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Advanced Stock Options Daytrading with Chart Pattern Trading

Day Trading Stock Options as a Profitable Business using Chart Pattern Trading

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Aug 2020

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What you will learn

Master all parts of Options Day Trading

Be professional in their approach to trading. Be thorough in the places that need it.


This advanced course is for graduates of our beginner and intermediate courses on trading stock options and Chart Pattern Trading. DO NOT take it if you have not taken our other courses. You will not understand it.

It presumes  a strong foundation in how the stock markets work, how our proprietary software, Waves of Profit, works. And that you have been trading successfully, but want to improve.

If you have taken our courses, you know who we are and you know that we answer your questions and comments very quickly. You know that there is tremendous support in our private Facebook group, which you receive access to as a graduate of this course.

In this advanced level course, you will 

  • Delve deeper into the Waves of Profit software, how to understand how to use the Replay functions to fine tune your trading.
  • Discover how to transition smoother from Replay to actual live trading
  • Learn how to set up the buy/Sell buttons
  • Dive further into your subconscious mind to prevent your self-sabotaging behaviors from destroying your account
  • See how to handle a bad trade, so that it doesn't snowball into financial catastrophe
  • Learn the mindset of a professional trader
  • And much more

Successful traders join us to share their secrets to successful trading. 

In the final section, we dig into the bowels of the Waves of Profits software and teach you the small features in the program which will give you massive advantages in the Options market.

Many, if not all, of these indicators are exclusive to the software, created over fourteen plus years of intensive testing, back-testing and calculations. We took indicator ideas and concepts from the Forex market and tested them on Options. Tweaked them. And the ones that worked, we incorporated into the software.

Now that you are familiar with the software, it is time to take your trading to the next level.

This course is not a mass market course. Only graduates of our earlier courses should take it.


Advanced Stock Options Daytrading with Chart Pattern Trading
Advanced Stock Options Daytrading with Chart Pattern Trading
Advanced Stock Options Daytrading with Chart Pattern Trading
Advanced Stock Options Daytrading with Chart Pattern Trading




Live Trading

Transition Tip for Replay to Live

Be Familiar With Your Stocks Before Live Trading

Live Tick Prices

Live Trading Bid or Ask or ?

Waves of Profit as a Trading Platform

Speed Order Placing With Waves of Profit Software

Setting up the Buy / Close settings

In Depth Trading with the Buy Button

Example of the Buy/Sell Button Speed for Placing Trades

Advisor Account Setup

Advanced Trader Mindsets

Emotions affect Profits.

More is not More

Beginners Luck and Experience

Handling a Bad Trade

Lessons from Pilots and Race Car drivers

Being Human 2.0

Mindset of a Pro-Trader

Its a Business. Be ready.

Making Hay While the Sun Shines

The Right Candle For Entries

Simple Strategy For Success From Tataouine, Tunisia

Interviews with Successful Traders

The Market line

Getting Paid on a Strong day

Trading Details With the Tools

Using the Dynamic Targets list

Working with Lists

Bid, Ask - Live Trading

Knowing if the Market is coherent

Catching Bigger Trades

SPY Trader Case Study and Basket

Support for Bigger Trades

The Half-Candle rule

Using the Cross over bars for Exit decisions

Chart Patterns

Advanced Filtering and Rules


Using Filters to Test Your Rules Filter 1

Filter 2

Filter 3

Filter 4

Filter 5

Filter Plan

The "Magic"

Discovery Tool

Jedi Level FIlter Rules Strategy Session With Coach Murray

Exit Filter Rules Design

Exit Filter Rules Design Part 2

Live With Steven Wright in Cancun

Trade Preparation

Opening Market

Opening Market Part Two

Advanced Options Trading Strategies

Trigger Happy Trading Part One

Trigger Happy Trading Part Two

The $45,000, Ten Minute Trade That Broke the Rules


Researching your theories

Important Points Quiz

Help Your Fellow Students

Join the Facebook Group

YouTube Daily Reviews of Options Trades

[Bonus] Waves of Profit Software Replay Trial or Live Trading

Examples of Successful Trades



Howard1 November 2020

I am so excited that you offered these courses. My head is spinning from all the possibilities this can open up. Thank you again for offering these courses. I lost so much in options by wrong guesses. I am eager to learn and work hard to learn to trade. I look forward to eventually follow my passion in art and carving glass and this looks like this will give me the freedom to spend more time using the skills that I have developed in glass carving over the past 20 years. I am eager to learn options day trading. Also, thank you for the facebook invitation. I am very thankful that you offer a whole community of support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for giving me hope for what is possible.

Rohit23 October 2020

This is just a promotion of their software. We are here for some knowledge not for operating procedure of a software.

Yon13 August 2020

So much care has been taken to provide the student with a comprehensive course providing in-depth insight into both the mental and technical aspects of day trading; so comprehensive, in fact, that I may require a few months to review and retain all the information presented. I have now taken all courses, and I am truly impressed on the value delivered by the Waves of Profit team. Great job guys!!

Kris20 April 2019

I thought that Allen and Scott did a great job of explaining how the software works and I will definitely try it out.

Satya6 July 2018

This is a continuation review from the previous course - Stock Option Day Trading with Chart Pattern Trading Tools. After having some basic understanding about the WoP software specific indicators and practicing with the WoP Replay. The next critical challenge for me on continuing my training is my personal behavior. Once the GAME day replay training starts, I will start going crazy like entering into retail store on a black Friday sale. Though I have a plan while entering, but since I don't want to lose any good trade, started getting into 4 or 5 positions within 10 - 15 minutes which are all equally wrong trade. Then thought about what if there is an alert that tells me if my criteria meets (provided you need to have good understanding on the indicators). After seeing this course preview on filters and having mentioned in the facebook group, I started this course and went thru couple of times. In one of the course, Allen said - you can paint your own art with the filter tools and test it for all type of days to see if it works for you. It's so true. Being in an IT background and in option trading for a while, THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Now practice and training is the next step for me. Thanks to Allen and Scott…

Erick25 March 2018

Fantastic course, Easy to understand and in depth explanations. Great course and fantastic instructors

Scott13 December 2017

The Waves of Profit Day trading education, software and support systems are a clear 5 Star rating for me. The information is presented very well with clear instructions. The ongoing support from a software perspective and the coaching is excellent. If you are willing to study, and practice diligently, this could very well be a life changer for you.


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