Learn Windows Server 2022 (AD, DNS, GPO) Be a Great Admin!

Learn all about Windows Server, Active Directory, Group Policies, DNS, DHCP and more!!

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May 2022
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What you will learn

What is a Server and why they're important

Differences between Physical and Virtual Servers

Where to download Windows Server 2022

How to setup and configure Windows Server 2022

Learn all about Active Directory

Basics of DNS and different DNS records

Setup and configure your own Group Policies


So do you want to learn all about Windows Server 2022? What about Active Directory, DNS and Group Policies on Server 2022? Well this course will be perfect for you!

You’ll learn some of the most used Server technologies, as well as the skills needed to setup and use Windows Server, Active Directory and Group Policies like an admin pro!

We'll also cover what Servers are, talk about Physical, Virtual and Cloud Servers, along with the basics of DNS and DHCP.

If you are new to tech or have been in tech for a while, these are foundational skills you need to know to be a great administrator!

What we'll be covering in this course

  • Physical vs Virtual vs Cloud Servers

  • Configure a Microsoft Windows 2022 Server

  • What are Domains and Active Directory (AD)

  • Building an Active Directory Domain Controller

  • Using and configuring Active Direcotry (AD)

  • Get computers on a network talking to and connected to the AD Domain

  • Understand Group Policies (GPO's)

  • Create various GPO's

  • How to Setup and Install a Domain Controller, and AD tools

  • What is DNS and why you need it

  • Setting up a DHCP Server

Do I need to be an expert?

No, this course is designed for people who are excited about tech and administering tech! You may be new or have worked in tech for sometime. We'll provide you the skills to help you move up in your career and gain the skills needed to be a great IT administrator!

Why this course?

This course will be easy to understand, and will give you an overview of the necessary Windows Server skills that you need to know.

This course will give you the essentiual skills to strengthn your Windows Server learning, the journey starts from here!


Learn Windows Server 2022 (AD, DNS, GPO) Be a Great Admin! - Screenshot_01Learn Windows Server 2022 (AD, DNS, GPO) Be a Great Admin! - Screenshot_02Learn Windows Server 2022 (AD, DNS, GPO) Be a Great Admin! - Screenshot_03Learn Windows Server 2022 (AD, DNS, GPO) Be a Great Admin! - Screenshot_04



Welcome to this course

Server Basics

Server Intro & Where to Host Your Server
What is a Server (Physical Overview of a Rack Server)
Physical vs Virtual Server (on Premise)
Servers in the Cloud

Overview + Setup

Downloading Server 2022
Setup Server 2022 (VMware Virtual Server)
Overview of Windows Server 2022

Domains + Active Directory (AD)

Domains and AD
Building a Domain Controller (DC)
Let's look at AD
OU’s and Users in AD
Password Resets
Disabling User Accounts
Computer Accounts
Security Groups and Process Accounts
Domain and Enterprise Admins
Managing Users and Groups
Finding Objects in AD
Binding a Windows Computer to AD
Binding a Mac Computer to AD

Group Policies Objects (GPO's)

Group Policies 101
GPO 1 - Enforce Password Complexity
GPO 2 - User Messages
GPO 3 - Disable Accounts
GPO 4 - Restrict USB Sticks
GPO 5 - Windows Update


DHCP 101
Setting up the DHCP Role
Configuring DHCP


What is DNS
Using a DNS Server
Working with DNS Records
How DNS works on Windows Computers

Additional Videos

Server Build Ideas
How To Name Your Servers

What's next?

What’s Next?


July 9, 2022
Very informative! The instructor explained things in an understanding way for me. Thanks for sharing this knowledge.



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