Build your online shopping website, App and connect them

Build a responsive WordPress website with tons of features and a App that fetches the site data using Ionic framework

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Aug 2019
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What you will learn

Install a local WordPress development environment

Load and explore a WordPress project (Phpstorm and Netbeans IDEs)

Create and style a new theme

Install and configure Woocommerce

Create a booking page with form integration

Create a contact page with Google Maps support

Deploy the site on a live server

Optimize the website with the latest tools

Generate an Ionic App locally

Test the App directly on your Android phone

Design the App using the Creator tool

Import your designed App to your local build

Code the App to fetch data from the website and display it

Build a signed production version of the App

Deploy your App on a Marketplace (Aptoide, free)


Unless you live in a cave you already heard about websites and apps and what they do to make our lives easier. That’s OK but if you are here it’s because you want to learn about it, what if you had a course alone that teaches you how to make a complete Wordpress website, a working Android / IOS App and make them work between them ? search no more, you found it!
We will build a fully featured WordPress website with free themes and plugins and I’ll give you tons of tips along the way, since I already have more than 30 Wordpress websites currently online I’ll be glad to transmit what years of practice taught me.
Our website is responsive indeed, however we want to deliver a better user experience we want our clients to have our app. To do this we will use Ionic framework to code a simple and nice looking app that will fetch data from our Wordpress site and will allow users to do everything they would on the website and somethings more.

We will build things from scratch, nevertheless it’s best if you are comfortable with writing some web languages (HTML,CSS and PHP) this course is meant for the intermediate because of the remote calls code and responsive CSS (among others) however the basic user will have no problems in building the website, app and if you have any question drop me a line - the code is also available to download and all lessons are fully described on text.

If you want to start with WordPress / Apps development you are in the right plate. 
I’ll be here to teach you what more than 8 years of daily practice taught me, so let’s build a website code an app and make them work together.

You will also have access to a live WordPress sandbox website to test and share your skills.
More information about our courses available at hackademy tk


Build your online shopping website, App and connect them - Screenshot_01Build your online shopping website, App and connect them - Screenshot_02Build your online shopping website, App and connect them - Screenshot_03Build your online shopping website, App and connect them - Screenshot_04



Site2App - Create a WordPress site a App and connect them
Introduction video
Live sandbox

Starting with Wordpress

What's WordPress
What's WordPress - description
Download and Install WordPress (Mac)
Download and install WordPress (Mac) - description
Download and Install XAMPP (Windows)
Download and install WordPress (Windows) - description
Download and install WordPress (Windows)
Download and install WordPress (Windows) - description

Exploring Wordpress

PhpStorm, load the project
Phpstorm, load the project - description
Phpstorm, know your way around
Phpstorm, know your way around - description
Netbeans (open source)
Netbeans (open source) - description
WordPress files structure
WordPress files structure - description

Building the Website with WordPress

Basic configuration
Basic configuration - descriptions
Choose the theme
Choose the theme - description
Create the child theme
Create the child theme - description
Home page - content
Home page, content - description
Shop page
Shop page - description
Shop configuration and checkout
Shop configuration and checkout - description
Booking page
Booking page - description
Contacts page
Contacts page - description
Change the Footer
Change the Footer - description
Deploying your website online
Deploying your website online - description
Optimizing the site
Optimizing the site - desription
Manage your WordPress sites at one place
Manage your WordPress sites at one place - description

Building the App with Ionic

What's Ionic ?
Install, build and run the app (Mac)
Install, build and run the app (Mac) - description
Install Ionic (Windows)
Install Ionic (Windows) - description
Design the app, structure
Design the app, structure - description
Design the App, content
Design the App, content - description
Deploy the template
Deploy the template - description
Fetch site content - Shop (Mac - Local)
Fetch site content - Shop (Mamp or Production Server)
Fetch site content - Shop - description
Improve App layout
Improve App layout - description
Fetch site content - Book
Fetch site content - Book - description
Contacts - Load map
Contacts - Load map (description)
Icon, load screen and local build
Icon, load screen and local build (description)
Upload to Aptoid
Ionic project files

Thank you!

Obrigado, thank you, merci, gracias, (...)


November 22, 2021
This is the most straightforward content I found on this topic. Tomorrow I am starting implementing every step. Let's see what happens. So far so good.
November 17, 2017
I have a project proposal with the similar output, I glad to come across this project which prepare me better for my next six months project. It really a live practical skill.
July 21, 2017
So far a great delivery. Lots of detail and enjoying the pace. I am taking lots of notes and looking forward to fully completing. Great engagement.
July 13, 2017
After every video there's a text description that explains all the steps and shows the code, this is a great methodology. You can also see the course content is made with self-driven experience, that's not easily obtained in books but in real live web projects, nice work.



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