SQL Server Essentials in an hour: The SELECT statement

Learn how to use SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING and ORDER in SQL Server. Helps with DP-600

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SQL Server Essentials in an hour: The SELECT statement
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Apr 2024
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What you will learn

Build your own SQL Server SELECT statements.


Encapsulate (save) your statements as views or procedures.

Dynamically connect the results of your SELECT statements into Excel.

Why take this course?

🎓 **Master SQL Server Essentials in Just One Hour!** 🚀 --- ### Course Headline: **Unlock the Power of Data with SQL Server: The SELECT Statement Masterclass** --- **Course Description:** Are you eager to master the essentials of SQL Server and its powerful `SELECT` statement within a single hour? Look no further! 🌟 With our expert-led course, you'll dive into the core components of SQL Server, including SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, and ORDER BY clauses. This is your chance to grasp the fundamentals and elevate your data querying skills. --- **What You'll Learn:** - **SELECT Clause**: The workhorse of SQL queries, similar to a Print statement in other programming languages. - **FROM Clause**: Identify where your data is coming from. - **WHERE Clause**: Filter your data precisely as you need it. - **GROUP BY Clause**: Summarize and group your data for deeper insights. - **HAVING Clause**: Further filter your summarized data. - **ORDER BY Clause**: Sort your results to present them logically or aesthetically. --- **Bonus Skills:** - Learn how to save your code using both SQL Server views and procedures. - Export your reports directly into Excel, with both manual and automated methods. --- **Why Take This Course?** This course is designed for quick and effective learning. You'll be able to create, understand, and use your own `SELECT` statements in SQL Server, as well as in SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio), SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services), and SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), and even in Excel! --- **Real Student Reviews:** - *Melisa* says: "Explanations are very clear! I recommend this course." 👍 - *Monde* says: "The lecture was nice, with clear examples. It really helped me understand aggregate functions like SUM, MIN, COUNT, and AVG." 🌟 - *Jay* says: "I needed a refresher on the basics of SQL syntax, and this course was perfect for that!" ✅ --- **Get Started Today:** Don't have SQL Server installed? No problem! This course includes a link to a video tutorial on how to install the free SQL Server Developer edition along with SSMS. Get hands-on practice anytime, on your own machine. --- **Perfect for Aspirants and Professionals Alike:** This course is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of databases, from beginners to those aiming to pass the DP-300 or DP-600 exams. Whether you're a developer, data analyst, or simply someone who wants to understand more about SQL Server, this course will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need. --- Embark on your journey to becoming an SQL Server expert today! 💻✨

Our review

### Course Overview **Global Rating:** 4.56 The course has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from recent reviewers, with an emphasis on its clarity, relevance, and practical examples. Most users found the content to be basic but well-structured, allowing for a quick understanding of SQL concepts within a short period. The course has been highly recommended, especially for those looking for a crash course in SQL or a refresher. ### Pros: - **Ease of Learning:** The course is designed for easy learning, with many users completing it in under three hours, including server installation. - **Clear Structure:** Reviewers appreciated the logical order of content presentation and found the explanations to be clear and detailed. - **Relevant Examples:** Practical examples were highly valued by users who could relate the taught concepts to their work immediately. - **Recommendation for All Levels:** From beginners to those with some experience, users across various proficiency levels have recommended this course. - **Interactive Elements:** Coding exercises and quizzes provided an interactive learning experience that reinforced the learned material. - **Quality Content:** Despite some slip-ups or issues with video content, the overall quality of information was considered high. - **Value for Refresher:** The course was found to be an excellent refresher for those who had previous knowledge of SQL but needed to brush up on their skills. - **Enthusiastic Support:** Users showed great enthusiasm, recommending the course unreservedly and expressing gratitude for the insights gained. - **Diverse Coverage:** The course covered a range of SQL basics including SELECT statements, aggregate clauses (SUM, MIN, COUNT, AVG, MAX), and even touched on the differences between Microsoft SQL and Oracle SQL. ### Cons: - **Rigor Concerns:** Some users felt the course was not rigorous enough, particularly in areas like Joins, Procedures, etc., and that it didn't provide a comprehensive deep dive into SQL. - **Subtitle Issue:** A notable concern was the absence of subtitles in one's mother tongue, which could be a barrier for non-English speakers unless they have translation software. - **Technical Glitches:** There were instances where users encountered issues with coding exercises or video content (e.g., blacked-out sections). - **Potential for Missteps:** The instructor made some errors during the presentation, such as calling the WHERE clause the "Which" clause, which could lead to confusion if not corrected. - **Limited Scope of Exercises:** Some users pointed out that the exercises were not always applicable due to the use of system tables instead of real-time data tables. ### General Feedback: The course was described as a "good starter course" for learning SQL, and it was recognized for its ability to provide quality content in a short amount of time. Users appreciated the instructor's teaching style and the way complex information was made simple and understandable. The course is particularly well-suited for those looking to quickly understand SQL basics or prepare for more advanced SQL courses. **Final Verdict:** This course is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning SQL, whether they are completely new to the subject or looking to refresh their knowledge. With its practical approach, clear explanations, and engaging interactive elements, it stands out as a valuable resource for both beginners and intermediate users. However, potential students should be aware of the occasional technical issues and the fact that this course serves as an introduction rather than an exhaustive guide to SQL.



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