Social Media Management

Digital marketing training to Learn How to Use Social Media, Social Media Strategy and Social Media Marketing.

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Social Media Marketing
Social Media Management
9 hours
Jan 2015
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What you will learn

Why social media matters

Using social media for business outreach

Social media benefits and drawbacks

Overview of key social media tools

When to blog, comment or listen.

The business case for RSS, blogging and podcasting.

How to integrate new media into conventional public relations campaigns.

The basics of search engine optimization (SEO).

Podcast development, production and distribution.

About video-on-demand and webcasts.

About social bookmarking and networking.

How to use Twitter to track news and build communities.

HTML and RSS measurement techniques

How to live stream video to the web from any smart phone

How to embed photos, videos and PowerPoints from a social network on your website

How social media can drive business social responsibility


27 social media management training videos on reputation management & online brand management strategy

Social media management training for social media managers, executives and entry-level employees from the top-rated social media training provider.  Learn on your desktop, smart phone or tablet. 

  • Learn the rules of social media engagement and the disruptive impact

  • Intro to YouTube, SoundCloud, Blogger, Google Analytics, Flickr, Ustream & more

  • Social media strategy for leveraging Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

  • Best practices and case studies from Toyota, PSNH & US Dept. of Defense

  • Exclusive tips and tricks from social media managers at major brands

We help employers manage the risks and capitalize on the opportunities of social media in the workplace through expert-led, self-paced online training videos and tutorials. 

Whether you’re a new social media manager, an executive or an entry-level employee, this online course includes everything you need to know to come up to speed on social media management strategy and tactics. Update your professional skills for today’s digital job market. Learn social media management anytime, anywhere on any device.

Eric Schwartzman specializes in digital marketing strategy, social media audits, social media policy development, social media compliance, social media marketing, search engine optimization and web development.

Schwartzman founded iPRSoftware and is the author of "The Digital Pivot: Secrets of Online Marketing" and the best selling social media marketing book “Social Marketing to the Business Customer,” the first book on business-to-business applications of social media.

Promotional Materials
Social Business
Realistic Objectives
Value Proposition
How did the World Wide Web change the mass media business?
The Business Case
Which one of these statements is false?
Control vs. Credibility
On most corporate websites, there is an inverse relationship between…
For the Enterprise
Disruptive Impact
Impact on Reputation
Strategy and Tactics
The homeland/embassy digital strategy argues…
Hands-On Training
Launch a Blog
Google Analytics
Measure RSS
What is the purpose of Feedburner?
Google Analytics can be used for...
Embed Photos
Hands-OnL Embed a YouTube Video
Embed PowerPoints
The following skills are required to use an embed code.
Custom Newsfeeds
Audio via Mobile
Video via Mobile
Which mobile apps can stream live video and audio to the web?
Case Studies
US Dept. of Defense Social Media Policy
PSNH Crisis Communications Incident Live Streams Pruis Reveal
Wrap Up
Digital Literacy
Next Steps
Supplemental Resources
NLRB 1st Report on Social Media
NLRB 2nd Report on Social Media
Future of Social Media Strategy with Brian Solis
Rashmi Sinha on Lead Generation on Slide Share
Eric Schwartzman' Social Media Week Keynote
Philip Galanes on Netiquette
Johns Hopkins & Avery Dennison: Case Study
Social Networks for Internal Business Communications
Haiti Earthquake Crisis Communciations Case Study
FeedBurner Migration Manual
23 August 2021
This course is ten years old - the internet changes so rapidly that I'm not sure how helpful this training will be.
3 August 2021
Thank you again for providing such high value content to us and making everything for free is extremely helpful to someone like me whom has just started a small Marketing business earlier this year. You are my life saver and i appreciate you very much!
29 July 2021
It is waste of time. Telling stories, no knowledge sharing. And no certificate of completion. Waste of money. I want my money back.
23 February 2021
Although it is an old recording learning sesssion, unless it provides valuable info. that could be used by others in the social media arena.
15 February 2021
this course needs an update, information presented is pretty old. Even the steps given for google analytics as relevant or important as it might be, that has changed.
9 February 2021
Its a very old course, it was recorded in 2012. So content of the course is not relevant to manage current social media sites like Instagram.
5 January 2021
Eric speaks clearly and the information is basic and at a beginner’s level. I am excited to be learning about social media and am confident I will be able to build on this knowledge and make a successful career in social media marketing.
17 December 2020
Was this video way back 2013 or before 2013? but its ok, I also need some history, to better understand it all, unto today's changes, being almost 2021. Still a big help. Thank you.
24 October 2020
I believe the content is over a decade old and should be customized and adapted accordingly. Blogspot is not event out there. And most of the apps used or demonstrated are not current.
2 May 2020
yes definitely... i learn how to write bolg, about google analytics which was new for me before listening ths vedio.. how the name of you tube vedio matters. the tip that dont share only good, is also useful
24 April 2020
The latest data is from 2011? This is mid-2020! I am wondering how current this class is going to be. It had better not be 10 years old!
23 April 2020
The course was pretty basic, that I had most of the information that was presented here. However, no matter how much experience one has, going back to the basics is a good exercise. That is what this class was for me.
22 April 2020
Thank you for the insights on social media management. However, some of the contents are quite outdated and could be better if it will be updated to become more relevant. Also, I hope that the typographical errors in the transcription will be corrected.
20 April 2020
Yes very much. Got a very good insight of the changing scenario of the print media and the Social Media taking over. Your way of presentation is excellent
3 April 2020
The content of the course is relevant to the growing dynamics of the digital landscape and will recommend it for everyone interested in building their knowledge in digital media management.


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