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New to Python Automation ? Step by Step Python 4 Tester-2021

Step by Step Python | Excel Handling | Pytest Framework | Web Scrapping | Test Data Generation

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Sep 2021

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What you will learn

Expert level knowledge with practical exposer of Python for Realtime implementation

Ready to implement python with different automation tools like Selenium or Appium

Ready to face Python interviews(Python Automation Interviews)

Ready to implement python based framework for different types of Automation(Web, API & Utility)

Expert Level understanding of different libraries like OpenPyXL, CSV etc

Ready to write different Manual Testing utilities using Python


➖➖➖➖>>  Course Updates <<➖➖➖➖ 

Sep 2021  :  Updated Condition Handling and Looping videos

Nov 2020 :  Added Data Generation Project

Apr 2020 :  Updated video quality

Looking to Automate your testing stuffs using Python ? Then you are on the right place.

This course will help you to understand and Learn Python programming from Scratch to Expert Level. It is specially designed by keeping Software Testing in mind so almost all already/libraries of Python which are required in automation would be covered in his course.

Python in not just use for web browser automation but also can use for following

  • Read | Search  & validate data in excel

  • Have to pull text off of several web pages?

  • Copy thousands of files from one location to another

  • Perform repeatable tasks in single click

  • Rename multiple files & folders within a second.

Python can help in automating tasks like -


  1. Setting up environments for testing

  2. Analyzing data.

  3. Extracting performance data

  4. Automate API

  5. Automate Web Applications

  6. Generate test Data

Course Coverage


  • Step by Step Setup

  • Why to Learn Python as Software Tester

  • Basic Programming

  • Modules

  • OOPS Concepts

  • OpenPyXl

  • Working with Notepad and CSV

  • Pytest Framework

  • Interview Question

  • Practical Implementation

  • Practice Exercises

  • Realtime Scenario

  • Best Practices

    After this course, you will be eligible to implement your knowledge to make Testing Utilities using Python and also ready to automation different types of application (Web, API) using Python, Most common tools available in market which support python are following, you will be ready to work on these tools after completing this course

  • Selenium with Python

  • API Testing using Python

  • Appium with Python

  • Robot Framework


New to Python Automation ? Step by Step Python 4 Tester-2021
New to Python Automation ? Step by Step Python 4 Tester-2021
New to Python Automation ? Step by Step Python 4 Tester-2021
New to Python Automation ? Step by Step Python 4 Tester-2021


Introduction & Setup

Why as a Tester we need to learn Python

*** Course Architecture : Must for Everyone ***

Setup Python

Setup Python Editor : Pycharm

Configure PIP

Basic Scripting in Python

First Python Code

Take User Input


Continuation and Multiline

Standard datatypes

Variables in Python

**** Check Your Knowledge ****

Programming Exercise 1

Programming Exercise 2


Condition Handling in Python

Condition Handling - If - Else

Multiple Condition Handling

Nested Condition Handling

Condition Handling with Logical OR

Condition Handling with Logical AND

Condition Handling with Not Operations

**** Condition Task **** Task 1 - Find Largest and Lowest among 3 numbers

**** Condition Task **** Task 2 - Find number is complete divisible

**** Condition Task **** Task 3 - Find number of days in a month

**** Condition Task **** Task 4 - Find triangle -EQUILATERAL|SCALENE|ISOSCELES

**** Condition Task **** Task 5 - Find Grade by calculating percentage

**** Solution of Given Programming Exercise ****

Check Your Knowledge

Loops in Python

Introduction of Loops

For Loop with Final Range

For Loop with initial and final range

For loop with increment value

For loop with decrement value

For loop with list

While Loop with increments

While loop with decrement

Break Statement

Continue Statement

Else Statement

***** Programming for Realtime Work & Interview Preparation *****

Practical Programming - 1 :Take 2 input from user and interchange variable value

Practical Programming - 2 : Print Rectangle

Practical Programming - 3 : Print table where only display selective numbers

Practical Programming - 4 : Write program to find factorial of a number

Practical Programming - 5 : Write program to Generate Fibonacci series

Practical Programming - 6 : Write program to check Number is Prime or Not

Programming Solutions

String Handling

What is String and basic operations

String : Fetch Substring

Common String Functions - Part 1

Common String Functions - Part 2

Common String Functions - Part 3

Common String Functions - Part 4

Compare 2 Strings in Python

Complex Data Types


List function


Tuple advance operations

Dictionary basics

Dictionary Methods

Functions in Detail

Functions Basics

Rules to create functions

Different types of functions

Functions with return value

Different types of arguments

**** String and Function Task **** Compare String

**** String and Function Task **** Compare String -2

**** String and Function Task **** Find Sub String

**** String and Function Task **** Compare String -3

**** String and Function Task **** Reverse String

**** String and Function Task **** Check Palendrome

**** String and Function Task **** Find String Length

**** String and Function Task **** Count words in String

**** String and Function Task **** Remove Spaces

Class in Python

Create first class

Functions in Class

Class & Object(Code)


Why and Where we use constructors

Create Object in another file


What is Module

How to Use Modules

Creating Project Structure

Difference between import and from-import

File Handling

Read Data from File(.txt)

Read character by character and line by line

Write data to File(.txt)

Common file methods

***** File Handling Task ***** Read and Write

***** File Handling Task ***** Read and Display

***** File Handling Task ***** Read and Display

***** File Handling Task ***** Copy and Paste

***** File Handling Task ***** Copy, Update and Paste

***** File Handling Task ***** Read few lines

Exception Handling in Python

What is Exception and Exception Handling

Handle Exception using try, exception and finally

Read data from configuration files

Prepare configuration files

Read data from config file

OOPS programming


Inheritance Example- Single Inheritance

Multilevel Inheritance

Multiple Inheritance

Inheritance: Constructor in Parent and Child Class

Data Overriding

Working with Excel Files

Why to read data from excel

Read data from excel

Read All Rows and Columns

Write data to Excel File

***** Excel Handling Task ***** Read and Write

***** Excel Handling Task ***** Excel Read

***** Excel Handling Task ***** Excel Read and Display

***** Excel Handling Task ***** Excel Compare

Read & Write Excel Data(Xlsx file) : OpenPyXl package

Install Module | Move to Sheet Level

Read one Cell Data

Read All Rows & Cells Data

Write Data to Excel

WebScaping using Python

WebScraping Introduction

Pick data & Display on Console

Pick data & save to File

Fetch data using BeautifulSoup

Work on CSV File

Read Data from CSV

Write Data to CSV

CSV Read/Write Code

Compare Data

Nested Dictionary

Nested Dictionary(Code)

Work with JSON Data

JSON Basic Understanding

JSON Path Basics

JSON Path Advance

Work with JSON

Fetch & Validate JSON Response

Parse Json(API) Code

Python - Project for Practice :- Generate Test Data

Note about this task

Eclipse Setup

Python And PyDev setup

Test data generation in python-1

Test data generation in python-2

Test data generation in python-3

Test data generation in python-4


S11 April 2020

it would have been i f we have more practical examples with concepts. with existing problems would make the course interesting as well

Heath3 July 2019

The instructor is clearly knowledgeable. The exercises are straight forward to execute. I will continue to move through the course.

Meenoo6 June 2018

Course structure is poor. - Some concepts are better to understand with real world examples, which are missing from this course - The exercises given at the end of each topic asks to create a method, even though methods/functions are not taught yet. It's confusing No response from instructor when questions are asked in forum.

Ankit12 April 2018

Best python course for testers perspective, as python is the hot topic for QA so you should must watch this tutorial.

Idham16 October 2017

It's really helpful. A very clear explanation from starting to the end. I wish I could share like this in udemy as well. I hope you could make another exercise for the Machine Learning topics or Big Data


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