31 Startup Business Model : Best Course for Entrepreneurs

Learn how to build next billion dollar innovative business model

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What you will learn

How to make a Business model canvas for your startup

What is Entrepreneurship

How to build Lean startup business model

Tech startup business model

Types of Startup business model

What do you mean by Market place business model

How Network effects works in startup

How startup solve Chicken and egg problem

business model canvas examples

Multiples business model canvas examples

Understanding Amazon business model

How Saas business model works

Uber business model and how it makes money with virtuous loop

business model innovation

key activities business model canvas

shopify business model

saas business model

business model examples

groupon business model

business course

business modeling

Calculate startup valuation

Business model innovation

Netflix Business model

Shopify Business model

Canva Business Model

AWS Business Model

Uber Eats Business Model

Airbnb Business Model

Amazon Business Model

Stripe Business Model

Robinhood Business Model

Doordash Business Model

Franchises business model

Apple business model

OYO business model

We Work business model

Kickstarter business model

Nestle business model

e commerce business model

Flipkart business model

How to make business model

KFC Franchises business model


31 Types of Startup business model course is specially designed by analyzing more than 500 Startup unicorns and big tech companies worldwide.

This course is helpful for Entrepreneurs, Product Managers, Growth hackers, and Management students to build a business model framework for their business growth. We will be starting our journey with a basic definition and business model canvas and then switching gears to some advanced topics like network effect, hook and bait kind of business model. The last section of the module will further help you in understanding various strategies used by companies on a large scale.

Module 1 Business Model Basics

  1. Business model definition

  2. Business model canvas

  3. Business model innovation

Module 2 31 Types of Startup Business Model

1. Subscription Business model - Netflix & Shopify

2. Freemium Business Model - Canva

3. Pay as you go business model - AWS

4. Affiliate business model - Amazon

5. Network effect business model - Uber

6. Two-sided platform business model - Airbnb

7. Three-sided platform business model - Uber Eats

8. Umbrella business model - Amazon prime

9. D2C(Direct to Consumer) business model

10. Marketplace business model - Amazon

11. Edtech business model - Udemy and SkillShare

12. Gatekeeper business model - Google

13. Franchises business model - KFC

14. Ecosystem business model - Apple

15. Horizontal expansion strategy - Foxconn

16. Vertical expansion business model - Unilever

17. Octopus business model - OYO

18. Open source business model - Opera

19. Peer to Peer business model - OLX

20. Razorblade business model - Nestle

21. Space as a service business model - Wework

22. Brokerage business model - Robinhood

23. Dark kitchen business model - Doordash

24. Dropshipping business model - Shopify

25. Crowdsourcing business model - Kickstarter

26. API licensing business model - Stripe

27. Next Section

Module 3 Startup Business Growth Metrics

  1. Startup Growth Metrics Intro

  2. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) in Startup

  3. Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) in Startup

  4. Monthly Reoccurring Revenue (MRR) in Startup

  5. Unit Economics in Startup

  6. Contribution Margin in Startup

  7. Retention Rate and Cohorts in Startup

  8. Churn Rate in Startup

  9. Market Size for Startup

Module 4 Business Model Case study

  1. Amazon Undefeatable Business Model

  2. Shopify –The Power of ecosystem


31 Startup Business Model : Best Course for Entrepreneurs - Screenshot_0131 Startup Business Model : Best Course for Entrepreneurs - Screenshot_0231 Startup Business Model : Best Course for Entrepreneurs - Screenshot_0331 Startup Business Model : Best Course for Entrepreneurs - Screenshot_04



Business Model Course Outline
What is Business Model ?
Types of Startup ?

31 Types of Business Model

1.Subscription Business model
Freemium Business Model ?
Pay as you go business model
Affiliate business model
Network effect business model
Two sided platform business model
Three sided platform business model
Amazon prime Umbrella business model
Market place business model
Edtech business model
Gatekeeper business model
Franchises business model
Ecosystem business model
Horizontal expansion strategy
Octopus business model
Vertical expansion business model
Open source business model
Peer to Peer business model
Razor blade business model
Space as a service business model
Brokerage business model
Dark kitchen business model
Crowd sourcing business model
Drop shipping business model
API licensing business model

Business Model Case study

Amazon's Case study on business model


January 10, 2022
its ok but most of real life example through this startup busines start. pls improve the example of real life
December 23, 2021
It was a wonderful experience that I have now understood multiple business models in a one umbrella. Thanks to Navdeep for making such a brilliant content.
December 17, 2021
overall this course help you to understand what service you provide and any one can easily get the hull strategy so you can impress investor easily
August 28, 2021
Great course. Straight to the point and packed with good information. I've learned a lot. Looking forward to the next course offering.
August 16, 2021
This is indeed an awesome course. Would have loved more if he could add his own views/improvements for models.
June 14, 2021
This course is very useful to understand the various business models that you can apply for your business.
June 8, 2021
The content was okay but the way it was explained did not seemed very convincing. The teacher was advertising for his profile and all the other courses on all most every lecture which was very irritating.
June 5, 2021
Overall a great experience and learning.Thanks for giving this at a low fees.Learnt a lot.Hoping to learn more like this.
May 28, 2021
Information is very good and I learned some new stiff like flywheel and about 2 sided business. But it feels a bit shallow. I would like to get more details about each model, instead of repeatedly hearing same information in different forms.
May 11, 2021
Excellent session, clearly explained business model. It helps to create thought to start up the business and also learn lot of new things
May 2, 2021
I liked the way the tutor is explaining the things , but little more detail could be better with more better diagrams.



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