Storytelling With Imagery For Persuasion & Personal Brand

Learn storytelling for persuasion and to make more impactful points, arguments, tell your personal and corporate story

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What you will learn

Learn to create imagery in that inspires emotion

Tell emotion-inspiring, memorable stories that leave a lasting impact on your audience

Create a personal story for a job interview

Tell your corporate story better

See how I create unique imagery in poetry

Persuade better from now on by telling convincing stories that go beyond just the facts


Learn storytelling in two ways:

1) The traditional story arch and all the important story elements

2) Create creative imagery with your writing and vocal presentation that inspires emotions in your audience, becomes memorable, and leaves a lasting and impactful lesson and impression.


People make decisions emotionally much more than logically. That's why great storytelling is about painting a picture in someone's mind and making them see things your way. In this course, you'll learn how to create imagery with your writing and make people see your vision in addition to responding to facts and figures.


  • Impress at a job interview

  • With corporate team-building

  • Help people know you better in personal relationships

  • Create better business presentations

  • Storytelling using video

  • Make more convincing arguments that have true emotional appeal

  • Tell your personal brand story

  • Tell your corporate brand story better

  • Use storytelling and imagery in creative writing like songs or poems


Many of the videos give you a chance to create your own stories and compare them with how I'd write them.


Learn how to adjust your stories for different medium ranging from YouTube videos to in-person job interviews to writing.

Invest in your future. Enroll today.


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Introduction and welcome

Introduction to storytelling and persuasion

Story structure

Story structure at its basic elements
Character building in your story
EXERCISE: Let's take a boring story and give it human appeal
Exercise - let's build a story from scratch

Inspiring emotion in different ways - to make it memorable and relatable

Introduction to show-don't-tell for great imagery and persuasion
Show, don't tell in a job interview to help the interviewer see you at your best
More practice for show, don't tell
Show, don't tell - in creative writing and poetry

Voice tips to make your story inspire more emotion

Vocal elements to convey emotion and make the audience feel
Example of a professional storyteller and how he uses his voice

Creating your story

What makes a good story
Story medium
Planning for the medium and audience

Building stories

Corporate brand story
The case study story - one of the most effective tools for businesses & media
Personal story for an interview or at work
Tell a great first-impression story
Other kinds of story
Storytelling quiz

Recording equipment in case you will record a podcast or video

Section introduction - video and audio equipment to aid your storytelling
Five camera options to film your video
Lighting and shadows
Improving lighting, background and shadows with better equipment

Presenting & Content delivery

Body language section introduction
Clothing and appearance

Fixing speech issues

What if you have an accent like I do
Parasite words in your speech - how to recognize and get rid of them

Storytelling when you are presenting

Section introduction
Creating an account in Google Docs so we can use Google Slides
Looking at templates in Google Slides
My evolution of bad designs
Picking royalty free and paid clipart options
Looking at templates in Canva
Customizing our design
Adding the beautiful cover slide to our presentation in Google Sheets
Starting to create a pretty slide for informational slides in Google Slides
Creating pretty bullet points
Animating slides
Using our new customized template
Fixing the bug you might have seen with an image underneath
How to make extra cool presentations that don't look like powerpoint
Next level for your presentations - storytelling with images to inspire
TEDx presentation guide
Presentations quiz
Advanced presentations quiz


July 29, 2021
Muchas gracias Alex, tu curso me ha permitido mejorar el desarrollo de los storytelling que he tenido que preparar.



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