Siemens Solid Edge Training & Certification - Part 2 - 2021

Validate Your Skills and Become a Certified Associate in Days - Updated Jan 2021 for the New Solid Edge Certification

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Provide evidence that the certified user has displayed the CAD skills to confidently use Solid Edge. • Once users pass the certification test, they are presented with a certificate of accomplishment, signed by SIEMENS PLM Solutions, and the right to use the Solid Edge Certified Professional logo. • Add Solid Edge 3D modeling as a skillset to your resume.



Even if you presently know nothing about 3D Design and Siemens Solid Edge this course is geared to accelerate you professional development and validate your skills by preparing you to pass the Solid Edge Level 1 certification exam with confidence. The class and the Siemens Solid Edge software are free to all students.

This course is not a shortcut to certification. To pass you will need to cover all the course material and spend time using and experimenting with Solid Edge and get industry recognized credentials. 

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology is a computer-aided design (CAD) system for mechanical assembly, part modeling, drawing production, and simulation. Solid Edge boosts essential CAD user productivity by capturing engineers' solid modeling design intentions through inference logic and decision-management concepts. Synchronous technology makes it possible to modify the design of any model, without having to know how it was constructed.


Siemens Solid Edge Training & Certification - Part 2 - 2021
Siemens Solid Edge Training & Certification - Part 2 - 2021
Siemens Solid Edge Training & Certification - Part 2 - 2021
Siemens Solid Edge Training & Certification - Part 2 - 2021


Part 2 of Solid Edge Training & Certification

053 Draft Angle

054 Creating Patterns

055 Fill Pattern Options

056 Pattern Along Curve

057 Detach Feature and Re-add Later

058 Lofted Protrusion

059 Loft Command - Understanding Live Loft Adjustments

060 Creating a Table with the Loft Command

061 Lofted Bowl

062 Lip Command

063 Swept Protrusion

064 Core and Cavity - Creating a Simple Mold

065 Dimension Formulas

066 Assemblies

067 Opening a Part from an Assembly

068 Assembly Constraints - Mate & Align

069 Adding Parts to an Assembly

070 Adding Motion to an Assembly

071 Ground Relationship & How to Delete

072 Insert Relationship - Assembly Constraints

073 Align Option - Floating

074 Assembly Explode

075 Building Assemblies

076 Assembly Center-plane Relationship

077 Creating Assembly Motion

078 Assemblies & Physical Motion

079 Maintaining Parallel Motion with an Assembly

080 Assembly Connect Constraint

081 Create in Place Assembly Command

082 Dynamic Clipping

083 Assembly Section Cuts

084 Detailing - Placing Parts on a Detail Sheet

085 Drawing Standards

086 Placing Drawing Views

087 View Updates & Shading Options

088 Assembly Detailing - Placing an Exploded View on a Drawing Sheet

089 Assembly Parts List

090 Magic Wheel - Understanding How to Manipulate Parts

091 Bulk Rotate with the Magic Wheel

092 Working with Different File Formats - IGES - Parasolid - STEP

093 Creating a Tool-cutter with the Magic Wheel

094 Design Intent - Relationship Recognition Functionality

095 Design Intent - Recognizing Relationships

096 Face Relate - Design Intent

097 Tangent Face Relate - Design Intent

098 Parallel Face Relate - Design Intent

099 2D Data - Opening DXF and DWG Files in Solid Edge

100 2D Data - Working with AutoCad 2D Data

101 AutoCad 2D to SolidEdge 3D

Practice Tests

102 Practice Test - Part 1

103 Practice Test - Part 2


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