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Learn Sheet Metal Design

Complete and Automated Sheet Metal Design in Solid Edge

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Oct 2018

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What you will learn

Create Sheet metal parts and flat patterns. Develop Sheet Metal models with fewer steps. Built sheet metal parts around an assembly.


Sheet metal can be cut, bent and stretched into an amazing array of shapes.  To meet unique sheet metal design challenges, like manufacturability, Solid Edge streamlines the entire sheet metal product development process, from CAD design through flat pattern and drawing development. Unlike general purpose CAD tools, Solid Edge includes sheet metal-specific features, like Emboss, Dimple, Drawn Cut, Bead, Contour Flange, Straight Brake and Etch.  This class introduces the concepts and best practices for creating 3D sheet metal models with Siemens Solid Edge software.  A core design capability of Solid Edge is the Sheet Metal environment, which provides an entire design-through-fabrication workflow, using streamlined synchronous modeling methods tailored to the unique needs of sheet metal design.


Learn Sheet Metal Design
Learn Sheet Metal Design
Learn Sheet Metal Design
Learn Sheet Metal Design




Creating a Flange

Cut Command

Face Normal Cut Types

Corner Relief

Close 2 Bend Corner

Contour Flange

Creating a Wall Cabinet

Creating a Contour Flange from a Sketch

Bend Command

Jog Command

Bend Activity - Extend Profile Option

Rotating Faces with the Magic Wheel

Setting Gage Thickness

Material Property Options

Hem Command

Joining Sheet-Metal Using the Hem Command

Hem Options

Connecting Sheet-Metal Pieces Together

Additional Ways to Join Sheet-Metal Pieces

More Complex Hem Options - Ordered Mode

Louver Command

Louver Options

Creating a Ceiling Vent - Louver Options

Gusset Command

Deformation Features

Dimple Command - Creating a Bowl

Creating a Sink Tray Insert - Part 1

Creating a Sink Tray Insert - Part 2

Creating a Sheet-Metal Cover - Part 1

Creating a Sheet-Metal Cover - Part 2

Creating a Sheet-Metal Box - Part 1

Creating a Sheet-Metal Box - Part 2

Loft Command - Circle to Square

Loft Unbend - Snow-Cone

Creating a Tool-Box - Part 1

Creating a Tool-Box - Part 2

Creating a Tool-Box - Part 3

Creating the Tool-Box Hinge & Movie File - Part 4

Tool-Box Activity - Adding a Lock

Tool-Box Activity - Fixing the Hinge

Tool-Box - Adjusting the Lid

Tool-Box - Adding a Latch

Creating a Cover Around an Existing Assembly

Wrist Bracelet - Unfold

Sheet-Metal Assembly - Part 1

Sheet-Metal Assembly - Part 2

Common Bend Tabs

Part to Sheet-Metal Command

Creating Text - Ordered Mode


Gerrie27 March 2021

Very informative. I would love to know how to import images and text files for laser cutting and etching

Anand7 November 2020

Good Course for any one who wants to learn Solid Edge Sheet Metal. Good Explanation with perfect examples.

Caitlin8 October 2020

I expected this course to be more focused on providing more depth of sheetmetal design techniques and discussion for how to improve the robustness of a design. Instead it is a tutorial for how o use different tools in Siemens sheetmetal software. Tutorial is well done and provides many tips for how to correctly use the tools in the software, but this is not what I was looking for.

Nguyen7 August 2020

The course is excellent and very suitable and helpful for mechanical engineering design. The videos have been prepare very well and easy to learn step by step. Many thanks for the supports from instructor. Very excellent instructor.

Luis4 July 2020

Realmente pense que conocia algo acerca de este curso porque he trabajado con troqueles y tiras de metal pero este curso para mi es novedoso.

Vijayalaxmi16 May 2020

it's a good match for me. As a mechanical Engineer, lots of my work is with Sheet metal components. This course helps in understanding the concepts of sheet metal for manufacturing.

Chris21 April 2020

The beginning covers the basic how to use. by the mid point its a much deeper dive into the options. I learned quite a few new ways of working with Sheet metal design.

Bheki16 March 2020

Thanks John for a great course. I am an artisan and have been working in the workshop for a few years. Its great to be able to draw/model components I have been making . Hopefully my learning will land me up in the design /draughting office

Ananthabalaji12 December 2019

i didn't use the synchronous technology in solid edge,I thought it will be difficult after i saw your teaching video .it will be easy to make a part in synchronous method.Thanks john

Jhon30 November 2019

Excelente curso, me parece interesante que con videos cortos abarcó practicamente todas las herramientas de chapa metálica disponibles en Solid Edge. De mi parte, creo que he ampliado mi contexto de lo que se puede hacer, partiendo de ejercicios fácilmente replicables.

Zbigniew29 October 2019

Very well done course discussing issues in the area of Sheet Metal Design. The course includes theoretical introduction and projects made in Solid Edge. The examples and methodology presented are very helpful in starting your own projects (not only with Solid Edge)

Hermanus17 October 2019

Remembering all the different techniques will be the challenge.... amazing to see the power of the solid edge package! love the information

Peter22 April 2019

I never knew anything about "Wrapped cut" in sheet metal. Lesson 3 introduced me to this powerful function


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