Sell Low-Content Coloring Books, Sudokus on Amazon KDP

Generate Passive Income Selling Low-Content Coloring Books, Planners, Journals on Amazon KDP with a Zero Dollar Budget

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What you will learn

You'll Learn how to Start a succesful online Business on Amazon KDP with a Zero to one Dollar Budget

This course will show you that amazon kdp Self publishing is still a profitable business in 2022

Learn How to get paid by designing book covers, creating Paperback low or or no content books using Canva, Bookbolt, Photoshop

This course is Also packed with SEO knowledge to rank your books on page number 1 on Amazon kdp

You'll also learn how to automate the self publishing process on kdp using tools like Merch titans, bookbolt, photoshop, bookbolt lister, Creative fabrica

Learn how to start and launch a 4 figure kdp business in your first 6 months

This course doesn't require a huge budget, so you'll not be required to spend a lot of money on Ads or fancy software

It's perfect for people looking to substitute their income stream with a simple passive income stream

This course is a great introduction to online digital marketing, and the world of E-commerce, so if you're looking to get started then this is your chance

This course is good for all levels, from beginner to advanced and it will help you create a stand out business in short period of time


Welcome to the Amazon KDP all-in-one Course, and be prepared to take your self-publishing business to another level.

2022 is the ideal year to launch an online business and make passive income online, especially after the events of Covid and the number of people who have lost their employment.

Expert economists and entrepreneurs predict that an economic collapse is on the verge, so now is the best time to start a KDP Low or No content Self Publishing business online with a Zero Dollar budget.

Why risk your financial stability when you can start your own profitable passive income stream by creating and self-publishing low or no-content books on Amazon KDP (kindle direct publishing)!

Amazon makes it possible for anyone and everyone to create an account and start publishing their books quickly, so what are you waiting for?

There are different categories of Low content Books, and inside this Course, you'll learn how to :

  • Design great books covers and Interior of a children's coloring Book

  • I will show you how to create and publish many different low-content Books on kdp from scratch.

  • This Course is perfect for beginners with No design skills because inside the Course, I will show you how to create and sell books without design in only a few seconds.

  • As a bonus, the Course also covers a way to automate your self-publishing process to be able to publish a ton of books on the kdp platform.

In fact, this kdp course is like no other because it covers all the different variations of ways you can create different low-content book covers and interiors and how to publish them on KDP.

We will also go through the Publishing issues many people go through, and I will help you adopt a way to publish without a problem.

In late 2020, I started my Amazon KDP self-publishing business after accidentally stumbled upon the incredible opportunity and how anyone can profit on the kdp platform.

Just after 6 Months, I was able to take my business from a Zero dollar profit business to a 4 Figure business which was incredible for a man with poor design skills at the time.

After the successful Amazon KDP journey, I decided to move into the print-on-demand niche. Even though It wasn't as highly profitable as I had thought, I was still able to make good money from it, too, due to the skill set learned from 6 months of running a low-content self-publishing business on Amazon kdp.

The best part is that I still make residual money from the books I published years ago? And for inspiration, I could make 50 dollars from KDP within the first week of using My secret method, which motivated me to keep moving and scale the business.

Some would argue that the low or no content books niche is saturated, but I disagree entirely because the business doesn't require any special skills, but what makes the difference is how good you are at keyword research and spying on the competition.

Plus, publishing low-content journals, log books, planners, music sheets, children's coloring books, puzzle books, and sudokus is doing a favor to a big chunk of humanity by delivering a lot of value that people will continue to thank you endlessly for.

Self-publishing Low or No-content books on Amazon KDP is incredible because :

There is no startup cost to launching an amazon KDP business. You can create no or low-content books with Zero dollars; the only step to accomplish this is setting up an amazon kindle account; book covers and interiors require no experience.

KDP Low or even no Content Books are Fast and fun to make. Amazon takes care of everything for you, from Printing the book to Distribution, Customer help, to Processing payments and refunds, as well as taking care of your taxes. So fundamentally, Amazon does everything but gets a well-deserved royalty percentage on each low-content book.

Books published 3 Years ago can make you passive income and send recurring commissions to your bank account while you sleep, train, or eat. That's why I call real passive income stream.

Why should I choose KDP Publishing over other online alternatives?

Self-publishing on Amazon KDP is one of the few online business models that requires a Zero dollar budget to start, so the startup cost is the lowest if you compare it to any other business.

Why Choose This Course?

Start Your KDP Journey Now! I turned my online KDP publishing business into a highly profitable business in only 6 months. With the substantial rise in online shopping, there is no better time than NOW to launch your KDP Publishing online business and start earning long-term passive income.

If you're waiting for time to go back to the 2000s, then just don't bother because there is money to be made online, and it will always be the case.

You can start on a zero-dollar budget. I started with ZERO $, and I will share how you can do the same during the Course.

With around $10, you can get started even more quickly. Better yet, If you have $50, you will take your KDP business to the next level and see many sales on this Amazon kdp business.

How much time does it take to get some good sales?

Once books are published on Amazon kdp, they will begin to generate passive income in royalties for years to come. The number of books and how much you make from this will rely on your time and effort. So you can expect to start noticing sales after a few weeks.

Don't you need any design or writing skills?

If you don't have design skills, rest assured that you don't have to. I will show you how to create and design low-content book covers and interiors without having to write a single piece of text.

I promise not to waste your time with fake strategies that won't make you money inside the Course—Facebook ads, blogs, websites, weird traffic sources, or spending money for reviews. I will show you that you can make money publishing low-content paperback books without investing cash in amazon kdp PPC (Pay Per Click) ads.

Conclusion :

Low and No Content books require No specific skills; you'll see that during the Course, I will show you how to download Free Interiors easily.

Once finished and published on KDP, these books will sell daily across online book marketplaces, including the United States, UK, Australia, France, Canada, Germany, and many other countries. I will also show you how to set the distribution or restrict it only to specific countries if that's what you need.

This Course has many practice activities in which I show how to create Book covers and interiors using FREE and Paid tools online.

I also take you through the SEO and amazon KDP A9 Algorithm that amazon considers to Rank products and how you can use that to rank on the first pages and sell more books to generate more royalties on KDP.

If you sign up for this Course, you will also learn about keyword research and in-depth customer analysis to reverse engineer the competitor's best-selling books and determine which books are an excellent opportunity to make money online.

Suppose you're looking to automate the self-publishing process. In that case, this Course will also work wonders for you because I can show you how to publish multiple books simultaneously using a KDPA by Merch Titans.

Happy learning.



Welcome to the Easiest Business Plan in the World!
Pre-requisites to Launch a Succesful Amazon KDP Self Publishing Business

Reasons why you should Start your Amazon KDP Business Today

Is Amazon KDP still profitable in 2022 ?
Wake up! Cuz They are lying to you, Amazon kdp will always be profitable
Exactly what you need to launch a succesful kdp 4 figure business in 6 months

Publishing Low content Books on Amazon KDP is at ZERO Costs

A website costs a ton of Money to run BUT Amazon kdp startup cost is Zero dollar
Lauch your First digital ASSETS focused Business on Amazon kdp for FREE!

In-depth Introduction into the Amazon KDP publishing process

Amazon takes care of everything for you, so what are you waiting for
It's like having a company BUT with ZERO employees and NO Costs!
Amazon Generates Billions of Dollars from books alone, so take part of it NOW!
The Amazon KDP publishing process
The pricing of a Low content Book depends on the Book Complexity

This course is Not for you if you're not Ready to take ACTION!

Paralysis by Analysis is the Enemy - Just go ahead and DO it!

Work on it for 6 Months, and I promise you 4 Figures a month Business!

Important information to learn about book size and the limit of books to publish
The COMPOUND EFFECT and how it applies to kdp self publishing low content books
Try KDP for 6 Months of HARD MODE, and you'll be surprised

Premium Software Recommendations to Scale Book Publishing

Merch titans KDPA book publishing automation disclosure
Why should you invest in a software such as bookbolt and Merch titans

In-depth Slef Publishing Jargon and Basics

All the categories of Low content Books
Trim size, Bleed, Margins
Margin and Bleed Requirements
Microsoft word formatting - Size - Bleed - Margins
Microsoft word formatting - Components of a good book
Microsoft formatting - Book headers and footers
Microsoft formatting - tools to create your book cover
Amazon KDP expanded distribution to get more sales
Other software to format your book
Flatten your book and embed fonts
A great cover design is key for Brand recognition
Book genre
Font types
Create the Paperback Design cover first and use the design later for Your Ebook
Important information about the Book's BARCODE
Important to know before you create your paperback and ebook cover
Useful tools : Book cover templates & Book cover calculator
Software recommendations to create an amazing book cover

Let's create and Publish a children's coloring Book on KDP using Free Canva

Create the book cover for a children coloring book - part 1
Create the book cover for a children coloring book - part 2
Create the book interior for a children coloring book - part 1
Create the book interior for a children coloring book - part 2
Create the book interior for a children coloring book - part 3
Create the book interior for a children coloring book - part 4
Let's publish the coloring book for children - part 5

Let's create and publish a two Year Planner using Canva

Let's create a 2 Year Planner using Canva from Scratch -Create the interior - 1
Let's create a 2 Year Planner using Canva from Scratch -Create the Cover
Let's publish the planner on KDP

Let's create and Publish a child Prayer's journal on kdp using FREE Canva

Let's create a child prayer journal using Free Canva - Create the interior pt 1
Let's create a child prayer journal using Free Canva - Create the cover- pt 2
Let's publish the kid journal on Amazon kdp

Let's Design and Create a Paperback GIFT Card for Valentine's day

Create a Low content Valentine's Day journal using Creative Fabrica
Create a Low content Valentine's Day journal using Creative Fabrica part 2
Let's create the Paperback book cover for our valentine's day book
Let's publish the Valentie's day Journal gift card on kdp

Create and publish a Marble composition paperback Book

Let's create a Marble composition paperback cover
Let's download a ready Interior from bookbolt for FREE and upload to KDP

Let's create and publish a SUDOKU book on Amazon kdp

Let's create a SUDOKU book the manually hard way part 1 - Amazon kdp
Let's complete the sudoku Interior and create the Paperback cover for KDP upload
Let's import a ready to use Sudoku book cover and interior for direct KDP upload

Amazon kdp SEO - My SECRET keyword research strategy

Amazon KDP SEO - My keyword strategy
Amazon KDP SEO - Let's use the Amazon KDP expander
Amazon KDP SEO - Spy on Amazon Ads tgo find profitable keywords
Amazon KDP SEO - Use Book Bolt and Merch titans to 10X your sales
Amazon KDP SEO - Use keywords everywhere to find profitable niches
Amazon KDP SEO - Use Ubbersuggest and Keywords planner
Amazon KDP SEO - My keyword collection process
Amazon KDP SEO - How I validate my keywords

Extra Tools to use

Amazing Tool - Printing Cost & Royalty Calculator
Incredible tool - BSR to Sales Calculator

Create and publish your first low content book on KDP using Book bolt

Create and publish your first low content book on KDP
Design your book cover using book bolt designer
Scale book covers using book bolt and photoshop
Photoshop tutorial to scale book covers

Amazon KDP extra SEO section - Spy on the Competition & Keyword research

Product research using bookbolt
Keyword research
Spy on your competition’s best sellers

Section 7 - Choose the book category and scale your listings using Bookbolt

KDP Category finder
Use bookbolt lister to scale your listings

Let's automate and Publish 10 Amazon KDP books Using Merch titans automation

Scale book publishing using KDPA automation
Uploading 10 kdp books at the same time


Sell Low-Content Coloring Books, Sudokus on Amazon KDP - Screenshot_01Sell Low-Content Coloring Books, Sudokus on Amazon KDP - Screenshot_02Sell Low-Content Coloring Books, Sudokus on Amazon KDP - Screenshot_03Sell Low-Content Coloring Books, Sudokus on Amazon KDP - Screenshot_04


November 11, 2022
Thank you so much for this course! Very detailed with various examples on how to create digital products. Included SEO and suggested websites to utilize for all projects. Enjoyed how the course also had real-world hurdles that you may encounter when creating digital products.
October 8, 2022
its been a great experience so far . im already implementing the steps and hoping to make massive sales
October 7, 2022
This is the best course I will ever asked for because everything is explain in detail. I'm totally blow away from the content of the course.


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