Dragon Yoga: Shamanic Kundalini Yoga & The 7 Celtic Chakras

Sacred Healing Path Of The Dragon Fire Into Annwn, The Celtic Otherworld, Through The Seven Caers (Celtic Chakras)

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Kundalini Yoga re-imagined for the Western mind/psyche

About the 7 Celtic Chakras: The Caerau of Annwn

How to summon your inner Dragon Fire

How to work with Dragons as your guides

How to shamanic journey into the Celtic Otherworld

How to find your Dragon

How to ride your dragon


***Hot & New - Created February 2020***
***Updated November 2020***

I have been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2003, and have found it to be an incredible powerful tool for personal transformation.

However, being from Wales, the land of the Dragons, my psyche resonates deeply with the language of the West, particularly of Northern Europe, and the Celtic lands rich in lore of Wizards and Dragons.

I have travelled all over Ancient Britain, to Sacred Sites, full of the energy of the Dragons, to film for this course, and breathe life back into the Ancient Wisdom.

I have come to realised that our ancestors were working with the Kundalini, which they associated with the Dragon, aka the Winged Serpent.

They had many names for the Serpentine Life-Force Energy, such as Nwyvre, Wyvern, and in old Gaulish Wouivre, which all would seem to be related to the word 'weave' for it is the fire of the dragons that weaves the rich tapestry, that makes up fabric of reality, the web of life, which is serpentine in nature.

It is said that warriors would raise their dragon energy before battle, by passionately engaging into an 'initiation' with a priestess.

The Welsh bard, Taliesen is known as the last Celtic Shaman, and it was he who wrote the famous poem 'The Spoils Of Annwn'. He speaks of King Arthur who is said to have travelled into the Celtic Otherworld. There, he navigates the seven ethereal, spinning castles known as 'Caers', (or Caerau) which we can clearly compare with the Chakras, so we're calling them the Celtic Chakras.

In this revolutionary course, I weave together my expertise in Kundalini Yoga, with my extensive experience of Druidry, Shamanism, Wizardry and working with Dragons themselves.

We use a unique combination of movement, sound, breath and the 'Dragon Gates' to wake up the inner dragon fire.

First learn to find your 'Shamanic Dragon', in your Shamanic Journey Initiation, and ride with it into the Celtic Otherworld...

You will then ride your dragon into 7 Shamanic Journeys, and visit each, and every one of the 7 Celtic Chakras (Caers)...

  • Caer Sidi - The Magical portal into the Otherworld, relaim of the Sidhe Faerie Folk, akin to the 'Third Eye'.

  • Caer Pedryvan - The Kingdom, akin to the Base Chakra

  • Caer Vedwit - Curiously we arrive at the lofty realms of ambrosial mead (Crown Chakra) quite early in our journey

  • Caer Rigor - Discover the lost secrets of the Dragon Egg, and untap your pure potential.

  • Caer Goludd - Express your Dragon Roar! This island vortex corresponds to the Throat Chakra!

  • Caer Vandwy - Strength, honour and integrity are the virtues here, the most noble of the Caerau.

  • Caer Ochren - We end up at the Heart, to reclaim the Magic Cauldron of the Celtic Goddess Ceridwen,

You will gain inner wisdom until eventually you reach the heart, and obtain the most precious gift of all, the magic cauldron, otherwise known as the Holy Grail!

You won't find a course like this anywhere else, this is a powerful and potent re-imagining of the ancient Druidic wisdom of the Celts, who above all else were...Dragon Riders!

Reclaim this lost ancient memory of yourself as a Celtic Shaman and Dragon Rider.

It's time to take Yoga to the next level, back to its Shamanic origins.

It's time for you to remember your shamanic heritage, and find the truth of who you really are.

Be brave, be bold and be true, and enrol now!...

Upon completion you will receive certification from both Sleeping Serpent, and Udemy


Dragon Yoga: Shamanic Kundalini Yoga & The 7 Celtic Chakras
Dragon Yoga: Shamanic Kundalini Yoga & The 7 Celtic Chakras
Dragon Yoga: Shamanic Kundalini Yoga & The 7 Celtic Chakras
Dragon Yoga: Shamanic Kundalini Yoga & The 7 Celtic Chakras



Introduction to Dragon Yoga

What Are The Celtic Chakras?

Discovering The Shamanic Serpent

Shamanic Dragon Transcendence

King Arthur Pendragon and the Prydwen Vessel



The Magic Cauldron

The Druids

Annwyn: The Celtic Otherworld

What is the Preiddeu Annwn

Preiddeu Annwn: The Spoils of Annwn (Audio)

Gateway to Annwn

Entrance to Annwn


Casting The Magic Dragon Circle

The Dragon Fire and Breath

About Dragon Fire (Kundalini)

The Dragon Staff (Caduceus)

Harnessing The Dragon Fire

The Dragon Yoga Sounds

Dragon Mantra

The Sound Of Your Dragon

The Elemental Chant (Mantra)

The Dragon Yoga Movements

Movement in Dragon Yoga: Becoming the Dragon

Dragon Force Pulse

Left to Right Dragon Swaying

Full Dragon Flight

Shamanic Dragon Trance

The Dragon Claw

The Dragon Claw


Dragons in the Land

Earth Dragons

Water Dragon

Fire Dragon

Air Dragon

World Serpent/Earth Kundalini

Your Dragon

Finding Your Dragon

Summoning the Dragon

Shamanic Dragon Quest

Caer Sidi

Caer Sidi

The Eye of the Dragon

Dragon Gate into Dragon's Eye

Shamanic Journey to Caer Sidi

Caer Pedryvan

Caer Pedryvan and Silbury Hill

Dragon Throne

Dragon Throne in the Land

Dragon Gate for Dragon Throne

Shamanic Dragon Journey to Caer Pedryvan

Caer Vedwit

Caer Vedwit

Shamanic Dragon Journey to Caer Vedwit

Caer Rigor

Casgwent: Where the Rivers Meet

Dragon's Egg

Dragon's Egg of Avalon

Cracking the Dragon's Egg

Water Chant

Red & White Springs of Avalon

Shamanic Dragon Journey to Caer Rigor

Caer Goludd

Caer Goludd

Celtic Cross Exercise

Weaving Infinity

Shamanic Dragon Journey to Caer Goludd

Caer Vandwy

Caer Vandwy

eXpansion eXercise

Shamanic Dragon Journey to Caer Vandwy

Caer Ochren

Caer Ochren

Dragon Gate for Dragon Heart

Dragon Heart Meditation

Shamanic Dragon Journey to Caer Ochren




Frank14 October 2020

Perfect match, already am a kundalini yoga teacher also, love to learn more of my celtic heritage and bridge the yoga with ancient celtic knowledge.

Karolina21 September 2020

It was great! Loved to see all these places and to go on all different inner travelling (especially now in corona times...).

Deborah19 September 2020

I am about half way through and am thoroughly enjoying the course. I know kundalini yoga, so it is interesting to se how this compares. (You do not need to know kundalini yoga for this course I don't think) I will update when I'm finished

Brittainy17 August 2020

absolutely! it came just at the right time. i love it so far, lots of useful information with amazing history and backstory. i want to go to wales now haha. im a castle/sacred places freak.

Rae1 August 2020

I love how each video is short for the introduction to each topic allowing me to absorb the information more easily

Lana18 July 2020

I found the information enlightening, returning me to my Irish roots, and something I can most certainly integrate into my own personal growth but also into my Reiki practice. Thank you for this opportunity.

Giovanna17 July 2020

Mark has great energy! Pure fire. I really enjoyed this course. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves dragons, is into Celtic culture, and wants to move their bodies in new ways. I have incorporated the movements to my morning routine and I feel great. I'm getting a lot of relief from the tension I feel between my shoulder blades by doing the Weaving Infinity movement. And, yes, Mark, you have inspired me to find my way. Thank you very much! Your course has changed the way I work with chakras. Starting from the 5th makes a lot of sense and for the first time, I could feel the chakras in my body.

Wendy8 July 2020

As a poet, who has a big interest in our ancient past, everything about this course is resonating with me.

Jason4 July 2020

Always been interested in Druidry - I was a student in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids... I've read all of Douglas Monroes books (21 Lessons of Merlyn etc.) I know there are some who are opposed to Douglas Monroe's ideas, imagination, usages of poetic licence and whatever, but I think his books are ace. Your course Mark is outstanding; your teaching style is upbeat and energetic, yo0u have a lyrical style full of play and humour. Your materials are indeed a life's study. Even though I have completed and have my Udemy certificate, this really marks yet another beginning for me of a more body based Druidic practice. I've been running my own Druidic studies and path through my own life and body for surely 20 years, my life events and patterns reflecting those of each of the lessons within Douglas Monroe's books - and now I have a Druidic Dragon Yoga to bring it all even more powerfully spiraling in to my own body, bodymind and heart. Thank you very much

Amy30 June 2020

I have worked with the dragons for many years- and am now wanting to expand my connection though movement . I LOVE this presenter- wonderful energies and so very passionate! FUN-FUN-FUN!

Katrinne21 June 2020

There’s A LOT of content in this course. It’s obvious that the instructor had a lot of knowledge and experience. Plus, ya gotta love people who know how to, and are not afraid to just be themselves!

Judy9 June 2020

I enjoyed doing this course it was more than I expected I have had some profound journeys and I have had healing happen to me as well. Thank you so much DRAGON

Anne18 May 2020

oh yes very interesting . never heard before of the chakras associated with shamanic> make so much sense. Ane the spinning (spiral vibration). make a lot of sense bc energy to me is flow>

Debbie16 March 2020

Incredible material and the instructor is fantastic. This is one of my favorite courses ever ! Mark has done a through job and I believe this unique program will enrich greatly all of us who love breath work, yoga teaching, meditation, folk lore. So very rich and wonderful to follow along with Marks lead! Great program!

Vivian2 March 2020

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course! Instructor Mark Keane is energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the subject. The course is enlightening, educational, beautiful, inspiring, and entertaining. This course is great for anyone who loves to learn. I highly recommend it.


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