Simplifying Grants Fundraising in the Arts

A step-by-step workshop around creating a simple, successful grants program

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Simplifying Grants Fundraising in the Arts


1 hour


Oct 2018

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What you will learn

Identify the right grants for their organization

Write grant applications thoroughly and successfully

Research foundations and government funders in the arts

Make the most of limited time available for grants fundraising


As independent artists or leaders of small organizations, your time is precious. I'm sure you have Board members saying you should apply for grants! But where to start? And how to fit it into your very full schedule as a creator? 

This series walks you through finding the right grants for you, writing those grants in a way that makes the most of your limited time, and simple methods of cultivating funder relationships for the future. We break down the process into very easy steps, cutting away at the misinformation out there to make sure you're spending your time in the RIGHT way. Each module is short - just 5 to 15 minutes - so you can fit these into your busy schedule!

At Benvenuti Arts, we're about making the most of your time with efficient fundraising, not adding to your list of tasks. This workshop is just one of many resources - including simple guides around all kinds of fundraising and administrative work, consultancies, and a free 30 minute call - made with the smallest and mightiest of arts organizations in mind. We know it'll be worth your time and make this process easier and more successful for you!

"I attended all three of Sarah Benvenuti's workshops, Grants, Budgeting and Fundraising. Every workshop was super informative. I walked away with more homework but a better sense of the nonprofit development landscape. Her wealth of knowledge is ENDLESS! I highly recommend attending one of her workshops." -Rachel Berger, Executive Director, The Artist Co-op

“Sarah was great at summarizing the vast information that is out there about grant writing and focusing attendees on the tools and techniques that will be most useful to them and their organisations.” -Mara VlatkovicYoung Professionals in the Arts



Introduction to Grants 101


Funder Guidelines

Before You Write

Writing a Boilerplate

Adapting a Boilerplate

Finishing the Application and Ongoing Cultivation


Step19 November 2018

Good match, it motivated me to do extensive research on who is funding comparable AND aspirational organizations to my own, and helping me get a better understanding of what will increase our chances of getting funding. Thank you!


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