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Master Manual Mode Photography

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Photography Fundamentals
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What you will learn

Master Manual Mode photography - shutter speed, aperture, ISO controls, lighting, focus, and more

Learn to confidently "get the shot" - every time

Fill your walls with your own photography, which you are proud to showcase, and if you want, pursue making a profit with your photos

Proven step-by-step system of training to get fantastic results "in camera", that will have you shooting like a pro, every time, in a very short period of time!

Bonus: Specific recipes for photographing individuals, couples, groups, fast motion with back button focus, long exposures, sunrises and sunsets, and more!


You want to finally learn how to control your camera in manual mode and shoot like the pros do.

Here is what you do not need - more information!

If that's all it took, librarians with cameras would be the best photographers out there.

Here is what you do need - a Teacher.

It's not about X hours of video, Y number of PDF's, etc.

You need the right teacher, who will speak clearly and demonstrate the simple concepts that have been under your nose for years (hint, they are fairly simple, they are just usually not taught that well, or comprehensively).

That's where I come in. I have taught hundreds of people my style of Manual Mode professional photography over the years, and have even helped launch some professional careers (in addition, I am a professional photographer who has made my living completely from photography-related ventures for over 20 years). Now, I'm taking that same teaching and applying it in an online course, so I can teach people anywhere in the world, in less than 30 days, how to shoot like a pro!

I teach photography nuts to completely control their camera, get the shot every time, fill their walls with their photos, and/or make a profit from photography. I will teach you as well, in less than 30 days if you wish! Join me :)


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Module 1: Introduction

Welcome - Watch me first!
1a - Intro: Speak the Language of ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and Stops
Quiz 1A
1b - Click, Click, Click - the Rhythm That Will Change Your Life
Quiz 1b

Module 2: Where To Be Smarter Than Your Camera

2a - Where To Be Smarter Than Your Camera
Quiz 2a
2b - When to use Manual Flash, Focus and White Balance
Quiz 2b

Module 3: ISO

3a - Everything about ISO (except the nerdy stuff)
Quiz 3a
3b - How Your Camera Affects ISO Settings
Quiz 3b
3c - When to use which ISO setting - with tons of examples
Quiz 3c

Module 4: Aperture

4a - What is Aperture?
Quiz 4a
4b - Let's Look at Different Types of Lenses
Quiz 4b
4c - The Secret Lens
Quiz 4c
4d - Find Your Sweet Spot
Quiz 4d
4e - When To Use Which Aperture Setting and Why - With Tons of Examples!
Quiz 4e

Module 5: Shutter Speed

5a - What is Shutter Speed?
Quiz 5a
5b - Hand-holding Shutter-Speed Formula for Sharp Photos
Quiz 5b
5c - When To Use What Shutter Speed - With Tons of Examples!
Quiz 5c

Module 6: Your Secret Weapon

6a - How Your Secret Weapon Will Change The Way You Shoot
Quiz 6a
6b - The 3 metering modes and when to use them
Quiz 6b

Module 7: Putting it All Together

7a - Review: Exposure Value with Tons of Examples
Quiz 7a
7b - Which Settings to Concentrate on When
Quiz 7b
7c - Gear: Which Gear Makes a Difference?

Module 8: Basic Manual Shooting - Indoor and Outdoor "Recipes"

8a - Sunny 16 + Cloudy 8
8b - Indoor Photography Rules of Thumb

Module 9: Intermediate to Advanced Recipes

9a: BRIGHT - Sand and Snow
9b: FAST - Freezing the Action
9c: SLOW and DARK - Long Exposure and Low Light
Quiz 9c
9d - Photographing Moving Children Indoors - ie. the "Holy Grail"
9e - Photographing Indoor Sports - the other "Holy Grail"

Module 10: Recipes for Portraiture

10a - Get the Camera in the Right Place for Great Portraits
10b - Get the Person in the Right Pose for Great Portraits
10c - Portraits of 2 People
Quiz 10c
10d - Group Portraits

BONUS Section

BONUS 1 - PDF Cheat Sheets Galore
BONUS 1 Continued:
BONUS 2: 5 Steps to Perfect Sunrises (and Sunsets)
BONUS 3: The Secret Button For In-Focus Photographs



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