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Color & Light Masterclass

All Color and Light Concepts explained with real life examples!

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4 hours


Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Color and light concepts broken down into manageable parts

How to quickly adjust the mood of your artworks

What is important in your artworks using color and light together with the contrast and composition

Different types of light sources from real life and how they affect objects we see around us

How materials and surfaces interact with light


Are you using the full potential of color and light in your artworks?

You want to make your artworks more appealing and believable, but you are probably not sure where to start. There is so much information out there and it can be pretty overwhelming.

I know that feeling, I’ve been there myself.

That’s where this course Storytelling with Color and Light comes into place.

This course will teach you how to enhance your storytelling using color and light throughout your pieces. Removing the fear of the unknown, It will take the guesswork out, so you can be more confident in creating your art.

The moment you will understand the concepts of color and light, the results will be super awesome!

I want to help you get those results!

You have your own message, your own stories that people need to see and my role with the course is to help you get them across.

What you will learn

The course breaks the big topic of color and light into smaller parts to help you understand the main concepts so you can make your artworks appealing and believable.

We will be looking at examples of different types of light sources from real life and how they affect objects we see around us (neutral diffused light on an overcast day, through popular sunlight, but also window light, electric light, and lights at night time or candlelight).

We will also analyze the atmosphere and how it influences the environment in landscapes and underwater.

You will learn how to make the audience focus on what is important in your artworks using color and light together with the contrast and composition.

I will also show you how to quickly adjust the mood of your artworks within the same layout.

Who is it for?

The Storytelling with Color & Light course was designed for both digital and traditional artists with beginner and intermediate knowledge of the subject of color and light who are looking to understand what is needed to make their artworks more appealing and believable.


Color & Light Masterclass
Color & Light Masterclass
Color & Light Masterclass
Color & Light Masterclass




Instructions & Downloads

Color Theories

Color Meaning and Symbolism

Color Schemes

Color Saturation


Quiz - Color Theories

Visual Communication

Visual Communication

Visual Communication in Art


Color and Emotions

Color and Story

DEMO: Color and Story

Quiz - Visual Communication

Light Sources - Part 1

Types of Light Sources

Neutral Diffused Light

Neutral Diffused Light in Art


Direct Sunlight

Direct Sunlight in Art

Window Light


Quiz - Light Sources Part 1

Light Sources - Part 2

Reflected Light

DEMO: Reflected Light

Night Light

Night Light in Art

Candles Light

Neon Light

Quiz - Light Sources Part 2

Values and Value Structure (Composition & Focus of your artworks)

Color and Value

Value Simplification


Color and Edges

Quiz - Values and Value Structure

Atmospheric Effects and Weather Conditions

Color and Atmosphere

Rain and Fog

Colors Underwater

Quiz - Atmospheric effects

Materials and Surfaces

Materials and Surfaces Part 1

Materials and Surfaces Part 2

Materials and Surfaces Part 3

Materials and Surfaces Part 4


Quiz - Materials and Surfaces


Final Thoughts and Course Project

Final Thoughts and Course Project


Virginie11 March 2021

J'ai beaucoup aimé ce cours. Ne pas avoir de sous-titres même en anglais m'a mise à rude épreuve vu mon niveau d'anglais et j'ai au premier abord été un peu frustrée de ne pas avoir des exercices plus précis avec des exemples. Mais après avoir dépassé ces deux légers inconvénients, j'ai vraiment pris plaisir aux explications sur la lumière. Et mon regard sur tout ce qui tombe sous mes yeux a changé : je regarde chaque reflet, sa couleur, si les transitions sont douces ou nettes, si des couleurs se reflètent dans les ombres... J'espère que ça pourra améliorer mes peintures et je pense que je visionnerai de nouveau ce cours pour mieux retenir toutes les informations. Merci !

Purpleume6 January 2021

Amazing course with lots of tips. Everything is very well explained, so don't be afraid to buy it even if you are a begginer. :)

Nate18 October 2020

The instructor really knows the subject of color harmony, and how to apply it to paintings. Iva is very passionate about teaching and she has done a wonderful job explaining color concepts. I recommend this course for beginner artist who as well as seasoned artist that want a refresher in color theory.

Francesca5 May 2020

Although I am familiar with all of these theories so far, the course material is well presented and well taught.

Norton27 February 2020

I highly recommend this course. I usually rate only in the end but as this one still doesnt have too many ratings i decided to feedback now and update it latter if needed. Im still 50% in the course and what Ive learned so far was very worth of the investiment. The instructor is very clear with her ideas and her voice and pace help a lot to engage the course. Many things about variability of colors, emotions X color usage, color schemes and so many good tips about composition and focal points (chromatic and achromatic too). Can't wait to watch the other half and keep learning. CONGRATS IVA. I know this course will be a success!

Sblais9 December 2019

I found the course had much more useful information in it than I originally thought, I'm very happy to have taken the course : )


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