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Step by Step Setting up a project in ProjectLibre

Setting up a professional project schedule or project plan by using ProjectLibre (version 1.9.2 or 1.9.1) for Windows

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Jun 2019

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What you will learn

This course will teach you to interpret and prepare a professional project schedule in ProjectLibre (version 1.9.2 or version 1.9.1) for Windows, and you will understand (1) the different task types, (2) effort driven scheduling, (3) total float and free float, (4) constraints and deadline dates, (5) task dependencies, and leads and lags, and (6) to identify overallocated resources.


Prepare a Professional Project Schedule or Project Plan in ProjectLibre for Windows (version: 1.9.2 or version 1.9.1)

Course Outcome

You will have the necessary skills to interpret and prepare a professional project schedule or project plan by using ProjectLibre, and you will also understand,

  • when to set what Task Type, i.e. fixed work, fixed duration, and fixed units,

  • how Effort Driven scheduling influence the project,

  • what is Total Float/Slack, and Free Float/Slack,

  • what is Constraints and Deadline Dates,

  • what is Leads and Lags, and the different Task Dependencies,

  • how to identify Overallocated Resources.

Practical Course Example

You will be guided throughout the course with a practical course example, "Building a House", and will be taught how to use ProjectLibre to do the following,

  • Set the ProjectLibre currency for a specific country.

  • Create a new project in ProjectLibre.

  • Create a list of project tasks in ProjectLibre.

  • Create dependencies (incl. leads and lags) between project tasks in ProjectLibre.

  • Add task constraints and deadline dates in ProjectLibre.

  • Set task types and effort driven scheduling in ProjectLibre.

  • Display the total slack/float and free slack/float in ProjectLibre.

  • Create a resource sheet in ProjectLibre.

  • Assign resources (both work and material resources) to tasks in ProjectLibre.

  • Identify overallocated resources, and remove the overallocation.

  • Display the project cost.

  • Save the project baseline in ProjectLibre.

Course Handouts to Download

  • Course overview (1 page summary showing the course Sections and Lectures).

  • Course example, "Building a House", and question memorandums.

  • ProjectLibre file (*.pod)  to download for each section to practice what you have learned from each section.


Step by Step Setting up a project in ProjectLibre
Step by Step Setting up a project in ProjectLibre
Step by Step Setting up a project in ProjectLibre
Step by Step Setting up a project in ProjectLibre


Course Introduction

Lecturer Introduction and Welcome Students

Course introduction and layout

Project Schedule Basic Interpretation

Learning Objective

Project Schedule Basic Interpretation

ProjectLibre User Interface

Learning Objective

ProjectLibre User Interface

Create a new Project and base calendar

Learning Objectives

Create a new Project and prepare a base calendar

Create a list of Project tasks

Learning Objectives

Create a list of Project tasks and task durations

Create relationships between Project tasks

Learning Objectives

Create task relationships and set leads and lags

Theory: Task relationships, leads and lags

Add task constraints or deadline dates

Learning Objectives

Add deadline dates to tasks

Theory: Task constraints

Theory: Deadline dates

Set task type and effort driven scheduling

Learning Objectives

Setting task types and effort driven

Theory: Task types and effort driven

Displaying total and free slack or float

Learning Objectives

Display total and free slack/float

Theory: Critical path, total and free slack/float

Create a resource sheet

Learning Objectives

Setting ProjectLibre currency

Create work and material resources

Assign resources to tasks

Learning Objectives

Assign work and material resources to tasks

Identify overallocated resources

Save project or task baseline

Learning Objectives

Save the project baseline

Course conclusion

Course conclusion

Bonus Video 1: ProjectLibre shortcuts


Nebi23 May 2020

in my opinion there are some apsent knowloadges abot project libre in this course, out of this course is okay.

Dominik15 April 2020

Great course to learn ProjectLibre. Goes straight to the point and provides great material to follow through with each step. The only thing I would have hoped for would have been more examples on how to manage typical situationes using the sample project and some of the hiccups that can happen when making adjustments. In summary it's a course on how to use the software to setup a project step by step. Beyond that you're on your own.

Kanwaljit4 February 2020

very good explanation about the overview of the software . Must have some knowledge about the related project management software basics. It works for me. Recommended.

Jacob14 January 2020

Course drags on quite a bit.. the entire content could have been delivered in half the time. Also it is still a very introductory course. Not much content beyond how to setup a project.

Nereus8 August 2019

Thank you Pieter for the very detailed lecture in setting up a Project in ProjectLibre. The resources you provided complemented well the lecture. The short course has equipped me with the tools I need to start getting Project Schedules done with ProjectLibre.

Tim3 July 2019

Pieter's course had good information in it. However, the musical screens with swirling blocks and varying font sizes were distracting and mostly redundant. My biggest complaint though is that it was never made clear that the intention was to watch a video and then try to reproduce the actions presented. He kept saying "now lets open projectLibre" which implied a "let's do this together" activity. He also never indicated which example file to open for each practice session. Saving work was not properly explained until the end of the course AFTER many opportunities to practice this skill.

Luca26 May 2019

Great course, straight to the point, I wish there were some more examples of situations rather than the description of what a function is in order to help remembering it but overall great course, thank you

Josh18 February 2019

Very Helpful! Highly recommended! The course might benefit from the addition of 1 short additional video/lecture on Baseline theory.

Lebohang15 February 2019

I found the short course very informative, and the instructor was very good with explaining all the finer details of the ProjectLibre program. From my side I believe the instructor out did himself delivering this short course.

Michael27 January 2019

This was perfect for a full time business manager. Review was excellent and it allows me to go back and "brush up". Just a great job all around.

René3 January 2019

In the beginning, everything is ok but when you do the exercises raise many questions up that the course not explain; it needs a deep explanation. But in general is ok, I recommend it.


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