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Setup a Virtual Web Server using Linode or Digital Ocean

Deploy, Configure, and Scale a Production Virtual Web Server on Linode or Digital Ocean. Install LAMP Stack + More

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Jul 2019

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What you will learn

Deploy a Production Web Server using Linode or Digital Ocean

Configure LAMP Stack on Ubuntu

Navigate the Linode and Digital Ocean Interface

Execute commands to a Virtual Server using PuTTY for Windows or Terminal for MAC

Administer Basic Maintenance Commands to a Ubuntu Server

Configure Host Name, Date, and New Users on a Ubuntu Server

Configure Web Root Permissions for Apache

Install and Configure TightVNC or RealVNC for Remote Server Administration using a Visual Desktop

Scale, Backup, and Configure DNS Zone Files on Linode and Digital Ocean


This course offers an in-depth, hands-on overview of setting up and configuring a production web server, using Linode or Digital Ocean. Virtual Cloud Servers have become the industry standard for hosting web applications of all sizes and complexity. This includes small static web pages, to dynamic, database driven web sites that handle thousands of simultaneous processes. Regardless of the project, virtual servers offer a solution that provides web developers a scalable infrastructure that can easily adapt to a changing environment.

The course starts with an overview of the registration process on Linode. From there, students quickly jump into deploying and configuring a server using the latest Ubuntu LTS distribution. Students will become familiar with the Linode admin interface, and start executing basic commands using the web based remote access console. We then explore remote access administration using more complex tools such as PuTTY for Windows, and Terminal for MAC.

Students will install and configure LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin) on the Ubuntu server. We show students how to secure the server through SSH Authentication, directory permissions, and disable root user access.

The course explores remote visual desktop configuration using TightVNC & RealVNC.

Once students have a firm handle on server configuration on Linode, we take a look at another major cloud provider – Digital Ocean. This section of the course provides an overview of the Digital Ocean Admin panel where students will deploy and configure a “Droplet”. We will explore some of the unique features Digital Ocean offers, such as Floating IP’s and Space storage.

Students learn to backup, resize, and configure DNS Zone files on both cloud hosting providers.


Setup a Virtual Web Server using Linode or Digital Ocean
Setup a Virtual Web Server using Linode or Digital Ocean
Setup a Virtual Web Server using Linode or Digital Ocean
Setup a Virtual Web Server using Linode or Digital Ocean


Production Server Setup using Linode

Introduction & Overview

Cloud Hosting Registration

Creating a Virtual Server

Linode Settings and Configuration

Deploying an Image - Ubuntu Latest LTS Version

Linode Dashboard

Remote Access

Download PuTTY and PuTTYgen - Windows

Launch Terminal - MAC

Intro to Command Console

Connecting with PuTTY - Windows

Connecting with Terminal - MAC

Maintenance Commands

File and Directory Commands

Installing LAMP Stack

Server Host Name and Date

Creating a User - Ubuntu

Ubuntu SSH Authentication - Windows

Ubuntu SSH Authentication - MAC

Web Root Permissions

Remote Desktop Connection

Installing Tight VNC Viewer - Windows

Installing RealVNC Viewer - MAC

Ubuntu Desktop Basics

Disable Root and Password Access

Re-sizing a Linode Server

Creating Backups on Linode

Changing Root Password through Linode

Linode DNS Manager

Amending GoDaddy Name Servers

Deploying a Virtual Server on Digital Ocean

Deploying a Virtual Server on Digital Ocean

Creating and Attaching a Floating IP

Intro to Terminal and Root User Authentication

Apache Installation and Testing

Installing MySQL Database Management System

Installing and Testing PHP

Installing PhpMyAdmin for Database Administration


Donald29 May 2020

This was a great introductory course into setting up the Linode and Digital Ocean cloud platforms. The author spoke very good English, presented the information very clearly, and moved along at a proper pace.

Holger26 May 2020

Good basic course to configure and use linode. Course title states, is a Linode and Digitalocean course, but I only see Linode introdutions. Also, I would like to have a transcripts.

Philip19 May 2020

more often than not i would have to pause the video to write all the commands. incredibly time consuming course thank god i didn't pay for it , would be nice if there was an open source server to use as i just had trouble with the bank regarding the usage of my credit card to pay for LINODE

Azhar4 May 2020

Kursus ini memberikan beberapa pengetahuan baru ketika menggunakan sebuah cloud server dan berguna untuk selanjutnya diterapkan. Tapi ada juga beberapa hal yang kurang dijelaskan padahal penting. Meski pun begitu, kursus ini sangat cocok diikuti oleh pemula yang ingin memulai mencoba menggunakan cloud server.

Chet13 April 2020

Excellent course. I thought the instructor did a good job explaining every thing. I was aware of some of the tools like PuTTy from previous jobs, but I thought that was just an internal process. I'm launching web applications I've previously built and struggled to find a way to launch them online. This course is sending me in the right direction to get everything going. The only improvement would be to maybe have a sample project to add to the droplet so we can see it go from the default page to a new project. Other than that, great course, highly recommended.

Amine4 December 2019

Très bon cours et très bien détaillé; je le conseille vraiment si vous voulez vous lancez dans la configuration d'un VPS à bon prix, merci et encore Bravo

Michael24 October 2019

Followed the "Deploying a Virtual Server on Digital Ocean" section. Simple explanation. No steps missed. Very easy to follow. Highly recommended.


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