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Sony Photography: Getting Started with Your Sony Camera

Improve your photography by learning how to confidently use your Sony mirrorless camera!

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

You will learn how to use your Sony camera comfortably and confidently

You will know how to use both automatic and manual settings to take great photos

You will know how get proper exposure with settings like aperture, shutter speed and ISO

You will know how to navigate the camera menu to get to the settings you want

You will be able to pick up your camera in any situation and take beautiful photos

You will learn all of the camera basics like focus, white balance, flash, creative filters, burst mode, and more


This is the only online Sony camera course you need to learn how to use your camera to take amazing photos!

Get comfortable using all of the buttons and features of your Sony mirrorless camera.

Be confident taking great photos and understanding basic photography settings.

Quickly navigate your camera's menu to change any setting you want.

By the end of this course, you should be able to pick up your camera in any situation, and use it to take beautiful photos. We want photography to be fun for you, and by knowing the ins and outs of your camera, it will help you to not only become a better photographer but also have a great time shooting photos.

In this course, we basically try to cover every button, dial, menu option and feature of a typical Sony mirrorless camera.

What do we cover in this Sony mirrorless course?

  • Quickstart guide to automatically taking great photos

  • Overview of the camera body, buttons, dials and ports

  • Taking a photo

  • Reviewing a photo

  • Exposing your photos properly

  • Automatic shooting modes

  • Burst and other drive modes

  • Focus modes and points

  • Metering modes

  • Exposure compensation

  • White balance

  • Color profiles

  • The Sony menu system

  • Formatting a memory card

  • Using the internal flash

  • Using an external flash

  • Reading the histogram

  • Wifi connection and Sony smartphone app

  • The viewfinder and diopter

  • Sony video modes

  • Recording audio

  • Using an external microphone

  • Choosing a lens

  • SD card options

  • ND filters

  • and so much more!

Who is this course for and what cameras is it good for?

This course is perfect if you are brand new to using a Sony mirrorless camera. This course is great if you have zero experience with photography or if you already know a lot about photography, but are new to Sony mirrorless cameras. Please note that this course will teach you how to use your Sony mirrorless camera. It is not a complete photography course that will teach you the artistic and creative side of photography. This course is a more tech-specific course.

We taught this course using one of the latest Sony mirrorless cameras in the A7 line. Most Sony mirrorless cameras are very similar and have similar options, buttons and features.

If you have a Sony A7, A7II, A7III, Sony A7Ri, A7Rii, A7Riii, A7Riv, Sony A7R, Sony A6000, A6300, A6400, A6500, A6600, A6700, Sony A9, A9ii, or any other model of Sony camera, this course should help you.

100% Money-back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with the course, or if it just isn't for you, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our goal is to make sure you love this course! We are always listening to students and improving our courses to make them even better. If you ever have a suggestion on how to make this course better, just let us know!

What are you waiting for?

If you want to learn how to take amazing photos with your Sony mirrorless camera, enroll now!

See you in class!


Sony Photography: Getting Started with Your Sony Camera
Sony Photography: Getting Started with Your Sony Camera
Sony Photography: Getting Started with Your Sony Camera
Sony Photography: Getting Started with Your Sony Camera



Welcome to the Course

DOWNLOAD: Camera Button Cheat Sheets

Links to Sony Camera Manuals

Start Taking Great Photos Right Away

Sony Camera Overview

How to Review Your Photos

Key Differences Between Sony Models

Taking Photos & Exposure Settings

Introduction to Exposure

How to Read & Adjust Exposure with Your Camera (Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO)

The Exposure Triangle

Aperture & Shutter Priority Modes

Program Mode

Additional Scene and Shooting Modes

Bulb Modes

Focusing, Focusing Modes and Autofocus Points

Drive Mode (Taking Single or Multiple Photos, Auto Timer)

Metering Modes

Recording Video

The Sony Camera Menu

Welcome to This Section

Camera Settings Menu 1

Camera Settings Menu 2

Network Settings Menu & Sending Photos to a Smartphone

Playback Settings Menu

Setup Menu

My Menu

Sony Camera Lenses and Accessories

Welcome to This Section

Lens Choices

Lens Filters - UV Filters & ND Filters

Lens Cleaning Kit

Batteries & Chargers

Memory Cards (SD Cards)

Vertical Grip

External Microphone


Thank You


John28 September 2020

I took this course to learn about my Sony camera, I found the balance of information in the different units and the sequence of units poor. I did not think the segments were well organized and they did not seem to be planned more like it was a talk as things came to mind and the balance between segments was poor.

Robin26 August 2020

I enjoyed the course but because I use the Sony A6000 it was not as suitable for me. Some of the tips and explanations helped me to understand certain settings but trying to compare my camera with his was not possible. A world of difference between the two.

William10 August 2020

im a bit ahead of this so not learnt anything yet and assume anyone that bought a camera that costs as much as the A7R111 would already know this much, I have the A7RIV

Ricardo25 June 2020

Buen curso! Cumple con lo que promete y te da un mejor entendimiento del funcionamiento de la Camara sony explicando cada una de las opciones en el menu sin entrar en mucho detalle.

Quentin9 June 2020

I have a Sony a 6400 camera and was looking to get started with photography and also learn my camera and so far it has been a helpful experience.

Wally27 May 2020

I'm a beginner and a little overwhelmed with all the info. The trainer is excellent. I like the menu settings part of the course. It was very well done. I need more training on the lenses I have and how to us them to their full potential.

Brad10 May 2020

Level of detail covered on many things is poor. If you're looking for a good class that will not rush and skip over key features and give examples, demos etc., this isn't it.

Julee5 May 2020

Excellent course! Highly recommend to anyone who is confused by all the buttons on their sony camera.

Viraj5 May 2020

Hi Sam I would like to thank you for giving an introduction to the Sony cameras and photography. However, I feel if you had shared a couple of examples from your portfolio for photography and cinematography and how you shot them(sort of a case study), it would have got us a deeper understanding of how to get close shots, portrait shots or shooting a video on the move, etc.

Rhonda30 April 2020

Finally a course on just the Sony!! It is a daunting menu for sure but Sam made it less frustrating and it all makes sense now. Thank you Sam for taking the time to make my life much easier.

Carlsson30 April 2020

I wasn't quite satisfied with the explanations on Camera Settings Menu 2. A detailed demonstration (like taking photo/video clips, comparing and explaining) could have made it better. Also, e-front curtain shutter and its differences with mechanical shutter and electronic shutter wasn't properly explained.

Tim30 April 2020

Great refresher course for me - I've been using my Sony A7111 for a while now and it was good to go through the features and menus again. If I was taking this again it would be good to have more information on the options available for the two card slots an how to set this up.

Holden29 April 2020

I think you covered the camera well enough. What I came here for was to see how to actually use it in the field. I know the exposure settings, but what do you do when you are actually taking photos? that is especially true when it comes to autofocus. I wanted you to show me how to use the autofocus under different circumstances. Show us what the camera does and how to get better focus when the pressure is on. I think you are a good instructor, but it really didn't help me all that much.

Daniel29 April 2020

Course did not cover the menu in detail like how to use each option and when for photographers. Seemed to spend more time on the video angle.

Mel15 April 2020

The information so far has been able to cover a lot of the talking points of a Sony Camera, unfortunately the video is hard to follow due to the apparent inexperience of the speaker. The flow of the infromation being given makes is difficult for someone to be able to listen and digest what is being said. A teleprompter would have been a boon to the speaker. With that said on the delivery, everyone starts off somewhere and I look forward to the rest of the series!


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