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Songwriting Hit Mastery: Lyric Writing, Music Theory

Song Writing with Melissa Peirce (#1 Hit Songwriter), Music Composition, Lyrics, Music Theory, Chords & Melody

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

New to songwriting? This will be the only course you will ever need!

Songwriting, song structures, ideas and themes, inspired lyric writing, powerful melody construction, memorable chord progressions, writing songs

Have You Writing Well Crafted Songs in the Shortest Amount of Time While Having the Most Fun

Learn insider industry tips and secrets that usually take decades to learn.

All the information I wish I had when I started my career as a professional songwriter.

Tips on how to break into the music industry, resources for songwriters and music business essentials

Ways to make money as a songwriter

How to create and execute a plan to further your artistry based on your personal goals


This course will teach you the crafting tools and practices used in professional songwriting for creating great song ideas, writing common themes, understanding song structure, basic hit chord progressions, and crafting elevated lyrics and melody. We'll dive into core music business topics for songwriters such as collaborating, breaking into the industry, resources for networking and how songwriters make money.

What will you receive inside this course? 

*Over 70 video songwriting lessons

*PDF attached exercises for every section to continued practice and growth

*Insider resources and recommendations for networking in the music industry

*Over 3 and a half hours of video

*The course is organized in an easy step-by-step layout

*Available on a PC or MAC and there is an iPad, iPhone and Android app ready to go.

*Taught by a songwriter with over 20 years of professional industry experience, hit song commercial success and critical acclaim.

*Most teachers teaching songwriting don't have the combination of teaching at the university level, professor level mentoring of younger songwriters and is still currently having commercial songwriting success.

*30 day money back guarantee

Not only do I have a passion for writing songs, but I'm also passionate about helping others get to their songwriting goals in the most time-efficient and powerful way possible.  These are all the things I wish someone would have explained to me when I was starting out as a songwriter that would have saved me years and helped level up my writing immediately. 

I have also attached resources and exercises throughout the program to further your ease in comprehension and development.  Because songwriter is not a one-size-fits-all craft, you will have questions and I will be with you every step of the way.  I am literally just an email away as I check messages daily and am dedicated to your success.

Thank you for taking the time to check my course out.  AMAZING things await for you within this course. I cannot wait to see you inside!


Songwriting Hit Mastery: Lyric Writing, Music Theory
Songwriting Hit Mastery: Lyric Writing, Music Theory
Songwriting Hit Mastery: Lyric Writing, Music Theory
Songwriting Hit Mastery: Lyric Writing, Music Theory


Songwriting Introduction

Who Am I?

What You Will Learn About Songwriting

The Genie

What is Your Story?

Song Ideas

Intro to Song Ideas

Where Song Ideas Come From

Writing Great Song Ideas

Keeping a Song Idea Book

Writing What You know

Helping Artists Execute Their Vision

Exercises for Song Ideas

Song Themes

Song Themes

Exercise for Developing Song Themes

Parts of a Song and Song Structure

Song Structure Intro

Parts of a Song- Part 1

Parts of a Song- Part 2

Common Song Structures

Irving Berlin's Songwriter Checklist

Exercises for Song Structure

Chord Progressions

Intro to Chord Progressions

The Most Popular Chord Progressions

Other Magic Songwriting Chords

Exercises for Chord Progressions

Song Lyrics

Intro to Lyrics

Crafting Tools- One Idea, One Emotion

Outline Your Song Lyric

Organize Song Sections

Be Efficient With Words

Opening Line Showstoppers

Show Me, Don't Tell Me

Show Me, Don't Tell Me Con't

Supporting Your Lyrical Hook

Elevated 2nd Verse

Tone & Tense

Rhymes- Part 1

Rhymes- Part 2

Common Rhyme Schemes

Word Mapping

My Lyric Tips

Rewriting and Editing Lyrics

Resources for Songwriting

Exercises for Lyrics

Song Melody

Intro to Melody

Getting Started

Use Melody to Communicate Emotion

Melody Lines & Sections

Classic Melody Patterns

Using Repetition

Melody Range

Melody Lifts

Signature Licks

Expect the Unexpected

Modulations or Key Changes

Tension & Release

BPM and Time Signature

Re-writing and Editing Melody

Work Tape vs Demo and Copyrighting

Melody Exercises

Hit Song Dissection Exercise

Music Business

Intro to Music Business

When to Co-Write/Collaborate

Co-Writing Tips

Breaking Into the Music Industry

Resources for Networking

How I Did It and the Advice I Received

Explanation of Co-Writing and Stories Behind the Songs

What to Expect in a First Songwriter Deal

How a Songwriter Makes Money - Intro to Royalties

Mechanical Royalties and DDMR

Performance Royalties

Sync Licenses

Works for Hire

Mind Map Exercise

Thank You!


John1 September 2021

Very informative and motivational so far. I've been waiting for a course with the step by step guidance to push me in the right direction.

Shea31 August 2021

Lots of great information and not just about songwriting. The instructor incudes great resources and ideas for the music industry as well as music business primers as well.

Memphis30 August 2021

Melissa does such an awesome job of opening your mind to the world of songwriting and does a fantastic job placing you in the driver seat. She not only gives you the knowledge but she provides exercises to help you better understand the task she is talking about.

Ac30 August 2021

at first... yeah...ok.. but as the class progressed she helped me to become stronger in my weaknesses Like a good book, I will keep this one on my self for future songwriting reference.

Kevin25 August 2021

I'm only to lesson 11 and find this very boring and really haven't learned anything more than I can find on YouTube. I've been spammed with emails from her husband for guitar lessons when I don't need them. I'll finish the course, but I've blocked all notification and announcements. I blocked her husband on YouTube about a year ago. He is very arrogant and condescending. Oh, and the gift to you after lesson 11 is only a CHANCE to be selected for a one on one. You have to leave a rating, submit email, cross your fingers if you really want to obtain a FREE GIFT. Pretty disappointed so far. Hope it gets better.

Michael23 August 2021

I liked the whiteboard sessions, personal anecdotes (e.g. 'A Man Walks Into a Bar'), and the monetary explanations. I thought the melody writing was light: I was surprised there was no sheet music examples and that there was no specific examples of writing to the backing track exercise. It would have been cool to see Melissa critique a student's effort, or to see her do the exercise. To use a travel analogy, this felt (at times) like visiting a tourist resort, versus staying with the locals. Though, for sure, the instructor is super-legit: this course is good, but could have been more.

Joel22 August 2021

This was a very informative course and well executed. I am a song writer and have taken many courses on it and I like getting different perspectives from other writers to brush up on my own skills and Erich did not disappoint. She gave me a whole new view on how to go about writing my songs and take my song writing to another level and once again my creative juices started flowing. And unlike many other instructors she goes into detail the ins and outs of the business aspect if you're interested in getting into the business. I really enjoyed this course and am going to go through it again because this course is packed with so much information. Thank you Erich for all of your incites. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

Dave21 August 2021

Sometimes the instructor knows their subject so well that they may assume that the student has the same understanding. I think this was the case here. I enjoyed the course because Ms. Pierce was personable and likeable, but wished the musical part of writing could have been addressed more. But maybe like all good teachers, she didn't just give us the answer but sent us on the way to find the answer ourselves. Thank you, Melissa, for sharing!!!

Simon18 August 2021

I like the explianations but would like some practical work by this stage. Altogether a very informative start.

Rick18 August 2021

Very informative, easy to listen to and inspirational. I love how Melissa gives many examples from her own experience and often relates about specific situations when explaining something.

Chibuike18 August 2021

The course is a good explanation for anyone who wants to improve their songwriting skills or wants to understand the basics of song writing

Graham16 August 2021

I really like the focus that this course brings to song writing and the practical tuition in making it happen. As a lifelong music lover, musician and producer, lyric writing for me is the last bastion.

Ali16 August 2021

the explanations are very easy to understand for someone who doesnt have a strong music background. Do the practices if you want to get the most out of it!

Andrew15 August 2021

I thought the course was an excellent overview of everything related to songwriting. Some sections may be considered brief but they deserve multiple re-listens as the information is carefully crafted. The information here is great for all levels of developing songwriter. Thank you for the course Melissa & Co.

Veronika13 August 2021

She has had a lot of success in song writing and give very useful hands on exercises to get the juices flowing. It feels like she sincerely wants to help us grow as song writers.


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