Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Practice Tests

284 questions with detailed explanations of answers | Exam preparation for any Black Belt certification test

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Practice Tests


284 questions


Mar 2021

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The questions and detailed explanations of answers (incl. calculations) prepare students for any Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam.

They are also for practitioners who wish to keep their knowledge up to date.

There are 6 timed tests with a total of 284 different questions. Questions and answers are shown in random order, cover the DMAIC process, and include Minitab 19 output. Tests can be paused and resumed at any time and can be taken as often as you wish.

Detailed explanations of answers are shown by clicking "Review questions" after finishing a test. From there you can select which questions to review (all, correct, incorrect, skipped, marked for review).

Thanks and best of luck!


Test 6


Jonobbas4 September 2020

I took an online course for IASSC Black belt, and was not sure about the type of questions and was having doubts on specific topics and questions. This course supported me a lot in providing a vast set of questions and immediate reply for my queries. Finally I have passed in the IASSC exam with the support of the instructor and this course. I thank Udemy and this instructor for my success.

Tung25 August 2020

I finished the 6 tests this month (Aug 2020) and passed the actual IASSC exam in the same month, first attempt. Some of the questions here are really on point such as DOE and statistical tables. I agree with 1 feedback here that the exam has many questions about non-parametric testing, especially on the assumptions, differences in conditions between the testings. Anyway, big thanks to Carsten Muessig for the tests and detailed explanation !

Antonique6 July 2020

The questions are a good standard to measure your capability, with detailed explanations to help you understand your mistakes.

Afolajimi2 July 2020

Very Interesting. The practice questions were very helpful in preparing for and passing the IASSC Black Belt Exam. The Instructor was very helpful and always provided timely response to questions.

Sabrina13 June 2020

This course helped me to pass my IASSC Lean Six Sigma black belt exam as the format and level of difficulty of questions were quite similar to that of IASSC. However the topical focus was somewhat off - here there are a lot more questions on Six Sigma planning and customer evaluation tools and few on non - parametric testing whereas in IASSC exams there were a lot more questions on non-parametric testing and few on customer evaluation tools.

Amy7 May 2020

Questions seem to be at the right level of difficulty, which is what I needed, however I would have no way of knowing this for sure until I take the actual exam - of course.

Hamza19 April 2020

Super way of preparing the black belt ! The teacher is very available to send you even more content !

Rebecca10 April 2020

This is an excellent resource for anyone preparing for the SSBB exam. In addition to this valuable resource, Carsten answers questions quickly and provides above and beyond assistance. I highly recommend this course.

Mc10 April 2020

Questions are well appreciated since it ensured me that I have a firm grasp of fundamentals and this is the only test bank I know that offers explanations. Author is easy to reach out too.

Mayssa12 January 2020

Questions are clear, the instructor showed prompt support and provided great explanation on all the queries in a timely manner. I will definitely recommend any person attending the Black Belt Exam to take these tests

Kari4 December 2019

Not only did this course have several different practice tests, but after test submission, along with the correct/incorrect answers, there were explanations as well. This was EXTREMELY helpful! Also, the instructor was very quick to respond to questions and went over and above to assist with any questions that I had. HIGHLY recommend these quizzes! Update: I after studying these quizzes as practice, I was able to pass my IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification exam on the first try! Woot!!

John11 October 2019

Course was a big aid in helping me achieve my Six Sigma certification. Provider shows great in-depth knowledge with practical questions relevant to the certification.


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