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SEO Training 2021: Beginner To Advanced SEO | Google SEO #1

Mega SEO Course - Keyword Research, Technical, Link Building, SEO Audit, 30+ Tools, Negative SEO, Wordpress SEO & More!

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11.5 hours


Jan 2021

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SEO Audit + Keywords Analystics + Competitors Research
7-day free trial

What you will learn

Learn To Rank Website And Increase Traffic From Search Engine

Start your own SEO Agency Or Start Working As Freelancer

Learn To Use Premium Tools Like Ahref, Alexa, WordAi, Articleforge & More!

Generate more leads for your business from targeting keywords

Find Low competition, high traffic optimized long tail keyword list

Perform SEO Audit Like A PRO!

Write articles and blog posts that will rank high on Google

Learn To Optimize Websites To Improve User Experience

Learn About Google Algorithms Panda, Penguin & More With Updates!

Learn Step by Step On-Page Optimization For Websites With Articles

Learn Step by Step Off-Page Optimization (Submit Your Website to Search Engines)

Learn About SEO Tools to Progress & Dive Deep With Regular Work Flow


Welcome to SEO MEGA Course (11+ Hour Course) One single course to start your SEO Journey from Beginner to Advanced Step-by-Step, This course touches each and every important aspect of SEO including all updates, whether it's,

- Basic SEO Vocabulary,
- Important SEO Industry Terms,
- Setting Up Our Own Basic Website
- Doing Keyword Research,
- Implementing Technical Factor's, Page Speed Optimization,
- Diving Into Website Indexing And Link Building Techniques,
- Hands Onto Local SEO,
- Protecting Website From Negative SEO,
- Learn To Use Premium Tools (Ahref, Alexa, WordAi, Articleforge, Articlebuilder & More)
- Learn About All Important Free And Paid Tools.
- Performing SEO Audit
And Talking A Lot About Updates, Quiz, Assignments, and Important Career Stuff!

This course is designed after completed over 3000+ Projects on SEO along with my team.
I take you to each and every topic in a connected way so you can relate each topic and its importance, We will start with Basic SEO Vocabulary and complete on SEO Audit so basically connecting with each and every topic in sequence to one another.

You will also learn about premium industry tools and learning how to use them will help you to run better and more efficient marketing campaigns. You will also learn to Keep An Eye On a Competitor in terms of Link Building, Keyword Research, Site Audit, and Tracking of Bounce Rates, Visitor's, etc. using different tools. This is an important source for Website owners, Content marketers, and Bloggers researching new content ideas.

Course Will Help You To,

  1. Understand And Master Technical SEO factors.

  2. Website Optimization To Improve Page Speed And Following SEO Guidelines.

  3. Getting Indexed Into Search Engine.

  4. Utilizing Free As Well As Paid tools Available In Market.

  5. Learning Keyword Research, Webmaster Utilization, Local SEO, and Lot More.

  6. Start Building Links From Scratch.

  7. Adding Free SSL Certificate And CDN To Our Website To Increase Website Speed And Security.

  8. Protecting Website Against Negative SEO.

  9. Learn To Use Premium Tools (Ahref, Alexa, WordAi, Articleforge, Articlebuilder & More)

-->> Only SEO Course That Teaches You How To Use Premium SEO Tools. <<--


  • Stephen G. (Toronto, CA)
    "Shubham is the best! He taught me a few things I didn't know and I have been in this business for 10+ years! Thank you, my friend and a new order will come in tonight! "

  • Lee S. (Hayes, GB)
    "Did exactly what was promised, good communication. Very pleased. Recommended!"

  • Viktor Veres
    "Learned nice practical aspects. Straight forward, immediate results."

  • Dennis VanWagner 

    "This was the right course at the right time for me. It was short, sweet & to the point...."

After completing this course you will be Industry Level Ready to work as Intern, Fresher or Freelancer and you will also be able to implement everything on your website itself!

Enroll now and I will make sure you learn best about SEO 2021


SEO Training 2021: Beginner To Advanced SEO | Google SEO #1
SEO Training 2021: Beginner To Advanced SEO | Google SEO #1
SEO Training 2021: Beginner To Advanced SEO | Google SEO #1
SEO Training 2021: Beginner To Advanced SEO | Google SEO #1


Welcome - SEO Training

Course Introduction

Welcome To Course

What Does This Course Cover?

SEO Basics And Important Terminology

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

How Search Engine Works?

SEO Vocabulary – I

SEO Vocabulary – II

SEO Vocabulary – III

SEO Vocabulary – IV

SEO Vocabulary – V

SEO Vocabulary – VI

SEO Vocabulary – VII

SEO Vocabulary – VIII

SEO Vocabulary – IX

SEO Vocabulary – X

SEO Vocabulary – XI

SEO Vocabulary – XII

Types Of SEO

SEO Building Block

A-Z SEO Terms & Definitions

Important Industry Acronyms

(Optional) Setting Up Our Basic Website - Free Hosting - Free Domain

Understanding Hosting And Domain

Difference Between Paid Hosting And Free Hosting?

Registering Free Domain

Registering Free Web Hosting

Installing WordPress On Our Host

WordPress Walkthrough

Adding Our First Blog Post

Playing With WordPress Theme

Playing With WordPress Plugins

Customizing Website (Theme, Pages, Menu)

Keyword Research

What is a Keyword From SEO Perspective?

Broad vs Long Tail Keywords

Where To Collect Keywords?

Finding Competitor On New Niche – I

Finding Competitor On New Niche – II

Finding Competitor On New Niche – III

Finding Top Keywords of Competitors

List of Competitor’s Keywords

Google’s Official Keyword Tool

How to Validate Keywords for SEO with Google Trends

How to Convert Broad keywords into Long tail Keywords

How to use Google Search Suggestions

The All in One SEO Tool

Technical Factors | On-Page SEO

Why Technical Factors Matter in SEO?

Important Tags For SEO – I

Important Tags For SEO – II

Important Tags For SEO - Post

Brand Factor – Domain SEO Visibility

More On Keywords and URL Parameters

Utilizing Improvements?

Website – Page Speed

Page Speed Optimization

What Can Lower Your Page Speed?

Why Page Speed Is Important?

Understanding The “Why”

Let’s Get Started – Analyzing Website For PageSpeed Test

Optimization Images - I

Optimization Images - II

What Is CDN – Adding CDN For Free?

Completing CDN Configuration – Adding Free SSL Certificate?

Caching And HTML, CSS and JS Optimization

Page Speed SEO Technique- I

Page Speed SEO Technique - II

Leverage Browser Caching – Page Speed Test After Optimization

Browser Caching

Google AMP

Google AMP - II

Website Indexing In Depth

Introduction To Search Console (Webmaster)

Create A Sitemap For Your Website

How To Add Your Website To Google Search Console

Add Sitemap Of Your Site To Google Search Console (Webmaster)

Adding Different Version Of Website To Webmaster

Adding Website And Sitemap To Bing Webmaster

More About Alexa Ranking And How To Add Website

How To Submit Blog Post To Google For Fast Indexing

Find Top Ranking Keywords of Your Site

Schema.org? – Structured Data

Link Building In-depth

What Is Link Building?

DoFollow And NoFollow Links

Types Of Backlinks

Link Building Campaign

Ways To Get Quality Backlinks

Ways To Get Quality Backlinks – II | Spying On Competitors

Ways To Get Quality Backlinks – III

Types of Links You Need To Understand

Local SEO

What Is Local SEO?

6 Points To Win Local SEO

Local SEO – Keyword Research

Registering Our Business On “Google My Business”

Completing Local SEO

Negative SEO In 2018-2019?

What Is Negative SEO?

Protecting Website From Negative SEO

Protect Best Backlinks | Remove Spam Links

Complete SEO Audit Like PRO

What Is SEO Audit?

Basic SEO Audit

Advance SEO Audit

Google Updates

Understanding Important Google Algorithm Updates

Premium SEO Tools

Module Introduction

Ahref - Overview

Ahref - Backlink Profile

Ahref - Keeping Eye On Competitor

Ahref - Diving Deep With Keywords

Ahref - Best By Links, Top Content, Outgoing Links

Ahref - Content Explorer, Keyword Explorer

Ahref - Site Audit

Ahref - Rank Tracker

Ahref - Alert

Alexa - Introduction

Alexa - Website Traffic, Statistics, and Analytics

Alexa - Bounce Rate, Daily Pageviews, Time On Site

WordAI - Rewrites Copied Article To New Unique Post

Articleforge - Get Unlimited, Unique Content In 30 Seconds

Article Builder - Content At The Push Of A Button

Important Advice (Be A PRO)

Keyword Research Like A PRO

How Voice Search Will Impact SEO In 2019?

Quiz And Questions

SEO Interview Questions - Easy

SEO Interview Questions - Medium

SEO Interview Questions - Hard

Whats Next?

Thank You For Being Here!

Bonus - Kickstart Your Freelancing Career


Polly10 September 2020

Looks like good content so far, but I am having a hard time understanding words because of instructor's accent. I appreciated the tutorial on the video. It helps to slow down the speed. I would not have realized this without that being pointed out. I like that it gives a good overview so I can get the big picture of what SEO is all about.

Katie4 July 2020

A Great course, no doubt about it. However, Videos are hard to follow because of the teacher's accent. I suggest the instructor to fix this problem by working on all he videos' "CC". Good Job Though and Hi5 to your Sir!

Prasanth12 April 2020

Language errors, construct errors, technical knowledge could be fine, but English grammatical knowledge and diction average.

Ankit21 January 2020

Hey Shubham, I am really thankful to you to create an amazing course that wants to learn Digital Marketing as a beginner or an advanced level. After completion of this course, I can recommend it to anyone who wants to start their career in a Digital Marketing field or anyone who wants to grow their business online. Best of luck with many sales.

Luna20 January 2020

It is really good ! the instructor's experiences are really amazing! If there is a window for us could leave message about our questions, that will be perfect

Jessica13 January 2020

I am new to SEO and this course offers insightful content regarding search engine optimization. Overall, excellent course and very beneficial for beginners for someone like myself. FYI, on course content 110, the edit at the end of the video repeats. Just thought I should let you know. Other than that, thank you for sharing your expertise.

Rapcea.Cristina@Gmail.Com26 December 2019

Thank you so much! It was an amazing course with a lot of information and tools. I would recommend it to anyone!!

Laetitia4 July 2019

Just WOW! Shubham went above and beyond all my expectations! First of all YES, he has a strong accent, at the beginning I really wasn't sure how I was going to do with this course because I really could not understand him! But hey, I paid for it so I pushed through! With the assistance of the not so perfect automated caption and some focus I later realised that probably the main reason I didn't understand him was because I had no idea what he was talking about, I did not know SEO! Right by the time we tackled really deep subject I could understand him perfectly! Shubham is a great teacher !! He is extremely knowledgeable and you can clearly see how passionate he is about what he is talking about, it is really engaging and especially for some lesson that are quite technical! He included so many tips and I can not believe the amount of tools we talked about! By the end of the course I feel confident in my SEO skills, and have been able to apply all Shubham's advice, tips and tricks without too much trouble! I reached to Shubham on different occasion in Private message because I had a slight issue or something to clarify, every time he came back to me with a quick fix and some more information. I will definitely be his student again in another course !!! This course is a great money value !!! Thanks Shubham!

Cody8 June 2019

Very difficult to understand. Speech is poor and jumps around. Offers tools, but does't describe them in the description like he says. Uses new terminology that is difficult to understand what word he is using and doesn't introduce in the vocabulary section. The tools he uses are not explained well and the data they give back is impossible to understand without explanations - which aren't provided.

Lawal9 April 2019

An excellent course by a great Tutor, Now I am confident to move into SEO world. I recommend the course for anyone looking for SEO course.

Johnny19 March 2019

Instructor compressed his practical and theory experience into this course very well, super informative if you are a website owner. I applied few changes and can see difference instantly, just listen to theory properly for first few videos and then he start working on real website for practical. Overall well executed.

Tasmia30 January 2019

Well organized but It would have been better if there are more practical implementation and examples.

G16326421 January 2019

The course content looks good until now and deserve a solid 4.5, the only reason why I scored 4 instead of 4.5 stars is that subtitles are a complete mess, since Shubham Sarda mother language is not English his pronunciation is not very good, and is hard to follow his explanations in some sections. I think this course really adds value, I feel like I'm missing some good stuff because CC issue, I suggest to the author to provide a complete transcript to use it instead auto-generated CC. I also dislike handwriting notes over the slides (used to explain some concepts), they are just hard to read, I think they should be replaced for a more legible option. For everyone taking this course: in my opinion, the best and more valuable content starts in section 5, do not judge the course taking in consideration just the previous sections, those topics are necessary as part of a learning curve but you will find more quality information in the next sections.

Priyanka5 January 2019

This is the best course for learning SEO. It gives a lot of theoretical knowledge along with practical. Both are important for one to master any field. I am very happy with the course.

Don13 October 2018

The instructors real world experience is evident in the materiel covered. I found the materiel covered enlightening and something I will come back to as resource in the future.


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