate is granted by the psychologist of our team: Valentin Boyadzhiev - a trained nutritionist from 2011, graduated Master of Psychology in "Psychology and Psychopathology of Development" from 2016; acquired a Professional Qualification "Teacher of Psychology" in 2017; with a Postgraduate Professional Qualification "Psychological Counseling in Psychosomatic and Social Adaptation Disorders" from 2017. Since 2018 - a member of the Association "Bulgarian Psychoanalytic Space". Since 2019 - a member of "International Society of Applied Psychoanalysis" and „International Alliance of Holistic Therapists“. Since 2011 - a lecturer on issues related to nutrition, diet, supplementation, food and nutritional supplements, sports and more. Since 2016 - teacher of psychology, logic, ethics, law, and philosophy and a lecturer on psychology. From 2017 - a school psychologist of children and pupils from 5 to 18 years of age. Participated annually in scientific conferences on psychology, psychotherapy, dietetics, medicine, and others. Past through many other pieces of training and seminars. His main interest and practice is in the field of psychoanalysis and clinical psychology.


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Preview: Stress Management Certification Course: Stress Management
What you will get from this course?
Who are we?

Stress Management Certification Course

What is stress?
Physiological response of the organism.
Тhe stages of Hans Selye.
What is workplace stress?
Risk factors related to workplace stress.
Risk factors related to stress outside the workplace.
Bio-psycho-social stress changes.
First level of stress, methods for controlling & combating it: Physical health
Second level of stress, methods for controlling & combating it: Mental Health
Third level of stress, methods for controlling & combating it: Emotional Health
Fourth level of stress, methods for controlling & combating it: Social Health

Congratulation and BONUS!

Certificate of Completion!


May 26, 2021
Informative, I liked the psych definitions and the helpful steps that followed. Structured very well.
January 8, 2021
The instructor speaks very clearly. Her knowledge of the subject is clearly scientific and well-researched. I appreciate the first 5 sections! Look forward to the rest!
September 30, 2020
The content itself is quite good. Very helpful and adapted to the workplace, as well as your personal life. Good use of examples throughout the course, that create a better view of the concepts. However, the speaker is very evidently reading from the script and is pretty distracting. I ended up muting the slow speaker and reading through the text on the video myself, while fast-forwarding my way through.
August 24, 2020
It's a nice introduction to the subject. It also covers a lot of good information on stress reduction.
April 6, 2020
The course content was very informative. The way it was listed was not done in a interesting way. It was just a lot of information slammed on the screen, but i am still glad i have done the course
March 27, 2020
In the Tourism industry there is a lot of stress. So far in the course it is nice to know what is happening in your body when stress occurs. At the end of the course it was nice to learn about ways to relieve stress and be more productive.
December 1, 2019
Wonderful material contents, its mind engaging and inspiring. I recommend this to everyone who wants to find solution to their stressful lives and develop their future goals. God bless you
October 31, 2019
The information is very interesting, but the instructor talks too quickly! It's hard to keep up. I've had to rewind a couple of times. But so far (I just completed the lecture on Hans Selye's stages of stress), the course is good!
October 31, 2019
Very dull and mundane....reading from cue cards does not teach anyone stress actually made me feel more stressed and extremely lethargic.
October 23, 2019
Lots of informative information. It took me a few minutes to get use to the speakers accent. She did a great job. It was nice to get subtitles and when some of it wasn’t exact wording, it was ok as she spoke what was written. I liked being able to hear the words as well as see them.
October 21, 2019
I loved the steps that were clearly elucidated across the three dimensions namely Emotional, Mental and Physical towards combating stress. This course is of immense value when it comes to practical application as most of us encounter quite a few of these situations each day.
September 26, 2019
The presenter of the course was merely reading a script in monotone. It was not at all engaging. The material content was however good.
September 25, 2019
the information was great, but The speaker had a foreign accent which made it sometimes difficult to understand what she was saying
July 22, 2019
Very informative but the videos were rather long, cramped with too much information and boring. I feel I would of benefited and understood a little better if I was to read through the course, but still learnt some new things. Thank you
May 18, 2019
I have much prior knowledge in stress management and looked at the course as a good refresher. It did that and also provided some new insights for me. The lecturer speaks from a script in a kind of monotone voice and the script itself contains grammatical and translation errors so I can not recommend this course. The pace of the reading is also fast with little to no pauses.



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