SQL for Beginners: Learn SQL using MySQL and Database Design

Understand SQL using the MySQL database. Learn Database Design and Data Analysis with Normalization and Relationships

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Aug 2021
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What you will learn

Have a detailed knowledge and understanding of using MySQL, one of the most widely used databases in the world.

Obtained a knowledge of SQL, and MySQL, allows students to apply for jobs in the IT sector.

In-depth knowledge of database design will give students an edge over other applicants.


Have you heard that database skills are essential for developers to be skilled in and understand?

Are you wanting to understand SQL and databases in general, but don't know where to start?

Maybe you have a pressing need to learn about Database Design and/or Data Analysis but have not found a good place to learn.

Or perhaps you are a developer who wants to improve your career options by having skills in SQL and MySQL, one of the worlds most popular databases.

Whatever the reason you have arrived here, this course will...

Help you understand and apply SQL with MySQL, including Database Design and Data Analysis.

Having database skills is absolutely vital for developers to avoid getting left behind and to maximise job and consulting opportunities.

Key concepts you will learn and work with in this course.

SQL (Structured Query Language - very much an in-demand technology).
MySQL (one of the worlds most popular and widely used databases).
Database Design
Data Analysis

The database design section (normalization and relationships) isn't covered in the majority of SQL courses on Udemy.  You will struggle to find another MySQL course that has a section on this.   This section alone, will give you a huge edge over other applicants for jobs.

Through the course you will go through creating an example database for a cinema online booking system using concepts taught in the database design section.

Creating, Modifying and Deleting Tables in a Database (DDL)
Inserting, Updating and Deleting Data from Tables (DML)
Select Queries
Aggregate Functions
Database Design
Creating Databases.

In addition there are installation videos covering MySQL on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Not only does the course teach you SQL, but there are multiple exercises for you to try with video solutions to further help you understand the material.

Also note that while MySQL is the database of choice in this course, the SQL skills you acquire will work largely with any database.

Why enrolling in this course is the best decision you can make.

Become skilled as a database developer generally needs you to learn SQL, a database, and then database design.  Often this will require multiple courses.  However you learn all those topics, and data analysis in this one course.

Jon Avis, the instructor, has 4 years experience working as an IT Systems Engineer, and works with SQL and Databases everyday.  Part of his role as a Systems Engineer is to teach complex, technical subjects to colleagues which makes him the ideal instructor for this course.

Essentially, you are learning from someone who has all the professional training, skills, and experience needed to  teach you how to become proficient with SQL, MySQL and Database design as quickly as possible.

If you are ready to get that first paid programming job, or to move up to a more senior programming position, then this course is for you!

After completing this course, you will have the necessary skills to be able to use SQL confidently, have a solid understanding of MySQL and be skilled in database design.

The sooner you sign up for this course, the sooner you will have the skills and knowledge you need to increase your job or consulting opportunities.  

SQL and MySQL skills are in high demand, as is Database Design, and you will understand and be able to use both after going through this course.

Your new job or consulting opportunity awaits!  

Why not get started today?

Click the Signup button to sign up for the course!


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Course Introduction

Welcome to the Course
Syllabus Explanation

Installation and Setup

Section Introduction
Databases, SQL and MySQL
Relational Database Management System
MySQL Installation for Windows
MySQL Installation for Mac
MySQL Installation for Linux
MySQL Workbench Overview
Create Database

Data Definition Language

Section Introduction
Data Types
Primary and Foreign Keys
Creating the Coffee Store Database
Modifying Tables: Adding and Removing Columns
Deleting Tables
Truncating Tables

More On Alter Table

Section Introduction
Creating Our Test Database
Add and Remove Primary Key
Add and Remove Foreign Key
Add Unique Constraint
Change Column Name
Change Column Data Type
Exercise 1
Solution 1

Data Manipulation Language

Section Introduction
Inserting Data Into Tables
Updating Data in Tables
Deleting Data from Tables
Completing the Coffee Store Database

Selecting from a Table

Section Introduction
Select Statement
Where Clause
Using Inequality Symbols
Null Values
Exercise 1
Solution 1
In, Not In
Order By
Exercise 2
Solution 2
Column Name Alias
Exercise 3
Solution 3

Selecting From Multiple Tables

Section Introduction
What Are Joins?
Inner Join
Left Join
Right Join
Joining more than Two Tables
Exercise 1
Solution 1

Database Design

Section Introduction
Normalization - What is it?
1st Normal Form (1NF)
2nd Normal Form (2NF)
3rd Normal Form (3NF)
Relationships - One to One
Relationships - One to Many
Relationships - Many to Many

Creating a Cinema Booking System Database

Section Introduction
Database Schema Overview
Create Films Table
Create Customers Table
Create Rooms Table
Create Screenings Table
Create Seats Table
Create Bookings Table
Create Reserved_Seat Table
Insert the Data

Aggregate Functions

Section Introduction
What are Aggregate Functions
Min and Max
Exercise 1
Solution 1
Grouping Data
Having Clause
Exercise 2
Solution 2


Section Introduction
What Are Subqueries
Non-Correlated Subqueries: Part 1
Non-Correlated Subqueries: Part 2
Correlated Subqueries
Exercise 1
Solution 1

MySQL Functions - String Functions and Date Functions

Section Introduction
What Are MySQL Functions?
Upper and Lower Case
Exercise 1
Solution 1
Date Function
Month Function
Year Function
Exercise 2
Solution 2


Section Introduction
Challenge One
Solution One
Challenge Two
Solution Two
Challenge Three
Solution Three
Challenge Four
Solution Four
Challenge Five
Solution Five
Challenge Six
Solution Six

Extra Information - Source code, and other stuff

Bonus Lecture and Information


July 12, 2022
Highly recommend this if you are new to databases if not don't waste your time here . This course is good for beginner only
July 11, 2022
A good, quick course to learn the basics of SQL. The challenges at the end are a good way to practice the different statements that you have learned. If would have been nice if more challenges were included , also earlier on in the course.
July 8, 2022
Thank You. Definitely worth it. And it was extra learning to see the Q&A sections filled with other learners content.
July 1, 2022
this course just teaches about very basic stuffs, and not mention about how would we come up the idea when it comes to design a database
June 26, 2022
it's good but only improvement I would say is that everything is being read off slides. it's a good thing just expected some extra information and more explanation on the side as well.
June 25, 2022
yes this course was great for giving me a lot of information in a usable format. I did struggle to follow along with some of the examples because I was not also doing the drills on my own (ex: downloading MySQL Workbench plus the data files), so my recommendation to anyone watching this: DO THE HANDS ON STUFF! GET THE WORKBENCH AND USE IT!
June 23, 2022
I am a total beginner. I definitely feel empowered to use these concepts as they were broken down very simply so I could learn!
June 23, 2022
I have yet to be disappointed by a course from LEARN PROGRAMMING.!! Always great explanations and many great examples to show you the concepts.
June 20, 2022
So far I completely understand how and why to use any of the values. The explanation is simple and well comprehended
June 13, 2022
AS I'm from non-core background (i.e Msc., Chemistry) but i learnt through this video which made me very much useful and voice in this video is so clear so by which we can understand properly and those who looking to learn basic in SQL , this course is very much useful and value of money.
June 12, 2022
on some topics, i legit do not understand until i check out some youtube videos. the break down is fast
June 9, 2022
I am into Front end development along with Node, but this course really got me hooked into back end development. Great Course.. highly recommended
May 23, 2022
This course is more important and very interesting. And the content of this course is matched which is I want to learn.
May 16, 2022
its very nice and easy to understand the full course. but we need more example exercise and solution from easy to hard.
May 16, 2022
For now, I did half of the course and I have to say, I am amazed. I already got a bit in contact with SQL but here it klicks. The course is also really well structured. It makes it easy to follow.



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