Spiritual Wireless Treatment (Power of ALLAH)

Crash Course for Awareness About Spiritual Wireless Treatment through Quran

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Spiritual Wireless Treatment (Power of ALLAH)
1 hour
May 2022
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What you will learn

Learn about new kind of treatment method in Islam

Learn about the founder of spiritual wireless treatment

Learn how spiritual wireless treatment can transform the world

Learn how you can bring this knowledge into field of health & wellness


The purpose of this crash course is to bring awareness regarding healing the incurable patients through holy verses of the ancient holy book 'Quran' by the Power of Allah.

It is an awareness course with practical evidences and real world examples so no practical training will be provided in this crash course but you'll have a deep understanding about spiritual healings through esoteric wireless system of Islam to provide healing from distance to any incurable patient remotely and spiritually by the Power of Allah.

As a Muslim, you must have heard about "Asif ibn Barkhiya" who had transferred the Throne of Bilqis within blinking of an eye in relation to Hazrat Sulaiman (peace be upon him) the Prophet and King with supernatural powers gifted to him by special mercy from Allah the King of bounties and rewards.

In this crash course you'll know about how similar technology can be utilized for doing treatment of incurable patients from sitting at your home but it will not be done within blinking of an eye.

Note: If you are a Non-Muslim then you will not find this course helpful because it is for faithful believers of Almighty Allah who are passionate gamers with interest in spirituality and healing with verses of Holy Quran that was revealed on last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) of religion Islam.



What is Spiritual Wireless Treatment?
Introduction to Founder of Spiritual Wireless Treatment
The Legendary Team of Islam

Short Stories of 4 Patients with Evidences

Story of Unstable Saturation CCU Patient (Lahore, Pakistan)
Story of Both Kidneys Damaged ICU Patient (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Story of Corona Infected Patient (Karachi, Pakistan)
Story of Critical ICU Case (Dubai)

Spiritual Wireless Treatment

What are the possibilities and benefits of SWT?
What you can do for incurable patients through SWT?
How much time do you need to learn SWT?

Faith in ALLAH اللہ

Why is it necessary to be a Muslim for SWT?
Esoteric Spiritual Wireless System and Prophet Sulaiman (علیہ السلام)
Bonus Lecture
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