SQL Server 2022 for complete beginners (7 hours of practice)

Learn how to write the first queries and more in Transact SQL, with 50 practical exercises in SQL Server 2022 !

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SQL Server 2022 for complete beginners (7 hours of practice)
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Jun 2024
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What you will learn

Set up your environment by installing Management Studio and SQL Server.

Creating, deleting and modifying a database

Create, delete and modify a table.

Learning how to select data with the SELECT,Updating data with the UPDATE,Deleting data with DELETE and INSERT

Rename columns with aliases and Select a certain number of lines with the TOP

The usefulness of square brackets and comments on SQL

The IN, NOT IN, IS and IS NOT operators and Comparison operators = !=

Sort the data with the ORDER BY and Aggregate functions: MIN, MAV and AVG

Remove duplicates with the DISTINCT and Copying a table via SELECT INTO

AND and OR,BETWEEN operators and the HAVING.

Let's combine the data with GROUP BY and the PRINT command.

Learning the different types of columns (VARCHAR, CHAR, INT,DATETIME,GUID etc...)

A long chapter on SQL joins (INNER JOIN, LEFT and RIGHT JOIN, FULL OUTER JOIN,and so on).

Adding, deleting, modifying a column on a table

Create, modify and delete a view and a stored procedure

Let's discover the specificities of UNION and UNION ALL,and the LEFT and RIGHT function.

Let's go even further with Transact SQL with the CHOOSE,IIF,CASE WHEN,SUBSTRING, OFFSET FETCH NEXT ROWS.

Have you heard of the CHOOSE, TRIM/LTRIM/RTIM or COALLESCE function?

Let's look at the conversion functions through CAST and CONVERT, TRY_CAST and TRY_CONVERT, as well as TRY_PARSE and PARSE.

And more than 50 practical exercises !

Why take this course?

🚀 Course Title: SQL Server 2022 for Complete Beginners (7 Hours of Practice) 🕒

🚀 Course Headline: 🎓 Learn How to Write Your First Queries in Transact SQL with 50 Practical Exercises in SQL Server 2022! 🎉

Welcome to the World of SQL Server and Transact SQL (T-SQL)! 🌟

Are you a complete beginner, knowing nothing about SQL Server? Or are you eager to dive into the world of databases with a focus on Transact SQL? Regardless of your starting point, this course is designed to guide you through the essentials of SQL Server 2022 and Transact SQL from scratch.

👩‍🏫 What You'll Learn:

Introduction to SQL Server:

  • Installing SQL Server and Management Studio on your workstation.
  • Mastering databases: creation, management, and manipulation.
  • Exploring tables: definition, creation, and data management (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE).

Querying Essentials:

  • Utilizing column aliases and mastering the LIKE operator for pattern matching.
  • Understanding the power of TOP and removing duplicates with DISTINCT.
  • Learning comparison operators (=, !=, etc.) and sorting data with ORDER BY.

Advanced Querying Techniques:

  • Discovering aggregate functions like MIN, MAX, AVG, AND/OR.
  • Grouping results with GROUP BY and using HAVING to filter groups.
  • Exploring advanced T-SQL features: IIF, CASE WHEN, SUBSTRING, OFFSET FETCH NEXT ROWS, etc.

Working with Functions and Joins:

  • Getting familiar with functions like CHOOSE, TRIM, LTRIM, RTRIM, COALESCE.
  • Understanding the difference between UNION and UNION ALL.
  • Learning to use LEFT and RIGHT functions, and mastering conversion functions like CAST, CONVERT, and their TRY_C counterparts.

Creating Views and Stored Procedures:

  • Defining views and creating stored procedures to encapsulate complex logic.

Practical Exercises:

  • Engage with more than 50 practical exercises designed to reinforce your learning.

🕓 Course Structure: This course is packed with over 7 hours of demonstrations and includes a mere 30 minutes of theoretical explanation—all the practical knowledge you need, without the heavy theory! 📚➡️🎥

Why Learn SQL? 🤔

  • Market Demand: SQL skills are highly sought after by employers.
  • Versatility: Administering an SQL server and querying in T-SQL can be a full-time role.
  • Efficiency: SQL Server's simplicity allows you to quickly become proficient.
  • Growth Potential: Once you complete this course, you'll be much more comfortable with SQL language and its applications.
  • Engaging Content: Video tutorials are kept short (under 10 minutes) to maintain your interest and help you absorb the content without getting overwhelmed. 🎬

🚀 Enroll Now! 👩‍💼💻 Embark on your journey to mastering SQL Server 2022 and Transact SQL with this comprehensive, beginner-friendly course. Whether you're looking to launch a new career or enhance your existing skill set, this course provides the practical skills you need for success in the world of databases. Join us today and transform your data handling capabilities! 🌐🔓


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Our review

Overview: The course has received an impressive global rating of 4.65, with all recent reviews being positive. The majority of learners have found the course to be "Very amazing" and "excellent," praising its thorough explanations and well-structured content. A notable highlight is the instructor's expertise and ability to make complex topics understandable, as expressed in several reviews.


  • Exceptional Content Quality: The course material has been consistently described as "thoroughly explained," "well-structured," and "direct to the point."
  • Instructor's Expertise: The instructor's knowledge is highlighted as "excellent" with a deep understanding of the subject matter.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The course not only covers coding and execution but also delves into the structure and answers various 'what if' scenarios, providing a holistic learning experience.
  • High-Quality Subtitles: Hardcoded subtitles in the videos make the course accessible to learners despite the instructor's French accent.
  • Value for Money: The course is part of a complete catalogue offered by the platform ELOA FORMATION, which provides great value for the subscription fee.
  • Positive Learner Engagement: Many learners have recommended the course and subscribed to the platform, indicating high satisfaction and engagement levels.


  • Language Accent Challenge: A few learners have mentioned difficulties understanding the instructor due to his French accent.
  • Subtitle Availability: While subtitles are helpful for some, they are only available in hardcoded form within the videos.

Learner Testimonials:

  • "Very amazing course. Thoroughly explained and the instructor awesomely makes it very easy to understand."
  • "The instructor’s French accent is difficult to understand. BUT the education material is well structured."
  • "I couldn't ask for a better course. It was excellent from the beginning to the end. Well structure and really direct to the point. Thanks so much!!"
  • "Excellent course to start with SQL Server, the best I've ever seen. The exercises are great, it's perfect!"
  • "What a wonderful course. I really like this trainer, I follow all his courses, they are really high quality."
  • "I am very happy with my purchase. I really like this trainer, you can feel that he has the training in his skin, he is really comfortable in this field."
  • "So I subscribed to his platform on ELOA FORMATION to save money (25 $ per year, it's a gift) and I recommend his complete catalogue, because they are very high quality courses. Thank you Olivier."
  • "I really like this trainer, he is really nice and competent. I recommend his course, it is really great."
  • "Very good course, very fluid, it's perfect. I really like Mr. Thuillier's courses, they are of very high quality."
  • "Pros: -Excellent TSQL course for the people who are willing to learn everything along with enough amount of practices. -The teacher has an excellent knowledge about the subject. Cons: -His native language is not English and he has a dominating French accent which makes it a little bit hard to understand but it's totally okay there are also hardcoded subtitles in the videos."
  • "Incredible course on SQL Server, what a colossal job. Everything is very well detailed and we quickly increase in competence. Congratulations again!"
  • "Wonderful course, it is very well explained and gently. I can only recommend this very good course, thank you again!!"

Conclusion: The course on SQL Server hosted by ELOA FORMATION is highly recommended based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from learners. Despite a few minor drawbacks related to language accent, the course's quality content, expert instruction, and accessible subtitles make it a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their SQL Server skills. The excellent reviews reflect a clear satisfaction among learners who have taken this course.



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