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Spatial Analysis & Geospatial Data Science in Python

Learn how to process and visualize geospatial data and perform spatial analysis using Python.

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Spatial Analysis & Geospatial Data Science in Python



4 hours


Feb 2021

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What you will learn

The course introduces you to the most essential Geopython Libraries

Perform Spatial Data analysis with Python

Learn the essentials of Geopy,Plotly Library, the workhorse of Geospatial data science in Python.

Learn how to visualize Geospatial data in Python (static and interactive maps)

Learn how to pre-process geospatial data.

Perform Geocoding on Data


Geospatial data science is a subset of data science that focuses on spatial data and its unique techniques. In this, we are going to perform spatial analysis and trying to find insights from spatial data. In this course, we lay the foundation for a career in Geospatial Data Science. You will get hands-on Geopy, Plotly etc.. the workhorse of Geospatial data science Python libraries.

The topics covered in this course widely touch on some of the most used spatial technique in Geospatial data science. We will be learning how to read spatial data , manipulate and process spatial data using Pandas , and perform  some spatial operations. A large portion of the course deals with spatial Visuals like Choropleth, Geographical Scatter plot, Geographical Heatmap, Markers, Geographical HeatMap. Each video contains a summary of the topic and a walkthrough with code examples that will help you learn more effectively.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to become Data Scientist by show-case these Projects on his/her Resume..

  • Students who like to take their first steps in the Geospatial data science career.

  • Python users who are interested in Spatial Data Science.

  • GIS users who are new to python and Jupyter notebooks for Geographic data analysis...



About Courses benefits

How to follow this course-Must Watch

Intro to Covid-19 Project

Installation of Anaconda Navigator

Datasets & Resources

Reading Data of Covid-19

Spatial Analysis on Covid-19

Idea behind Choropleth Maps

Choropleth Map for Confirmed Covid-19 Cases

Choropleth Map of Particular continent

Idea behind Geographical Scatter plot

Geographical Scatter plot for Confirmed Covid-19 Cases

Plotting of Recovery using Choropleth & Geo Scatter plot

Plotting of Deaths using Choropleth & Geo Scatter plot

Interactive Geospatial Data visaulisation on Covid-19

How to extract Latitudes & Longitudes of a location

Data Preparation For Spatial Analysis

Fetch Geographical Co-ordinates of a country

Idea behind Tileset,Raster & Vector Data

Use-case of Markers

creating a base map

Plot Confirmed Cases using Markers

Plotting of Recovered & Deaths using Markers

Advanced GeoSpatial Analysis

Idea Behind Marker Cluster

Plot Deaths using Marker cluster

Idea behind Geographic Heatmap

Geographic HeatMap of Confirmed Cases


Dawid14 November 2020

Quite interesting introduction to the possibilities of Python spatial libraries even for GIS Specialist.

Luis21 October 2020

It is very interesting to learn geospatial visualization on Python (using Geopy and Folium packages). Basic for everyone, it only requires skills on Python. Very well explained and easy to follow with pratical examples.


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