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Microsoft Azure Information Protection AIP [Legacy Version]

Using Microsoft's Azure Information Protection to achieve automatic classification & Encryption for IT & SMB

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Microsoft Azure Information Protection AIP [Legacy Version]


1 hour


Jul 2020

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What you will learn

You'll be able to implement Microsoft's Azure Information Protection, use it effectively in your business

You'll also be able to train any staff on using it as well as your business grows

You'll get an understanding of the benefits of encryption and how it protects


EDIT: With Microsoft changing its licensing and updating if you're a completely new user this course won't suit you. It will only suit previous and legacy users! If you want the updated version, check out our MIP course.

With this course you can install and learn how to use Microsoft's Azure Information Protection.

This means you can easily get automatic file and email encryption to protect your data and communications.


  • Methodology - understanding how it works

  • Video walk-throughs - for exactly the process to set it up and install (as well as troubleshooting help!)

  • Free support for students

We've also broken it down for beginners and non-techies to understand.

Ideal for: 

#1 Small businesses

#2 Lone tech guys learning

#3 Beginners

To save thousands on project fees and get access to this enterprise level solution yourself.



Welcome to The TowerWatch Academy

Introducing TowerWatch Academy & Microsoft's AIP

The Need for Encryption - What Happens When You Don't Have File Protection

The Difference File Protection Makes When You've Been Hacked

Slideshow on the History of Microsoft's Azure Information Protection

[NEW!] Updated Course - New Unified Labeling Announcement From Microsoft

The Classification Process

Checking Your Requirements

[NEW!] AIP vs Unified Labeling for New Users


Activating Azure Information Protection & Assigning Licenses to Users

Understanding Your Azure Information Protection Portal



Understanding Labels & Policies

The Two Forms of Policies

Creating Labels

Deciding on Occurances

Creating Global Policies

Creating Scoped Policies

Customising Policies for Your Business


The Installation Process

Installing the Client

Logging in

Making the Most of AIP's Features

Each of the Features

The 'Do Not Forward' Button

The Sensitivity Bar Explained

The Sensitivity Bar Demo

The Sensitivity Bar - Latest Update

Classify & Protect

The Document Tracking Tool

Document Tracking Tool Demo

[NEW] Unified Labelling

[NEW!] Migrating From AIP to MIP Unified Labeling (Introduction)

[NEW!] Unified Labeling + Microsoft Security Compliance Center Dashboard

[NEW!] How to Migrate Over From AIP to Unified Labelling

[NEW!] What Happens With The Migration Back-End During Depreciation of Service

[NEW!] 'And/Or' Rules + Multiple Condition Policies

[NEW!] Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (For Enterprises)

[NEW!] Selecting Emails or Files for Policies

[NEW!] Using Unified Labeling Native in Microsoft Tools - [Example]

Testing & Monitoring

The Importance of Testing

Testing Consumption

Turning on Encryption

Testing Policies

Encryption Test Demo

Another Way to Test

Common How-Tos

Manual Labelling

Making Changes to Policies & Labels

Decrypting - Making Documents Public

Creating Custom Labels for External Vendors

Train Your Staff On Azure Information Protection

Staff Training - The Do Not Forward Button

Staff Training - The Sensitivity Bar

Staff Training - The Protect Button

Staff Training - Classify & Protect

Staff Training - Track & Revoke

Staff Training - Decryption

Need Help?

Support Options

Staff Training GDPR Presentation Template


Stuart30 April 2020

Would like to find out more regarding the scanning, and discovery. Be good to know how to use the recommendations AIP would find.

Jan18 December 2019

Great course! And it has even been updated to reflect the new Microsoft policies. Very in depth and hands-on.

Zaid8 December 2019

The course is good, I just dont undertstand why there is so many documents training instead of video.

Sushant5 December 2019

No it was not good match.. I was looking out for advance option the content of this course is easily available on Internet. No Need to spend Most important stuff like Enabling encryption is not demonstrated through Video... Rather most basic stuff like Changing Label and updating comment is shown twice on video demonstartion... This is not what im looking out.. I was expecting How to create AD RMS template. Will demonstrated More conditional access etc..

Nigel2 December 2019

Very helpful course. I have been using AIP for a few months now but learnt some new tips and tricks and would recommend.

Brian30 September 2019

You don't go back to any office document to show how a policy change impacts it (for example, I turned on the labeling feature on my microsoft office ribbons, but opened Word and could not find it)

Matti6 June 2019

Quality was good and the presentation efficient. I would have liked also - advice on error handling - AIP on MacOs Other than that, very suitable course for its stated purpose

Spencer13 February 2019

A great course for complete beginners. It's a tricky subject which usually requires a lot of background knowledge and hard reading for. But the video explanations and screenshots really help wrap your head around things.

Kartik10 February 2019

It was more cloud oriented but there are other scenarios are there like on -prime and hybrid situation .


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