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Setting Right the Topsy - Turvy Covid World.


Well, friends the module talks about going ahead through  handling and management of the  effects in this COVID age. It is all about how we feel about the very spectrum of how we are going to be dealing with it in particular. For sure,  as we know we should avoid spreading rumours before sharing a message with others which should always read it carefully and we should not panic if any of our friends get affected by the coronavirus we should support and reassure them. Further more it is so true,  obviously it is one of the most important things is what we should keep following the code 19 safety protocols issued by the government. This has to be done in practice and on priority.

The assurance lies with the fact about managing the change and brining this as a new normal for living. Also there are  but there are many many things apart from this which we need to understand and safeguard ourselves with the practical approach of how we are going to be targeting on this ground of managing through COVID guide lines and following that spectrum of new normal in our lives.

It is also so very important of  how we maintain that dignity of learning and how we look forward about the need to ignore pessimism and look after ourselves as to fight the enemy. The spectrum is wide open and mounted with delight. For sure a special mention  and the Golden rules come up like maintaining social distancing,  wearing mask while  going out and sanitising our hands frequently on the go.

The idea has to be equally to have a know how,  you know and should be followed religiously,  apart from this we must eat healthy and focus on improving our immunity and of course there is no medicine as such we need to have a positive frame of mind and strong spirit. GET VACCINATED as per the availability and above all nurture with spectrum of learning as a priority.  The objective should be a mindset that we will be able to defeat the virus in a big way so friends this module touches upon some of the features and activities we need to execute at length enjoy the learning thank you.


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