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Options Trading Strategies: Passive Income Options Guide

Discover the safest ways to generate income on the stock market using options.

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Learn how to win over 80% of your options trades

Generate passive income in just 10 minutes or less per day

Learn how to get paid while you wait to buy a stock

Learn how to generate additional income with stocks you already own

Learn a strategy that is repeatable, scalable, and will generate consistent income in the long run


Did you know that trading options is safer than buying and holding stocks long-term? When used correctly, options can allow you to buy stocks at a discount while also collecting income as you wait to buy them. In addition, there are many safe ways to utilize options in your current long-term investment portfolio to generate even more income without taking anymore risk!

As a trader your goal should be to develop a system that will be able to pay you money for the rest of your life. The options strategies I teach do not rely on stocks to move in any particular direction and you can easily scale it up to fit all types of portfolio sizes. I have already taught thousands of traders my strategy and I hope I can teach you next.

Trading options is very easy and can seriously be done in 10 minutes or less per day. Regardless of your skill level this course will provide value to you by providing multiple actionable trading strategies which are both safe and effective.

Reasons to Become my Student:

-Master strategies that are statistically proven to win

-Make money regardless of market conditions

-Trading takes only 10 minutes per day

-I will provide you with massive value through chat support

Note: I am not a financial advisor and I cannot guarantee results.


Options Trading Strategies: Passive Income Options Guide
Options Trading Strategies: Passive Income Options Guide
Options Trading Strategies: Passive Income Options Guide
Options Trading Strategies: Passive Income Options Guide


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Jacob5 April 2021

The course is great so far. Clear, concise, and instructor has a great speaking voice. Very insightful while still being easy to follow.

Evans5 April 2021

The course is generally good so far. How good? That depends on the expectations and responsibility bestowed on the learner. If this is catered to all skill levels, then beginners will need to do a bit of leg work as foreign terms are introduced without a definition. Otherwise, if the expectation is for the learner to do their own digging along with course, then all is well.

Arshia4 April 2021

The Options analysis and capital market opportunities course was a well organized and easily comprehensive course. This course refreshed and helped advance my market mindset. Thank you for the amazing content and keep up the extraordinary work! Amazing course overall.

Kevin28 March 2021

Very straight to the point and utilizes in depth explanations on how to expand investor knowledge regarding trading. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to add additional passive income on their investments.


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