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Service Cloud Exam: Contact Center Industry Knowledge

A course to prepare for the Industry Knowledge section of the Service Cloud Consultant Certification Exam

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Service Cloud Exam: Contact Center Industry Knowledge


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Mar 2018

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What you will learn

Pass the Industry Knowledge section of the Service Cloud Consultant exam

Discuss key topics related to customer service and support operations


Service Cloud Consultant Certification is one of the trickiest Salesforce certifications to complete. The exam includes questions on Contact Center Industry Knowledge, for which there is no help or training provided by Salesforce!  This course solves that problem.

This 30 minute mini-course dives into the concepts you need to understand to ace the Industry Knowledge section of the Service Cloud Certification, by explaining the key concepts of Contact Center operations and technology.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Explain the factors that influence key contact center metrics, KPIs, and business challenges.
  2. Explain the uses cases, costs and benefits for different interaction channels.
  3. Identify challenges and considerations for business continuity in the contact center.
  4. Compare and contrast the different types of contact centers and their business drivers.
  5. Identify the core tenets of KCS.
  6. Describe how various components of a contact center can solve different business challenges.

This course includes a combination of video lectures and realistic practice exam questions specific to Contact Center Industry Knowledge, to test your understanding and shore up any weak areas.


Lectures: Industry Knowledge


Key contact center metrics, KPIs, and business challenges

Activity: Test what you learned about metrics, KPIs and business challenges

Interaction channels

Activity: Test your knowledge of Interaction Channels

Business continuity in the contact center

Activity: Confirm your understanding of Business Continuity

Different types of contact centers

Activity: Test what you remember about contact center types

Core tenets of KCS

Activity: What did you learn about KCS?

Components of a contact center

Activity: Test your knowledge of Contact Center Components

Video Practice Questions for Service Cloud Industry Knowledge

Question 1.1 - Common Contact Center Systems

Question 1.2 - Quality Monitoring

Question 1.3 - Business Continuity

Question 1.4 - Knowledge Centered Support (KCS)

Bonus: Prepare for the Sales and Service Cloud Exams

Bonus: Get prepared for the Service Cloud OR Sales Cloud Exams


Josh24 September 2019

It is a great course on the section of the service cloud consultant exam that I needed the most as Salesforce doesn't offer any training on it. Thanks for making this course!

Cole9 August 2019

Do you have a video for each section of the Service Cloud? This was extremely helpful and should pass this section...

Anne27 May 2019

Helped me a lot understand more about what is expected in this particular section of the exam. Thank you, Bobby!

R24 March 2018

Industry experience was a topic i was least comfortable with because there is no curriculum. This course was very helpful in defining what you need to know and to the point; Thanks Bobby.

Scott13 February 2018

Although I haven't taken the exam yet, I'm confident this learning resource will help massively! Thanks for the free resource. I'll be back to check out more.

Lise26 January 2018

De inhoud is interessant maar de stem wat monotoon en de visuals hadden iets aantrekkelijker mogen zijn van mij.

Srikanth2 September 2017

Great content and very useful if someone is looking for some in depth Industry Knowledge along with some practice questions.

Sal1 September 2017

He's good! He focuses on understanding rather than memorization... Thanks for the free course, it helped.. BTW I am enrolled in all of his courses - I just got certified in Salesforce Sales Cloud exam and guess what Babu Butin has made passing a lot easier that's why I have come here to prepare myself for Salesforce Service Cloud Exam.

Ipshita30 June 2017

Great description and vivid examples. Really helps with retention and understanding. Signed up for the full course!

Rajeev22 May 2017

Enjoyed the interaction. Would ask that additional questions be added and that the user only gets the video explanations post answer selection, not the full video.

Robert9 May 2017

Great heads up on new materials. Simply put, without this course, I failed. With this course, I passed.


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