Working From Home - Extreme Fitness: Certification Level 1

Seated Dynamic Tension BodyBuilding & Breathing Exercise & Resistance Bands - 4 CEU’s

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Working From Home - Extreme Fitness: Certification Level 1
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Feb 2022
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What you will learn

How to perform the 5 warm up movements and basic 12 exercise positions with and without bands in the comfort of your own home sitting in your favorite chair

This course has 24 daily lesson plans that is scheduled for 6 days a week. The course is designed to help you create your lifetime fitness program anywhere

There are no requirements to begin, only an open mind and willingness to learn a new lifetime fitness program sitting in a chair

My "JOB" is to get you to show up to class and I will do the rest for you. I have been doing this for over 15 years

Upon successful completion, you will be Spinnex Vitality Level 1 Certified to build and grow a coaching business

You will have the opportunity to write an article for Spinnex Vitality blog with your brand information that can cast a wider net for you


Learn how to efficiently and effectively perform your daily lesson plans. You begin by a warm up of a minimum of 5 different seated positions. Then you begin to work the 12 exercise positions while moving and breathing dynamically with naturally created tension. Work as hard as you want each movement. The course is built around the idea that once you learn the 12 basic seated exercise positions, you mix and match daily lessons with varying resistance bands. You will not run out of fresh lesson plans. This course is certified by Spinnex Vitality, an educational and instructional corporation by its founder Allen Spindel. All of Spinnex Vitality courses are accredited with Spinnex Vitality through Allen Spindel, certified with the University of the State of New York Education Department, 9/01/02. Control #188187021

You get:
24 on-demand video detailed lesson plans.
3 research articles.
5 weekly quizzes.
12 daily detailed lesson plans with reps and sets for Basic Course.
12 daily detailed lesson plans with reps and sets for Advanced Course.
Full lifetime access.
Access on mobile and tv.
Spinnex Vitality Level 1 Certification with 4 Continuing Educational Credits (CEU’s)

You will learn:
How to perform the 5 warm up movements and basic 12 exercise positions with and without bands.
To exercise in the comfort of your own home.
What exercise routine to do when you get home.
Develop skills your friends don’t have.
Create your own routine that can be turned into a 52 week routine.
How to get fit by sitting in a chair.
Preparing your mind and body for improved health.
Earn your Spinnex Vitality Level 1 certification to build and grow a coaching business and instruct others.


FREE Preview Of This Course

Nasal breathing
Breathing sitting in a chair
Introduction of your instructor for this course
Actual Lesson 6 of 24
Actual Lesson 22 of 24


Overview Of Course

What You Get In This Course

Who this course is for, description, what you will learn and requirements


Disclaimer: you will recognize any symptoms that tells you to stop exercising

Benefits Of Nasal Breathing

Follow this type of breathing in this course for energy and vitality
Activity Quiz #1 Benefits of nasal breathing

Tighten and Relax For Stress Reduction and BodyBuilding

Release stress with bodybuilding and dynamic tension breathing
Activity Quiz #2 Tighten and relax

Dynamic Tension Breathing Sitting In A Chair

Nasal breathing in and out through the nose with proper seated alignment
Activity Quiz #3 Breathing sitting in a chair


From 3 Sources: Colorado State University, Mens Heath, Harvard Health
Activity Quiz #4 Research

Heart Rate Formulas

Heart Rate Formulas
Activity Quiz #5 Heart Rate Formulas

5 Warm Up Positions and 12 Exercise Positions

5 Daily Warm Up Movements Explained and Shown
5 daily warm up movements and the 12 exercise positions
1 of 12 - Arms Exercise Video
2 of 12 - Biceps Exercise Video
3 of 12 - Chest Fly Exercise Video
4 of 12 - Shoulder Press Exercise Video
5 of 12 - Rows Exercise Video
6 of 12 - Hi Elbow Rows Exercise Video
7 of 12 - Lat Pull Down Exercise Video
8 of 12 - Obliques Exercise Video
9 of 12 - Abductors Exercise Video
10 of 12 - Calf Raise Exercise Video
11 of 12 - Leg Extension Exercise Video
12 of 12 - Leg Press Exercise Video

Basic Course

Lesson 1 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 2 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 3 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 4 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 5 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 6 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 7 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 8 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 9 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 10 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 11 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 12 - Actual Workout Video

Advanced Course

Lesson 13- Actual Workout Video
Lesson 14 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 15 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 16 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 17 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 18 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 19 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 20 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 21 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 22 - Actual Workout Video
Lecture 23 - Actual Workout Video
Lesson 24 - Actual Workout Video


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September 8, 2022
This is an amazing and informative course. This course has taught me how to stay fit even with minimal and affordable equipment.
August 15, 2022
It is very early for a rating especially one this high but I already have his book on breathing and like it a great deal. So far this course seems to be of the same quality thus this rating.
April 15, 2022
Elegir este curso es una de las cosas buenas que me han pasado de lo que va del ano. El profesor es excelente, se mantuvo en contacto todo el tiempo, respondia mis preguntas y siempre dando feedback
April 8, 2022
I am a 65 year old male in good shape. I do have a few aches and pains and this coursework is great to help me stay in shape, feel good and look good (at least to myself), without adding to the pains that I already have. It helps to improve my range of motion and keeps me flexible, which is important to prevent things such as walking with a shuffle, difficulty putting on socks, tying shoes and similar. Try it out for yourself.
March 25, 2022
WOW to start the MOST handsome fitness guy ever, so smart, so knowledgeable in his field. LOVE all his advice, can't wait to continue, I had the glorifying experience of going to Florida to work with him for 6 weeks on a rehab of a new knee replacement. He is by far the BEST ever!
March 25, 2022
Allen really enjoys teaching which makes engagement easy and makes this course interesting to follow. He really believes and is knowledgeable of what he is talking about and uses proven methods that steer less towards western medicine . Highly recommend Allen and Spinnex Vitality.


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