Skyrocket Your Creativity and Get Better Ideas: 7 Easy Ways

Learn how you can develop your creativity muscles with basic but effective techniques to get better ideas in just 1 hour

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Sep 2021

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What you will learn

Reboot the natural creative process by practicing simple exercises and techniques.

Increase the quality and quanitity of ideas generated daily and over time.

Have access to resources and actvities that help unlock creativity for overcoming creative blocks, uninspired thinking, cliches, and stale ideas.

Live a more mindful, inspired, and creative life by turning ordinary situations into something more extraordinary by seeing things in a new way and taking more risks.


Do you struggle with coming up with creative ideas? Do you feel that you're not a creative person? Would you like to learn how to become more creative?

Welcome to Skyrocket Your Creativity and Get Better Ideas: 7 Easy Ways, the go-to course for beginners and self-doubters for learning how you can increase your creativity using simple and proven methods that have been shown to work again and again for some of today's most prolific creative thinkers.

In today's word, ideas are often called "the currency of the 21st  century." Find out in this mini course how to increase your "creative  earning power" by increasing your ability to come up with more and  better ideas.            

By learning how to become more creative, you'll also boost your ability to be more influential at work, in your artistic  endeavors, and in your daily life.  In this short and simple course, you will learn proven methods for generating more and better ideas.

Creativity is a muscle that EVERYONE has that can be grown and strengthened. This course will show you how with effective and practical tips you can begin using immediately in under 1 hour, even before you finish all the lessons. 

Some of the creativity boosting techniques I discuss and help you practice through hands-on activities include: 

  • Adding more creativity to your daily life

  • Harnessing the power of your subconscious mind 

  • Reverse psychology 

  • Design thinking (An overview) 

  • Quantity begets quality 

  • List-making and Word Association 

  • Creative Visualization

I'm a practicing award-winning multimedia artist and a former tenured Associate Professor of Digital Media and Program Director of Film &  Digital Media at The American University of Rome (2006-2016). I'm currently an Associate Professor of Digital Media at American University of Myanmar in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). 

Since 2000 I've been teaching students all over the world using my tried and true custom approach (turning complex information  into something simple, memorable, easy-to-understand in as short amount  of time as possible) to ensure that you get the most important, relevant, and useful information that can be  applied immediately.

New bonus lectures and resources will continue to be added and timely  advice will be provided in the discussion forum. I love to help  and always respond to inquiries and discussions ASAP.

Please Note: All students who enroll in this course also will receive periodic  free and discounted access to my other top-rated current and upcoming  courses.

You have a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked so you have nothing to lose. I make myself  available so you will have access to me if you have questions or need  specific feedback along the way.

Empower yourself now by enrolling in this creativity workshop and join our growing  learning community! Click the "Take This Course" button in the upper right corner and let's get started building your powerful new creativity and idea generation skills today.


Skyrocket Your Creativity and Get Better Ideas: 7 Easy Ways
Skyrocket Your Creativity and Get Better Ideas: 7 Easy Ways
Skyrocket Your Creativity and Get Better Ideas: 7 Easy Ways
Skyrocket Your Creativity and Get Better Ideas: 7 Easy Ways


Introduction and Welcome. Meet Your Professor

Introduction and Welcome: About This Course & Meet Your Professor

Activity: Introduce Yourself Creatively to the Class

Skyrocket Your Creativity and Get Better Ideas: 7 Easy Ways

Word Association and List-making

Activity: Try Word Association and Listmaking to Tackle a Problem

Reverse Psychology: NOT Trying to Think of an Idea

Activity: Go Outside and Play (And DON'T Think of an Idea!)

Put Your Subconscious to Work: The Power of Dreams

Activity: Start Becoming More Creative While You Sleep

Quantity Begets Quality

Activity: Sometimes More is More

Design Thinking: Introduction and Resources

Activity: Try Design Thinking For Yourself

How to Take an Ordinary Day and Make It Extraordinary: Creativity In Daily Life

Activity: Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Creative Visualization and More Resources for Designing Your Life

Activity: Try Creative Visualization

New: An 8th Easy Way to Boost Creativity. Change It Up! (Extra Lecture)

Resources and Conclusion

New: 5 Easy & Free Tools That Will Free Your Creative Soul

Final Creativity Activity Here

Conclusion: Thanks For Taking This Course! (Please Review.)

Bonus Lecture: Free and Discounted Courses, Books, and More


Nadia27 August 2020

I learned different ways of being inspired. Moreover, interesting tools and websites are given to increase creativity.

Henry3 August 2020

Very well presented and I like Mrs. Palanas calming encouraging affect. I really enjoyed the class and your journey as well.

Vyacheslav9 July 2020

Though I just finished the course and can fully evaluate it only after a while, I got useful practices and now I feel more brave at creating ideas. Also author shares her own experience with us which is very valuable.

Maria3 July 2020

This course gave me ideas on ways to be creative. I thought it is complicated, but it is not. You have to be observant and always think positive to ignite creative juices. What I liked most is the creative visualization which could help your dreams come true just by believing that they are already happening in the present.

KANG5 May 2020

Interesting ideas to get creative... especially the one that taking time off to think of the ideas and just let the ideas come to you. Also, the Lapis Lazuli "concept"... seems quite interesting to own a stone or two for instilling creative ideas in future.

Andrei-Alexandru12 February 2020

It's what you would expect from a one-hour video course on increasing one's creativity. Basically some tips and tricks, some personal stories from the lecturer and some small - but fun and engaging - activities that should help the ''creative juices'' to start flowing.

Tim17 December 2019

This course has opened my mind and given me lots of ideas to think about and work on. I was made redundant last month so I want a new career. I don't know what career I want though, so I'm trying to widen my thinking. I'm just starting on the path but I'm excited about where it could take me.

Naomie13 November 2019

A really great course that was very helpful in reminding me how to be creative and tools to use to get the juices flowing again!

Brenda29 October 2019

Love this course so much. I’m learning a lot about creativity and I’m excited to try out all these tips

Farisha24 October 2019

Enjoyed the session. loved the idea of multiple short videos with activities thereafter as i was able to tap into my ideas. Lots of suggestions and ideas that i am looking forward to implementing as well as working with some tools you recommended. Thank you :)

Shariefa3 October 2019

This was very helpful it gave me insight on how to let go and let nature take its course to creativity

Mishkah26 September 2019

My head was bursting with ideas while watching these videos and it inspired me to follow through on each of the topics presented!

Joey26 September 2019

Yes it was, made me realize that my dreams do sometimes mean something and can be used regardless of how insignificant I think it is.

Samia2 September 2019

These simple techniques will help me to be more creative and think more creatively in my work and life. Thank you

Lewis22 March 2019

Kristen presents very valuable techniques for creativity which many overlook. Another masterpiece course from the instructor. Excited to start applying these methods. Thanks


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