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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

You will be able to tell engaging visual stories with the help of Slide Zoom

You will be able to convey their messages in a much more attractive way with help of Slide Zoom

You will be able to stand out from the crowd every time thanks to the Slide Zoom

You will be able to navigate and present their slides in a new exciting way (forget the linear slide flow)


Hello Everyone, My Name Is One Skill And I Welcome You To The Powerpoint Slide Zoom Course. Slide Zoom Is One Of The New Powerpoint Features (Starting From Powerpoint 2019), That Helps You Create A New Kind Of Presentation Experience By Allowing You To Zoom Into Different Parts Of Your Presentation And Reveal Additional Information. In This Course I Will Share With You All Of The Best Ways How You Can Use The Slide Zoom To Make Your Presentations Super Awesome.

This PowerPoint Course is For You, If:

✅ You Want to Stand Out from the Crowd with Your PowerPoint Presentations

✅ You Desire to Grab Your Audience Attention With Stunning PowerPoint Presentations

✅ You Dream of Telling Visual Stories in a New Exciting Way

✅ You Wish to Break Out of the Linear Presentation Flow

After Taking This Course, You Will Be Able To:

✅ Insert Slide Zooms, which Will Help You Create Exciting & Dynamic Presentation Experience

✅ Achieve Slide Zoom Effect in Older PPT Versions, There is a Whole Course Section on This Topic

✅ Create Custom Slide Zooms, such as Icon Zoom, which Will Take Your Slide Design to The Next Level

✅ Build Isometric City Zooms, which Will Enable You to Tell Visual Stories

✅ Insert Video Zooms, which Will Help You to Zoom in Into Your Presentation & Play Videos Automatically

✅ Master Summary Zooms, which Will Enable You To Quickly and Conveniently Navigate Your Presentations

Take Action Today and Start Learning:

✅ Click "Add to Cart" Button NOW and Let's Make Your Presentation Super Awesome!


PowerPoint Slide Zoom Course
PowerPoint Slide Zoom Course
PowerPoint Slide Zoom Course
PowerPoint Slide Zoom Course



What Are You Going to Learn in This Course?

How to Get the Most Out of This Course?

Free Fonts Used in the Course Slides

Course Slides

Create & Customize Your First Slide Zoom

Intro to Creating Slide Zooms

What is a Slide Zoom?

Finding Perfect Photos for Your Slide Zooms

How to Insert a Slide Zoom?

Let's Insert More Slide Zooms

How to Create Smartphone Slide Zoom?

Practice Time: Create Your First Slide Zoom

How To Create Slide Zooms in older PPT versions

Intro to Slide Zoom Workarounds for older PPT versions

How to Create Slide Zoom with Hyperlinks

How to Create Slide Zoom using Motion Paths

Practice Time: Create Slide Zooms using Hyperlinks & Motion Paths

How to Create Icon Zoom & Invisible Zoom

Intro to Icon Zooms

How to Create Icon Zoom

How to Create the Social Media Zoom

How to Create the Invisible Zoom

Practice Time: Create Icon Zoom & Invisible Zoom

How To Create Isometric City Zoom

Intro to Isometric Zooms

Inserting the Isometric Zoom City

Inserting the Isometric Zoom Office

Inserting Speech Bubbles

Adding More Isometric Offices to the Zoom City

Practice TIme: Create Your Own Isometric City Zoom

How to Create Video Zooms

Intro to Creating Video Zooms

Setting up the Starting Slide & Videos

Inserting Video Zooms

Practice Time: Create Your Own Video Zooms

How to Create Summary Zooms

Intro to Summary Zooms

How to Create a Slide Section Zoom?

How to Create a Summary Zoom?

Practice Time: Create a Summary Zoom

Practice Time: Create Your Own Summary Zoom

Congratulations + Bonus Lectures


Create a Prezi Style Presentation in PowerPoint

Create a Prezi Style Presentation in PowerPoint 2020


Tiago21 August 2020

Fantastic!!! The teacher is greatfull and even then I don't use my english for long is very easy to understand and progress to the course!!! Amazing job

Luke9 August 2020

Great course so far and the steps are very easy to follow, but I would be grateful for direct links to the photos the instructor has downloaded. UnSplash is a fantastic resource however, and close alternatives can be found quite easily.

Anna31 July 2020

OneSkill is an amazing teacher, making PowerPoint the most exciting tool for me right now. The course was very enjoyable and fun to go through. Definitely not a waste of money or time.

Perry13 June 2020

Content and explanations are clear, but camera is not focused, and the picture is fussy, making it hard to follow. The image quality is very poor.

Morris24 May 2020

Trying to master the software program on my own became frustrating. This course is motivating me to keep going because I want to know more and more.

Pitagoras11 February 2020

Excelente, justo lo que estaba buscando para poder crear presencaciones fuera de serie. Lo recomiendo

Hardip24 December 2019

I really enjoyed the course and found it very informative. I'd recommend this course to anyone looking to learn about zooming :)

Malsenani3 December 2019

Good Explanation in short time and that what I was trying to find in PPT how to make zooming like prezi.

Bob30 November 2019

This is the type of course I really appreciate. This course is on a very specific topic. It is put together very well and is perfect for reference. No doubt I will forget how to do this technique and will be back to this course to refresh my memory.

Hafiz26 November 2019

absolutely mesmerizing... i love this so much. the way you talk and guide us in each subject is very simple, using the language that easy to understand, not difficult for a beginner like me. and the way you give us an example slide is beautiful & cool because its so colorful and of course less text, more picture. overall is very very awesome and recommended

Dr.24 July 2019

I'm learning so much in such a short time! Your instructions are clear and paced perfectly. I am creating my first online course via Power Point and these instructions are invaluable! Thank You!!

Martin16 June 2019

I know most of the tricks however some amazing features that I was not aware of, helped me heaps to make better presentation

Stefan22 May 2019

Wirklich fantastisch ich wusste garnicht das es mit Powerpoint geht. Auch die Videos sind wirklich gut erklärt und aufbereitet. Toller Kurs und mega nützlicher Inhalt. Ichhabe lange nach einer Möglichkeit gesucht meine Architekturpläne digital und interaktiv zu präsentieren. Nach diesem Kurs weiß ich absolut sicher wie ich dies umsetzen kann. Wirklich empfehlenswert der Kurs!!!!!

Ridzky18 May 2019

I learn a lot of new stuff, like I've been a powerpoint designer for years but never had any Idea that something like this exist!

Francisco19 April 2019

One skill teachs us how to creates awesome presentations. I hope there will be more courses like this on Udemy!


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