Strategic Creative Thinking

Enhance your creativity for strategic problem-solving

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Strategic Creative Thinking
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Jan 2024
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What you will learn

Understand the foundations and principles of creative thinking, and learn different thinking styles.

Develop analytical and logical thinking skills for creative ideas, including questioning techniques, critical thinking, and constructing logical arguments.

Cultivate visualization and imagination to enhance creativity, utilising visualisation techniques and strategies for igniting imagination.

Apply creative problem-solving techniques, such as ideation methods and mind mapping, to generate and organise creative ideas.

Why take this course?

Course Title: ๐ŸŽ“ Strategic Creative Thinking with Apexity by Apex Hatchers

Headline: ๐Ÿš€ Enhance your creativity for strategic problem-solving


Are you ready to transform your creative thinking from a random, sometimes elusive skill into a strategic competency that can be applied systematically? Welcome to "Strategic Creative Thinking" - a comprehensive 5-module course designed to elevate your problem-solving prowess and unleash the full potential of your innovative mind.

What You'll Learn:

๐Ÿš€ Module 1: Foundations of Strategic Thinking

  • Explore different thinking styles, including divergent and convergent thinking.
  • Tap into your subconscious to generate a stream of novel ideas.
  • Establish a strong foundation for blending creativity with analytical rigor.

๐Ÿง  Module 2: Analytical Skills for Creativity

  • Master the art of asking probing questions to delve deeper into problems.
  • Analyze underlying assumptions and construct sound logical arguments.
  • Develop a strategic lens that enhances your creative capabilities.

โœ๏ธ Module 3: Imagination Techniques

  • Discover imagination techniques like visualization and mind-wandering.
  • Fuel creative insights with powerful mental exercises.
  • Enhance your ability to turn imaginative ideas into tangible outcomes.

๐Ÿ”ง Module 4: Creative Problem Solving Toolkit

  • Utilize brainstorming, mind mapping, and reverse brainstorming techniques.
  • Develop a robust toolkit for creative problem solving.
  • Apply structured thinking to generate innovative solutions.

๐ŸŽฏ Module 5: Evaluating and Implementing Ideas

  • Learn how to evaluate creative ideas for feasibility and alignment with your goals.
  • Set SMART goals to effectively execute on your creative ideas.
  • Target your creative efforts to drive meaningful outcomes.

Course Features:

  • Research-Backed Frameworks: Ground your creativity in solid research and proven methodologies.
  • Interactive Exercises: Engage with hands-on activities that bring the theory to life.
  • Real-World Examples: Learn from case studies of successful strategic creative thinking applications.
  • Strategic Implementation: Not just theory, but practical tools and techniques to implement what you learn immediately.

By completing this course, you will no longer be at the mercy of sporadic bursts of inspiration. Instead, you'll harness a methodical, strategic approach to creative thinking that can be applied across various domains and challenges. Strategic Creative Thinking is your pathway to becoming an innovative powerhouse, ready to tackle problems with a blend of creativity, analysis, and strategic foresight.

Are you prepared to take the leap and transform your creative potential into strategic, impactful solutions? Join us now and embark on a journey to becoming a master of Strategic Creative Thinking! ๐ŸŒŸ

Our review

๐Ÿซ Course Review: Strategic & Creative Thinking

Overall Rating: 4.36/5


  • Highly Recommended for Neuroscience Students and Professionals Alike: The course has been praised by neuroscience students as particularly useful for understanding the application of thinking in problem-solving, and law professionals find it a solid upskilling tool.

  • Expert Instructor: Jumana, the instructor, has received commendations for her ability to explain complex concepts clearly and effectively, making the course engaging and informative.

  • Comprehensive Coverage of Thinking Styles: The curriculum covers a wide range of thinking styles, including convergent, divergent, vertical, lateral, intuitive, critical, analytical, and logical thinking, providing a holistic approach to enhancing creative abilities.

  • Practical Application: The course design includes practical application exercises like mind mapping, brainstorming, and ideation methods, which are essential for generating and organizing innovative ideas.

  • Well-Structured and Engaging: The course structure is well-received, offering interactive activities that make the learning process enjoyable and effective.

  • Valuable Skill Set: Participants report that the course has significantly broadened their perspective on creative problem-solving and has provided valuable skills applicable to both personal and professional contexts.

  • Diverse Examples and Activities: The course includes a variety of examples and activities that cater to different learning styles, making the content more accessible and engaging.

  • Emphasis on Creativity Beyond Profession: The course highlights that creativity is not confined to specific professions but is a universal skill necessary for change and innovation in any field.


  • No Major Drawbacks Reported: The reviews indicate a high level of satisfaction with the course, with no significant issues reported across recent feedback.

  • Some Content May Be Familiar to Experienced Learners: A few participants may find some content self-explanatory or familiar if they already possess advanced knowledge in the area.

Course Content Highlights:

  • Understanding Creativity vs Originality: The course differentiates between creativity and originality, which is crucial for understanding the essence of innovative thinking.

  • Blending Theory with Practical Applications: Jumana's ability to connect theoretical knowledge with practical applications is highlighted as a key strength of the course.

  • Assigned Work Helps Reinforce Learning: The assignments within the course have been noted for their effectiveness in reinforcing closely linked concepts, ensuring retention and understanding.

Final Verdict:

This course on Strategic & Creative Thinking is an enriching and transformative experience for anyone looking to enhance their problem-solving and innovative thinking skills. It is highly recommended for individuals at any level of experience, especially for those seeking to break free from routine thought patterns and integrate creative thinking into their work and life. The course's comprehensive coverage of various thinking techniques, practical exercises, and expert instruction make it a valuable resource for anyone interested in developing their creative capabilities.



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