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May 2021

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What you will learn




Trace minerals

Body types

Misconceptions in the fitness industry.

Deeper understanding of "calories"


And much, much more!


*Printable online certificate available upon completion of course*

*Instructor is a well rounded athlete and has a muscular/toned physique*

Discover deeper level insights in the world of sport's nutrition!

Every athlete requires the proper essential nutrition in order to perform at their best.

Its scientifically proven that peak performance comes from not only proper training, but in-taking the right nutrition.

There is so much misinformation in the health & fitness industry and I debunk these myths and clarify important details for you, so that you can reach your set goals. 

All pro-athletes and elite performers leverage the power of nutrition not only to achieve optimal performance, but to heal, regenerate, and repair the body.

The body is a sophisticated piece of machinery and therefore, it would make sense to invest in understanding the intricacies and complexities of the human body, and ultimately leverage nutrition to achieve your ideal physique and best performance possible. 

What You'll Learn..

  • Epi-genetics

  • Deeper insights to calories

  • Formulas

  • Body types

  • Macro-nutrition

  • Micro-nutrition

  • Essential vitamins

  • Trace minerals

  • Other nutrients

  • Misconceptions

  • And much, much more!

The human body is an amazing thing! Therefore, claim your birth right to vitality, strength, and longevity. What should be considered a miracle is standard operating procedure.

The body's intelligence knows how to carefully orchestrate the operation of thousands of biochemical reactions and bodily functions that go on inside your body on the regular.

The body heals, renews, and  regenerates itself on a moment to moment basis. 

Therefore, if you desire to achieve excellence and want to become the greatest version of yourself,- invest in yourself now!

The greatest investment you can make is an investment in yourself.

Whether you want to achieve your greatest potential or age gracefully, you need to leverage the power of nutrition and claim your birth right to the vigor of your youth and longevity.

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Sports Nutrition Essentials
Sports Nutrition Essentials
Sports Nutrition Essentials
Sports Nutrition Essentials








3 Body types

3 Body types

Biggest Lie

Biggest Lie

Understanding “Calories” & Formulas

Understanding “Calories & Formulas

Terminology & Formulas Part 2

Terminology & Formulas Part 3


Macronutrients Part 1

Macronutrients Part 2

Macronutrients Part 3

Macronutrients Part 4


Micro-nutrition Part 1

Micro-nutrition Part 2



Other Essential Nutrients

Other Essential Nutrients



Deeper Insights Nutrition

Deeper Insights Nutrition Part 1

Deeper Insights Nutrition Part 2

Super Foods

Super Foods




Api28 August 2021

I already love this course! It’s not only informative but helps us relinquish the negative mindset of desiring a body type that’s unattainable and unrealistic. Although we may believe or told to believe that a different body type will bring us more happiness and love, this course helps us see that we deserve to feel loved in the exact same body. Personally, i am now focused on feeding my body with the appropriate nutrients and really listening to how my body reacts to particular foods. You are not what you eat, but what you absorb. This course has given me intrinsic motivation to finally get to know my body and do what’s right for it. After all, it does everything for me. Thank you for creating such a highly inspiring and educational course!

Lopana22 September 2020

Such an educating course that is interesting and highly motivational. Going to be doing rehab soon after my ACL surgery, so the contents in this course is very useful for me and anyone looking to learn about their bodies more and what will work best for them. Enjoyed learning about the body types, glycemic index and the misconceptions. An eye opening course that teaches you the importance of looking after yourself and guides you to making modifications in your life that will make you feel healthier and give you the confidence you need.

Joel20 September 2020

Ahilan, excellent content once again. As a Biology major who focused on animal nutrition and physiology, I can say this course is extremely detailed and informative. Ahilan goes into great depth and covers in a vast amount of detail various concepts discussed in health and nutrition including macronutrients, micronutrients, minerals, and other essential nutrients. The thing I really gravitated towards the most in this course was how Ahilan simplified such difficult concepts into a language and form that anyone could understand. I also enjoyed the in-depth discussion of "misconceptions" as well as lies that are told in the health and wellness space, he removed barriers that can typically make dieting and living a healthy lifestyle hard by introducing these misconceptions and giving resolutions and real-life solutions to these often confusing issues. Finally the incorporation of superfoods and how to incorporate them in an effective manner was a great touch to this course. Thank you for the amazing course once again, I strongly recommend this course to any individual interested in changing their lifestyles, as well as improving their understanding of nutrition and health, especially if you are interested in developing muscle mass or developing a leaner physique. Cheers!

Vincent17 September 2020

Ahilan knows what he is talking about. You can tell that he's been practicing a certain health code for a long time. The breakdown of the nutrients, the facts about deceiving commercial messages, the real truth about trans-fats and processed calories versus healthy ones... it's good to learn more about it. Admitted, I already knew SOME of these things, but first of all, it's good to be reminded of it (I still have to cut down on sugar intake), and second, he goes beyond the basics, so I doubt that there will be people who won't learn anything new. In other words, I think everyone would get something out of this course. I could see him become a nutrition coach or fitness instructor at some point. Who knows?

Dean17 September 2020

I learned tons of new concepts I wasn't aware of. The importance of differentiating empty calories from whole foods. And the importance of micro-nutrition and its integral role to the human body. I'm going to go out to my local health food store and start taking some of the supplements I learned about in the micro-nutrition and minerals section. I'm going to apply what I learned to become the best athlete I can possibly be. will definitely like to try more courses from Ahilan. Excellent course. Cheers


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