Solidity and NFT for Beginners ( Learn, Create and Sell)

Learn solidity from scratch and create your own NFT collection like CryptoPrank and sell on openSea.

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Cryptocurrency & Blockch
Solidity and NFT for  Beginners ( Learn, Create and Sell)
1 hour
Jan 2023
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What you will learn

Learn About Blockchain & NFT

Learn About Smart Contract

Learn Solidity programing from scratch

Develop and sell NFTs.

Learn how to upload your NFTs on IPFS

Discover how to sell your own NFT on Opensea.


If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions below, then this course is for you!

  • Are you interested in learning how to create your own smart contracts?

  • Are you interested in learning Solidity?

  • Do you want to sell NFTs that you've created yourself?

  • As an entrepreneur, do you want to use blockchain technology to transform your business, but aren't sure how to get started?

Learn how to create your own smart contracts and NFTs with Solidity and the Ethereum blockchain. In this course, you'll get a thorough introduction to the Solidity programming language and the Ethereum ecosystem. You'll learn how to create and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum network, and how to create and sell your own unique NFTs. Whether you're a developer looking to get started with Ethereum, or an entrepreneur looking to use blockchain technology to transform your business, this course has something for you. With hands-on exercises and real-world examples, you'll have the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Enroll now and start building on the blockchain!

This course is designed for those with no previous experience with NFTs or Solidity. We will start from the basics and cover the fundamentals of NFTs and their use cases. Then, we'll dive into the Solidity programming language from the ground up. In the next module, we'll create our own custom ERC721 NFT token. Along the way, we'll also learn about IPFS and how to publish and sell our NFT on opensea. By the end of this course, you'll have a solid foundation in NFTs and Solidity, and you'll be able to create and sell your own unique NFTs on the blockchain.

I'm excited to see you in the lesson!


Introduction to Blockchain & NFT

Blockchain Basic
What is NFT
ERC721 vs ERC1155
NFT future
The benefits of creating your own collection

Solidity Programming From Scratch

Write your first code in solidity
Types of variables
Arrays in solidity
Function and Modifier
if else statement
Payable & send Eth
Project: Create A banking system using solidity

Create NFT Smart Contract

Properties of ERC721 Token
Install Metamask
Get some ether on Goerli Testnet
Write an NFT contract
Deploy the NFT contract

IPFS - InterPlanetary File System

IPFS - Fundamental
Create Metadata

Mint NFT and sell on Opensea

Mint your first NFT


Solidity and NFT for  Beginners ( Learn, Create and Sell) - Screenshot_01Solidity and NFT for  Beginners ( Learn, Create and Sell) - Screenshot_02Solidity and NFT for  Beginners ( Learn, Create and Sell) - Screenshot_03Solidity and NFT for  Beginners ( Learn, Create and Sell) - Screenshot_04


January 26, 2023
I recently completed the 'Solidity and NFT for Beginners' course and I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the instructor's efforts. The instructor was very knowledgeable. The course was well-structured and easy to follow. The real-world examples and hands-on exercises helped me to grasp the concepts quickly and apply them in my own projects. I especially appreciated the instructor's emphasis on best practices and security measures. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn about Solidity and NFTs.
January 26, 2023
I was looking for good content on NFT and Solidity which would give me better knowledge about them. Finally, I found this course which taught me about web3 easily and steps by step. This course is perfect for going from beginner level to advanced level. ???
January 23, 2023
I recently took the NFT and Solidity course on Udemy and I couldn't be happier with my experience. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and provided clear and concise explanations of the material. The course was well-organized and easy to follow, making it accessible to both beginners and more advanced students. The hands-on coding exercises were particularly helpful in solidifying my understanding of the concepts covered. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about NFTs and Solidity. It was a valuable investment and I feel more confident in my abilities to create and manage NFTs and smart contracts.
January 23, 2023
Fantastic course!!!! I love the videos and would want to see more courses on blockchain, web3, and smart contracts. If you upload any, I'll buy them instantly. Great Job!
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