The SQL and MySQL Master

MySQL database, SQL complete, best practices, Learn now!

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Jul 2019

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What you will learn

You’ll learn from the basics to the advanced level on DataBases.

You’ll acquire deep knowledge from scratch to advanced on the Structured Query Language (SQL).

You’ll do practical and real exercises to obtain information from a DataBase.

Everything on Stored Procedures to a high level.

You’ll learn about about VIEWS in MySQL.

You’ll learn how to program EVENTS in the MySQL engine.

You’ll learn about one of the most popular free DataBase engine: MySQL.

You’ll learn about one of the best client tools for the management of MySQL: HeidiSQL.

You’ll have personalized support for your real life, work related, or thesis exercises.

You’ll learn about TRIGGERS in MySQL.

You’ll learn about TRANSACTIONS in MySQL.


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With 2000 reviews, 4.51 stars, and over 14.000 students.


Nowadays, database knowledge is essential for the student or the consolidated professional.
Every software tool, or business system uses databases to store information that is necessary to work, and to store sensible information, such as clients, products, sales, details of sales, suppliers, and many more.

Learning what you need to optimize and normalize your databases is essential. This is a course that should be taken not only by people who already know about databases, but also by any professional who desires to optimize his or her databases to the maximum.

In this course, the student will have access to this 9 sections:
Concepts on databases.
Database normalization.
Advanced normalization and best practices.
MySQL databases.
SQL language (complete)
SELECT statement exercises
Advanced use of MySQL and HeidiSQL.
Stored Procedures
EER diagrams in Workbench.

Who is this course for?
Every student and professional who wants to learn from 0 to advanced about databases.
Every student and professional who wants to learn about MySQL as a database engine.
MySQL users who want to know how to use HeidiSQL.
Anyone who wants to learn about databases with no previous knowledge.
Every student and professional who works with databases, but it’s interested in the SQL language (universal).


The SQL and MySQL Master
The SQL and MySQL Master
The SQL and MySQL Master
The SQL and MySQL Master



About this course

Database Concepts

What is a Database ?

What about Database Engines ?

TABLE Concepts

FIELD Concepts

INDEXES Concepts

MySQL Database

What is MySQL

Installing MySQL on my PC

Error while installing MySQL - Install XAMPP

Installing HeidiSQL on my PC

Connecting to the database server with HeidiSQL

Creating our first database

Creating tables and fields

Data types in MySQL and indexes

Download Trained Database

Importing data from an SQL file

Additional tools in HeidiSQL

Exporting data in HeidiSQL

Query Builder

Database normalization

The first normal form

The second normal form

The third normal form

Best practice: More tables, less columns

Best practice: More records, less columns

Best practices: Using default values

Best practices: Using status fields

Best practices: Use indexes for each meaningful field

Best practices: Summary tables


Introduction to the database language

Making queries (SELECT statement)

WHERE operator

Combining tables with WHERE

ORDER BY clause

Functions: SUM(), COUNT(), MAX(), AVG(), MIN()

GROUP BY clause

IN & NOT IN clause

BETWEEN clause

LIKE clause

INNER JOIN clause (combining tables)

LEFT, RIGHT, and FULL JOIN (combining tables)

Basic functions in MySQL

INSERT Statement

UPDATE Statement

DELETE Statement

SELECT exercises

Only one table exercises

Joining 2 or more tables

Looking for strings

Grouping, and addition joining many tables

Advanced HeidiSQL and MySQL Managed

Exporting queries

Saving SQL queries

Foreign keys and table relationships

Users management

MySQL Stored Procedures

Basic concepts about stored procedures in MySQL

Error managing

Cursors and conditionals

MySQL Triggers

Triggers in MySQL

MySQL Views

Views in MySQL

MySQL Transactions

Transactions in MySQL

MySQL Events

Events in MySQL

Good bye

Good bye


Voltaire8 October 2020

Informative but the way the speaker sometimes stutters and the visual representation is not clear. They could've have zoom in to necessary things only like 5 rows only

Shane5 October 2020

I agree the instructor is knowledgeable but explanation was not good. Most of theoretical part and less practical work. Moreover, not clear the point at any part of the section. I appreciate did work hard to prepare this course, but please clear the points with more practical work and clear explanation, then it can be more good. Thank you

Bamidele22 September 2020

This is a eye opening course, I'm really enjoying it. The calmness of the tutor means a lot in the process. Thanks for taking your time.

Anoosh5 September 2020

the course starts from the very basics. It could be even more better to add 'srt' file to the video to make it easy in taking down notes from time to time.

Manoj20 July 2020

It was excellent training material. The instructor is awesome. Thanks a lot for such beautiful course.

Thiago21 June 2020

Congratulations to the instructor for the course. I think it would be perfect if I had covered subjects like Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Events with more code without HeidiSQL focus.

Agnes1 June 2020

Yes - As I'm refreshing my knowledge of Databases and SQL. But might be too hard for a complete beginner

Saurabh3 April 2020

Had a very amazing experience. The session was very much interesting and had help me clearly understand the subject.

Manuel27 March 2020

Genial, de 0 a 100 explica conceptos y profundiza, asi cuando tienes que lidiar con un problema tienes buena base para resolverlo, incluso sabes en que video tienes el material para consultar. Me alegro de haberlo hecho ,gracias

Jolene8 August 2019

Till the moment, it's very good!! Teach by an easy way. I recommend this course for anyone that need learn SQL and DB in general.

Alfredo8 August 2019

This course had what I needed to start in this database world. Plus, it was clear and straight to the point. I really liked that. I'll definitely be around to see what else they got for us :)

Brock1 August 2019

The course is great and the lecturer is wonderful. The explanations are all clear and the course takes you through each topic step by step so you can understand everything. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to learn SQL.

Donna30 July 2019

I definitely recommend this course. This is a really useful course, with a very good instructor and easy to understand

Fabian27 July 2019

Excellent course. The explanation is very clear. The teacher explains from experience and constant practice. It is a great course, very complete. It is a correct documentation of good practices in database administration and that we can read constantly. Pablo, Antonio, Thank you...!

Alvaro24 July 2019

I recommend this course, both for people who do not have knowledge in databases and advanced. Thanks to the professionals of this course today I was able to understand concepts and ways of working that I did not understand before, plus that I was able to solve problems in my work that I had in relation to the databases that I manage. Thank you very much!


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