Digital Marketing Automation: Save Time and Get More Done

Free up time & grow your business with marketing automation: social media marketing, content creation, email marketing!

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

You will be able to share their amazing free content with more people

You will have the blueprint that Phil and Scott use for automating their own content

You will learn a strategy for product selling, free content creation, and amplification

You will be able to automatically share content across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more

You will create automated email newsletters with your latest YouTube videos and blog articles

You will be more productive than ever using productivity tools like Trello


We all want to work on stuff that really matters, don't we?

If you're reading this, chances are that you like to create content (like video courses and books) that help people, and like to make good money doing that. It's a completely fair trade. You help people, and they pay you. The more people that you help, the more you make.

This digital marketing automation course will help you grow your business & save time!

But how can you help more people when you spend most of your time doing small, boring things

The truth is, we make more money in the long term when we remove ourselves from doing the small things and focus more time on the big things that matter. More time planning our next business move. More time creating courses and books. More time actually helping people change their lives.  And more time with our families too.

This digital marketing automation course is about reducing the time you spend on small, boring things and increasing the time you spend on things that matter.

By the end of this automation course, you will have a number of systems in your business that do work when there is work to be done. Once you create a video, or a blog post, or a Facebook post, or whatever free content you are creating for your audience, multiple systems will kick in to ensure that content is working hard for you so that you can go and do something else in the meantime.

I don't want to scare you, but there's no such thing as magic and there's no such thing as a free lunch. You might have to pay for an advanced tool, or pay to have transcripts created from your videos in order for them to be turned into blog posts. That's optional, but you're in business to make money and sometimes it costs money to free up your time.

Let's talk about what you're getting with this automation course.

In this digital marketing automationcourse, Phil Ebiner and Scott Duffy show you how to set up systems inside your business. So you can just focus on creating amazing pieces of free and paid content, and the systems take over and get that content out to your audience wherever they are.

There are videos on setting automation systems for:

  • YouTube

  • Facebook Pages

  • Twitter

  • Facebook Messenger Bots

  • Rev for Transcripts

  • Instagram

  • WordPress

  • Email marketing

Use any of those or want to use any of those more effectively? Well, we'll show you how to use tools like Zapier, ManyChat, IFTTT, and TubeBuddy to systematize them to be more effective and spend less time.

This digital marketing automation course is aimed at both beginning users and intermediate/advanced. If you're just getting started in automation, there are beginning steps you can take to save yourself time and allow you to work on what is important. If you've been doing this awhile and are doing all the basic things already, this automationcourse also contains advanced automations that you might not even have thought of. Our goal is to stretch the imagination so that you can come up with new automations on your own, to reduce time spent on low value tasks and give you more time to do work that matters!

This digital marketing automation course is NOT about setting up a twitter bot that repeatedly tweets out coupons, or a tool that spams 100 Facebook groups with your links that get yourself banned in half of them immediately. We're not talking about spam. We're talking about intelligent automations that get your important message out to the most people without you having to log into 14 different places to create that content yourself.

Does that sound good? See you inside!


Digital Marketing Automation: Save Time and Get More Done
Digital Marketing Automation: Save Time and Get More Done
Digital Marketing Automation: Save Time and Get More Done
Digital Marketing Automation: Save Time and Get More Done



Why You Should Automate

Grand Unified Theory of Marketing

Tools We Use for Automating Our Businesses

Automating Social Media

Post Blog Posts to Facebook

Post YouTube Videos to Facebook

Optional: Filtering in Zapier

Important Facebook Group / Zapier Integration Note

Posting Instagram Posts to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter+

Posting YouTube to Twitter

Posting Facebook Posts to Twitter

Re-posting Blog Posts to Twitter with MissingLettr

YouTube Promotion Tips with TubeBuddy

Deliver Discount Coupons Using a Chat Bot

Social Media Automation Mistakes

Automating & Optimizing Content Creation

Make WordPress Posts from YouTube Videos

Transcribe Videos for Blog Content

Using Video Templates

Using Motion Graphic Templates

Automating Email Marketing

Create a Newsletter with Latest Blog Content in ConvertKit (Seva)

Create a Monthly Video Email with ActiveCampaign

Using Automated Email Sequences

Automating Your Inbox & Productivity Tips

13 Rules to Reclaim Your Inbox

Our Favorite Productivity Tool: Trello

Trello Automation: Emailing an Assistant or Team Member

Gravity Forms to Trello for Customer Communication


Thank You


Anand5 October 2020

Yes, It did give a good insight as to how automation could make things less hectic and less time-consuming.

Humberto28 August 2020

Anyone who gives less than 5 stars, does not understand the purpose of the course. It is not a beginner's course.

Hamid29 July 2020

Hi there! I am new to automation and I think the explanation on what platforms to choose/amplify was quiet clear.

Ahmad16 June 2020

well, it's just long talking tutorials it started with boring feeling but now just getting more excited for the content // after finishing the course it really added kinda nice experience of automation to my professional works

A11 June 2020

Can may be include in a general sense about finding tools to automate. eg: how did you come across Zapier and Trello etc.

Poorvi10 June 2020

I cannot emphasize this enough, this course has been an eye opener for me. This will definitely help me save time equal to a month. I am really lucky to have chosen this course. This has been my best course on Udemy. Phil and Scott unravel everything in such an easy manner. I can surely say that I have successfully retained at least 80% of the course, and this will definitely make my everyday a little easier.

Noman18 May 2020

Pretty helpful. Nothing earth shattering and you'll find similar content on YT if you search for Zapier automation but good to have most of it in one place.

AKTUG20 December 2019

Well articulated. Would be better if it was actually from 2019..Also it would be good to see some some widely used funnel examples automation. But generally informative and gives you enough info on starting an automation.

Phillip24 September 2019

Great commercial for Zapier, but you post to facebook without it. lots of hours spent with this automation and frustration using Zapier which is only free for 14 days. I've subscribed to Phil's other courses which were very good, but this was disappointing.

Michelle16 December 2018

This was a very informative course course. Scott and Phil showed so many programs to automate your digital marketing work and save time. I will have to review parts of this course to get the most out of it, but the time spent will save me loads of time in the long run. Unfortunately, both claimed to be passionate about teaching and helping students. I posted a question 3 weeks ago and it has never been answered. You'll learn a lot from the class, but don't ask a a question and expect any answer.

Elba7 December 2018

Great experience! The best of all is to have the opportunity to learn how to grow my sales! I am really excited! Thanks Phil and Scott for creating this course.

Jinhoe22 November 2018

Thanks for sharing such great tools and tips on saving time. Highly recommended for course creator or any solopreneur out there.

Game8 September 2018

Very well put together course with a lot of useful ways of saving time with social media. I highly recommend it!

Ahmad28 July 2018

Amazing as usual and as expected from people like Phil and Scott. Thank you for sharing those tools and tactics.

Mert26 July 2018

So far I had been relying on Udemy to promote my courses. Taking this course gave me the tools to do my own marketing efficiently through automation. I cannot wait to go out and experiment the techniques shared here. Thanks Phil and Scott.


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