Serverless computing in AWS

Using serverless components on AWS for hosting a website

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Understand how to host a static web site using the Simple Storage service

Understand how to work with DynamoDB tables

Understand the basics of using Node JS with AWS Services

Understand how to use functions in AWS Lambda

Understand how to use the API gateway service


This course is designed for students who want to have a better idea of building and deploying web based applications using serverless components on AWS. In this course we will touch upon the following

  1. Hosting a static web site using the Elastic Compute Cloud service

  2. Hosting a static web site using the Simple Storage service

  3. Working with DynamoDB

  4. Working with AWS Lambda

  5. Using Node.js as the underlying runtime for our server side Javascript

  6. Using the API gateway service

  7. Putting all the serverless components together for our application


Serverless computing in AWS
Serverless computing in AWS
Serverless computing in AWS
Serverless computing in AWS



Evolution of Infrastructure

Introduction to Amazon Web Services

What are we going to cover

Starting with development

The AWS Free Tier Account

Lab - Creating IAM users


Simple Storage Service


What is the Simple Storage Service

Lab - Simple Storage Service

What is Route 53

Lab - Using EC2 to host a static web site

Lab - Using S3 to host a static web site

Using the command Line Interface

IAM Policies

Lab - IAM Policies



What is DynamoDB

Lab - Working with DynamoDB

DynamoDB Throughput

Lab - DynamoDB Throughput

Node.js and Python with AWS


Working with DynamoDB via the CLI

What is Node.js

Lab - Setting up Node.js

Lab - Node.js and DynamoDB

Lab - Python and S3

Lab - Python and DynamoDB

AWS Lambda


What is AWS Lambda

Lab - Using AWS Lambda

Additional aspects on AWS Lambda

IAM Roles

Lab - AWS Lambda and Event Data

AWS Lambda and S3 - Node.js

Monitoring AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda and S3 trigger - Node.js

AWS Lambda and DynamoDB - Node.js

Lab - AWS Lambda and S3 - Python

Lab - AWS Lambda and S3 trigger - Python

Lab - AWS Lambda and DynamoDB - Python

API Gateway Service


Introduction to the API gateway service

Lab - Creating an API

Lab - Working with POST Data

AWS API Gateway and Lambda - Python

Lab - Deploying the API

Lab - Calling the API from a Web page

The complete picture


Personal Project

Introduction to the project

Setting up DynamoDB

AWS Lambda setup

Lambda - Additional setup

Setting up the API gateway

Complete Picture

There's more

Monitoring your application


Mireia26 January 2021

Perfect for AWS services introduction and also you have some practical and real-life examples that are useful. I really appreciate that the videos in general are short and very well explained!

Sathis7 October 2020

Very good learning experience, Thanks you! Would like thank you for giving fundamental/basic explanation before going to the actual topic.

Salvatore22 August 2020

Excellent course! Gives a pretty good overview of serverless computing in AWS, in a relatively short span, with plenty of hands-on examples to work with. Good job!

Manuel21 April 2020

It has allowed me to know fast the essential of serverless, It has some issues but it doesn't matter. Thanks.

Angel20 April 2020

Thanks a lot for your great work. I have really enjoyed this course! It was exactly what I needed. Topics were great, the labs were really nice, and the personal project awesome!

Kunal25 January 2020

The proper way of presentation with correct pauses to grasp the concept. Preferred way of teaching. - Thank You.

Andy28 December 2019

Nice way to get a different point of view without using servers in AWS. I'm eager to put up my own serverless infrastructure as well. Less resources, less cost, most cost efficient, as the customers/organisations I've been at as IT consultant are constantly cutting costs. Expensive license costs, expensive server runtime, as well as running servers with no acitve processing, is something that is slowly becoming the past. I'm interested to see AWS Athena being used instead of DynamoDB as an alternative to the db store and also an alternative to sap hana's in-memory relational database, to see the cost comparison. I'm also interested to see from security perspective an uniform way of implementing IAM roles for developers/users of the website, so that dev/staging/prd environments can use the same setup to become standard within a large organization.


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