SEO for Beginners: Rank #1 on Google with SEO

Learn how to Master SEO, WordPress SEO, Keywords SEO and put your website #1 on Google.

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What you will learn

The fastest way to implement SEO on your Website.

You will have a complete overview of SEO so you will understand and feel confident during the whole process.

SEO Keywords for your specific case, for your business.

Optimize your website’s SEO using the best free plugins.

WordPress SEO.

Optimize your website speed for SEO.

Backlink and link-building SEO strategies.

SEO for social media.

Video SEO.

Google My Business SEO.


SEO for beginners course -> Where you will learn how to put your website on the first page of Google.

In this course, I’ll cover everything you need to know to start with SEO.

  • We’ll start with a complete overview of SEO so you will understand and feel confident during the whole process

  • We’ll find the best keywords for your website

  • We’ll optimize your website’s SEO using the best free plugins

  • Speed is one of the key SEO elements. We’ll optimize your website’s speed in minutes. In the case study, we have in the course, where we went from a speed grade of 73 to a grade of 97. We will do the same on your website, and this whole process takes only 10 minutes.

  • You’ll also learn backlink and link-building SEO strategies

  • Video SEO

  • SEO for social media

  • Local SEO with Google My Business, where you can put your business on the front page of Google and on Google Maps

  • And much more.

If you are an SEO expert looking for super-advanced techniques, this course is not for you.

I designed this course for anyone who wants to start with SEO, so if you never worked with SEO or even if you already tried but didn’t have good results, here you will find all you need to succeed.

Our goal is to increase the visibility of your website and generate more organic traffic, which will lead to more clients and sales for your business.

Enroll now and let’s start taking your business to the next level with SEO!

Let's start learning together!



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First steps to SEO expert

Welcome to the SEO course
What is SEO and why it’s essential for your business
Ten key SEO ranking factors you need to know

SEO Keywords: Your SEO success starts here

What are keywords, and why are they important for SEO?
Using Google Keyword Planner for SEO keywords
Performing optimized keyword research for SEO
The best keyword research tools for SEO
Domain authority vs. trustworthiness for SEO

Optimizing your WordPress Website for SEO

Preparing your WordPress website for SEO
Migrating your website from HTTP to HTTPS
Making your website mobile-friendly for SEO
Optimizing your website with the Yoast SEO plugin
Advanced techniques for SEO

Optimizing your Website Speed in minutes

Checking your website page speed
Installing NitroPack on your website
Enabling Cloudflare Advance WordPress optimization

Growing Your Business & Brand with SEO

SEO strategy to establish your business and brand online
The importance of backlinks for your SEO performance
Ideas to unlock the power of backlinks for SEO
How to find directories to submit your website

The Power of Social Media and Video

The importance of video for SEO
SEO for your YouTube channel
Optimizing SEO for Facebook, Instagram, and social media
Setting up social media post scheduling for SEO

Local SEO: Google My Business

Welcome to Google My Business
Why Google My Business is important to you
Creating your Google My Business
Getting to know the Google My Business interface
Understanding Google Ranking My Business
Optimizing your Business information
Optimizing your Business description
Products to Google My Business
Services on Google My Business
Google My Business Insights & performance
Why reviews are essential to your business
Case Study: Tomalty Dental Care
Creating your review strategy


Review and Congratulations!

OPTIONAL CONTENT - How to Create a Website for Your Business

[WATCH FIRST] Introduction to this Section
This is the website we are creating
What's a Domain Name
Finding the Perfect Domain Name
What is Hosting
Signing for Hosting service
Pointing your domain name to Hostgator
Installing WordPress
Updating Settings
What is a WordPress Theme
Before we install our WordPress Theme
Installing Evolve Theme
Customizing your Theme
Creating Menus
Other ways to Customize
Creating Posts
Creating Pages
Creating About Us Page
Creating Contact Us page


July 14, 2022
Fantastic course on SEO - very clear and very practical. Super educator. I will certainly use more of Diego's courses. Thanks a lot!
June 27, 2022
Diego hits all the important topics and goes through them quickly and efficiently. This way the class isn't stretched out with so much content you can't remember everything yet you get all the important information and tools to get your SEO optimized on all platforms.
June 25, 2022
Este curso de Diego Davila é muito bom, com excelente conteúdo e as aulas são muito bem elaboradas. O professor tem uma didática clara, o os assuntos são transmitidos com leveza e descontração. Recomendo!
June 17, 2022
Very good structure and lots of helpful materials are covered. I felt at some points parts of the presentation felt like an advertisement and other alternatives weren't provided when it came to resources. I wish there was a worksheet with key points and information to get started with SEO.
June 16, 2022
Good course, but could be a bit better. The key parts of real SEO lectures are too short and there is a lot of not-necessary content. And I also do not like promoting of paid plugins without telling any other option (Nitro plugin for speeding up the website).
May 31, 2022
Such a good course. Diego is an experienced course producer. He’s got it down. Gives you exactly what you need and shows you how to do it. He gets right to it. No beating around the bush.
May 28, 2022
Always one of the finest digital marketing coaches who share practical frameworks worth 1000s of dollars. Get any course created by Diego Davila.
May 4, 2022
Would have preferred this to be geared more to the person trying to get a job in Digital Marketing versus for someone who has their own online business I am not a podcaster or business so found it difficult to apply the things I need to be really good at.
May 3, 2022
Simple explanation, straight to the point, using of analogy or illustration to explain the course and giving reasons why we need to learn the basic before delving into the topic
March 30, 2022
THANK YOU FOR SUCH AN INFORMATIVE COURSE!!! I've wanted to learn how to do SEO for ages for our web pages but didn't know where to start! I am so happy I found your course!! Very informative and easy to follow and understand. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is wanting to rank their own web sites to grow their business without utilizing ads.



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