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Speaking of Sales

Learn your Target Markets Language


2 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Learn how to speak your target markets language for better marketing

Discover how to create products and services that resonate with your tribe

Learn how to tap into your tribes language to help them overcome objections to working with you

Learn how to craft sales pages that makes your tribe raise their hand and see you as the solution they are seeking


One of the most important aspects of marketing is communicating and connecting to your target audience.  Learning how your audience thinks and talks is critical to communicating in a way that shows them how you can help them with their problems.  To learn their language you must do your research and join their tribes.  If you learn how to communicate using the terms they can relate to, problems they search online for, and solutions they can relate to...you will set yourself up for success.

This course will teach you how to learn your markets language so you can

  • Craft more effective headlines and sales pages

  • Create more descriptive titles

  • Establish your authority

  • Develop solutions to the problems your audience is seeking

  • Market to your ideal client more effectively

  • Connect on a deep level

  • Communicate authentically

  • Increase engagement and ultimately make more sales

You will learn how to:

  • Define our target market

  • Learn where they hang out online

  • Join their tribe and connect with them

  • How to craft your content

  • Create products that speak directly to your market

  • Establish yourself as the go to solution

If you want to increase your sales, create more effective products and services, and learn how to connect more deeply with your target market, then I would love to see you in the course! 


Speaking of Sales
Speaking of Sales
Speaking of Sales
Speaking of Sales




Do you know who your target ma

Lesson 3 - How speaking the right language can help with conversion

Lesson 4 - How to become part of their tribe

Lesson 5 - Hang out where your tribe does

Learn their special vocabulary

Spy on your competition

Lesson 8 - Sign up for other people's lists

Lesson 9 - How to use Facebook groups

Lesson 10 - Speaking your target markets language on Facebook

Encourage a dialog with your audience

Using your new language skills on your sales page

Creating community

What tone to use in your sales messages

Establish your expertise

Use Headlines to speak to your customers

Testing your new language

Create your own terms, nicknames and acronyms

Test and track your sales page language

Test and track your emails and CTA's

Language, tone, and copywriting

Finding the right words to overcome objections

Preventing buyer's remorse

Speaking your audiences language in your products

Evolving with your audience

Don't overwhelm with professional terms

Listening to feedback


Using images as part of the conversation



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