Statistics for Data Science using Python

Statistics you need in the office: Core of Statistics, Inferential & Descriptive statistics, Hypothesis testing,

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Understand the fundamentals of statistics

Understand the Stats concepts needed for data science using Python

Distinguish and work with different types of distributions

Calculate the measures of central tendency, asymmetry, and Skewness in Data

Under-stand Hypothesis Testing & its use-cases too

Get hands-on stats

if you do have a math background, you’ll definitely enjoy this fun, hands-on method too.


If You want to be a Data Scientist or Data Analyst then brushing up on your statistics skills is something you need to do.

But it's just hard to get started with Data Science in most of the course you will find theoritical knowledge on stats not having practical knowledge

I have explained Each topic in a easiest way as well as its implementation in Python from Scratch (most demanding language of Data Science Industry)

That's exactly why I have created this course for you!

Here you will quickly get the  essential stats knowledge for a Data Scientist or Analyst.

I have included real-world use-cases of business challenges to show you how you could apply Stats knowledge to boost your career.

At the same time you can master topics such as Descriptive Stats, distributions, z-test, the Central Limit Theorem, hypothesis testing,  & many more!

So what are you waiting for?

Enroll now and & get a transition into Data Science

Why should you take this course?

  • This course is the one course you take in statistic that is equipping you with the actual knowledge you need in statistics if you work with data

  • This course is taught by an actual mathematician that is in the same time also working as a data scientist.

  • This course is balancing both: theory & practical real-life example.

  • After completing this course you ll have everything you need to master the fundamentals in statistics & probability need in data science or data analysis.


Statistics for Data Science using Python
Statistics for Data Science using Python
Statistics for Data Science using Python
Statistics for Data Science using Python


Intro to Stats

Why to Learn Statistics?

What Is Statistics?

Use of Statistics in Data Science

Intro to Python for Statistics

What is Python & need of Python in Data Science!

How Python works

Installation of Anaconda Navigator

Basics of Python (Python Module 1)

Variables in python & its use

Rules for Variable-Declaration in Python

What are Keywords in Python?

Data types In Python

Operators In Python

Indentation in Python

Conditional Statements in Python

Loops in Python (For loop)

Python Module 2 (Data Structures in Python)

List & various operations on list

List in Python

Set & its use-cases

Set in Python

Dictionary & its applications

Dictionary in Python

Python module 3

Intro to Pandas

Intro to Numpy

Intro to Seaborn

Statistics Module 1

Random Variable, Population and Sample Statistics

Types of Statistics

What are Outliers & Measures of Central Tendancy(Mean,Median,Mode) ?

Mean,Mode Median implementation using Python

Measures of Spread (Variance,Standard Dev. ,Range,Inter-Quantile Range)

Outliers Detection and Removal using Python

Skewness in Data

Statistics Module 2

Frequency Tables & Histogram

Frequency Tables & Histogram in Python

Types of Analysis

Types of Analysis in Python

Covariance and Co-relation

Co-relation using Python

Statistics Module 3

Intro to Probability

What is Prob. Density Function(PDF) & Cumalative Demnsity Function(CDF) ?

Bayes Theorem

What is a Distribution and why we use it?

Bionomial Distribution

Binomial Dist. in Python

Poisson's Distribution

Poisson Distribution in Python

Normal Distribution

Normal Distribution in Python

Implementation of Z-score(Standarization) in python

Log-Normal Distribution and Heavy-Tailed Distribution

Log-Normal and Heavy Tailed Dist.. in Python

Q-Q Plot

Central Limit Theorem

Central Limit Theorem implemntation in Python

Chebyshew's Inequality

Estimation Problem based on Z-stats

Statistics Module 4

Hypothesis testing

1-tailed and 2-Tailed Test


Hypothesis Table

Level of Significance


T-test and various types of T-test

T-test in Python

Chi-Square Test

Anova Test


Piyushi5 January 2021

Topic and content doesnt matches well. Statistics for DataScience using Python and only 3-4 lectures where actually python used. All are theoritical and Python basics were too much basics and not helpful.

Sunil12 December 2020

Excellent Course. The explanation of Statistics was way too good. I have subscribed to several similar courses, but this course exactly gave me a good understanding of Statistics and need for it in Datascience and EDA

Apoorv10 December 2020

No python explanation in Stats module 4 and even in some parts of stats module 3. Many topics not covered.

Ann30 October 2020

the teacher is BEYOND TERRIBLE !! if your looking for T tests, Leave now there is NO CODE HERE ...I wish I could rate him again..with a ZERO only 5 % is code , only 5 % is math , rest is him just talking generally ...not in depth

Bishaldhakal18 October 2020

I found it interesting, informative and accurately paced. However,this course has so much potential to be excellent with few tweaks!

Shahnawaz7 October 2020

Excellent way of teaching also my confidence level is very high. I have learned so many skills from udemy but you are the best instructor.

John5 October 2020

This course is good for teaching how to perform statistics with Python and some useful libraries like pandas, numpy, and seaborn.

Elon21 September 2020

This course is Helpful in clearing all the doubts of Statistics.. Team solves my doubt Nice course .. please upload more courses on Data science

John21 September 2020

Python basics for Stats are damn good whereas Statistics is beautifully explained.. This course is better than Course-era Courses of 75K Beginners and intermediate guys will be lucky if they opt for it.. Not for those who just want over-view of Statistics .. Bcz if u really want to be Data scientist/Data analyst or any other role Statistics is a God

Rakesh16 September 2020

Loves the way in which instructor explains Python basics and Statistics in depth using real-life Use-cases..

Shreyansh16 September 2020

Love the way of teaching Shan sir.. One of the best Data science Courses on Udemy I have ever seen..

Manish9 September 2020

Highly recommended to those..who really want to Learn Statistics behind Data science.. Feeling confident

Krish25 August 2020

I am going to rate it 5 star bcz I have seen YouTube videos on Statistics and even I have take Courses of 50K but still my concepts were not clear .. thanks to Shan sir who beautifully explained concepts as well its implementation in Python.


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