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ShoppingCart in ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Knockout, Architecture

Complete working shopping cart solution with ASP.NET technology stack, source code

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Complete working solution and source code of Shopping Cart application

Complete understanding of "ASP dot NET MVC" framework to start building applications with

How to use dependency injections with MEF in "ASP dot NET" applications

How to write web api with "ASP dot NET" applications

How to develop multi client layered software architecture in asp dot net MVC, Web API, Repository Pattern, Factory Design Pattern and Entity Framework

How to generate Code First POCO classes with Entity Framework

Fully understand complex Knockout Js techniques. Two way binding with bootstrap and Html

Completely understand MVVM model of knockout Js

Take a firm grasp on SQL Server project template in .NET

You will learn, Automapper techniques, as well as Adapter Design Pattern


During COVID 19, Online shopping has gained an extra volume. During the Lock Down people sitting in homes, making online orders and receiving items at home.

I have created course with a complete working source code. Any body can take benefit  from this course, if he want his retailer business to be posted on internet, as well as those, who want to learn about, How shopping cart system works.

I have touched many different technologies during the creation of this course. Following is a list of those technologies.


  • ASP.NET Web APIs

  • SQL Server Database Project template

  • Software Architecture Styles

  • Quality Attributes

  • Reverse Engineer POCO Classes .NET plugin

  • Knockout Js

  • Bootstrap Theme

  • MVVM Design Pattern

  • Repository Pattern

  • Entity Framework

  • LINQ

  • Unit Testing

    • Mock Testing

    • Integration Testing

  • MEF

In the end I am providing entire source code of the shopping cart application, This code is free to use where ever you want. both for educational as well as commercial purpose. There are no copyrights associated with the source code in this course.


ShoppingCart in ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Knockout, Architecture
ShoppingCart in ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Knockout, Architecture
ShoppingCart in ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Knockout, Architecture
ShoppingCart in ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Knockout, Architecture




Demo of Shopping Cart Application Front End Website

Category Page

Product Detail Page

Cart Page

Login / Register Page

Checkout Page Part 1

Checkout Page Part 2

My Orders Page

Home Page ( Extendable Functionality )

Shopping Cart Demo Quiz

Demo of Admin Panel For Shopping Cart

Admin Panel of Shopping Cart - Department Page

Admin Panel of Shopping Cart - Classes / SubClasses

Admin Panel of Shopping Cart - Product Page

Admin Panel related Quiz

Architecture of Shopping Cart Application

Glimpse Of Source Code

What is Software Architecture ?

Architecture Diagram for Shopping Cart

ERD / Database Diagram

Shopping Cart architecture related quiz

Creating Database For Shopping Cart Application


Adding an Empty Shopping Cart Solution

Department Table

Classes Table

SubClasses Table

Products Table

Skus Table

Customers Table

Helping Tables Part 1

Helping Tables Part 2

Shopping Cart Tables

Receipt Table

Receipt Line Table

Publishing Database to SQL Server

Tracking Version Changes

Seeding Data

Data Base Quiz

Data Access Layer ShoppingCart.Daa

Entity Framework

POCO Classes

Code Generation OR Reverse Engineer Code First POCO Entities

Code Examination


Data Access Layer Quiz

Helping Projects

Introduction To Helping projects


Introduction To MEF AKA Managed Extensibility Framework

Mef Extensions

Email Helper Class

Shopping Cart Bootstraper

Core dot Common

Helper Projects Related Quiz

Repository Pattern and Unit Tests

Introduction to Repository Pattern

Repository Pattern Class Diagram

Classes Explained

Shopping Cart dot Repositories

Unit Tests

Repository Pattern Quiz

Shopping Cart Web Application


Knockout Js

Knockout's MVVM Architecture and Observables

Bootstrap Theme Integration - Part 1

Bootstrap Theme Integration - Part 2


Shopping Cart - Web App - Project Structure

Adding a new Page

Attaching Model and View Model


Category Page - Code Explanation

Debugging Category Page

Product Detail Page - Code Explanation

Cart Page - Code Explanation

Login / Register Page - Code Explanation

Checkout Page - Code Explanation

My Orders Page - Code Explanation

Shopping Cart Web Application Quizz


End Game and the next steps :)


Ehsan9 June 2021

This course has everything, from Architecture to Source Code of a working Shopping Cart application. Instructor did a great job in explaining how things are tied together in a layered based architecture and how they are working.

Ehsan25 May 2021

The author have explained very well and in depth about the knockout and i found it very helpful to get hands on learning of knockout.

Hafiz25 May 2021

Amazing Lecture. I am learning alot from this. I can say if someone take this lecture he become an experienced Web Developer. The teacher has covered everything that a Web Developer needs. I have zero background but this lecture is so easy that I can understand everything

Umer25 May 2021

Very Informative, very good way of teaching, telling about each little things in a deep way. Love it and worth it.


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