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The Journey Of Self-Transformation Overview - The Journey Of Transforming Suffering States Of Mind into Happiness

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Transform Your Mind  - Transform Your Life
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Sep 2020
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What you will learn

Know the purpose in life

Know how the cause of Suffering is created in the mind

Know the secrets as to how the mind works in relation to happiness and unhappiness

Understand the mind better


The Purpose Of Life
The purpose of life is to create greater happiness.

And it's not about just being happy in one moment, but in every moment.

Such a journey will require one to address their unhappiness. The more one can transform their unhappiness, the happier one will naturally be.

Thus, to be truly Self-Fulfilled, one must transform the suffering states of mind. These are the negative states such as our fears, anger, worries, impatience and so forth.

But How?

Through the journey of Self-Transformation!

The Journey Of Self-Transformation
These Videos were created to take you on an enlightening journey of Self-Transformation, a journey that has never been taught before.

in these videos you will finally know how all the suffering states of the mind are within, and the ways to transform them and release them from the deepest level of the mind so that you won't have to experience them again!

The knowledge in the course has helped me to experience greater happiness in life, so I would like to share this knowledge with you for free!

Transform your mind and you will transform your life!

The Goal Of The Course
Not much techniques and practice will be introduced in this course.
The goal of this course is to develop a firm understanding of how the mind works in relation to suffering and the ways to transform it.

The journey of Self-Transformation will not be easy. It will be the most challenging and confusing journey that you will ever embark on in your life.

So this journey of Self-Transformation can challenge your existing beliefs and this can create an uncomfortable experience.

If you feel that there's something said in this course that doesn't resonate with you or make sense to you, you can put it aside.

Realize this is part 1 of the 4 courses (as there is length limit to free courses here) so give the course a try!

If you wish to access the other courses for free you can find them on my website!!

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"Thanks Johny for created this awesome courses. You've help me face my own defects bravely. I'm looking forward to your new course in the future." -Reina Liew Chee Mei

"This was exactly what I needed to continue on my spiritual journey and to find my happiness and purpose in life. I am able to use these techniques in my everyday life and still grow inside and continue to follow my spiritual path and be a better person inside and out. Thank you so much Jonny John for sharing your experience and your knowledge because it has helped me understand much more about stillness and being happy and accepting inside and out. Thank you." -Evelyn Baerga

"I am so impressed by his knowledge and love this course" -Renee Vaughn


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Journey of Self-Transformation
Course Outline
Before You Begin

The Journey Of Self-Transformation

1. Purpose In Life
2. Everlasting Happiness
3. Developing The Knowing The Self
4. Developing Stillness
5. Understanding what Suffering really is
6. Transforming The Suffering States Of The Mind
7. Using Catalysts
8. Summary - Journey Of Self-Transformation
Understanding The Journey

Understanding The Mind

8. Understanding The Mind
9. Importance Of Understanding The Mind
10. Action and reaction
10. **Exercise** Action and Reaction
11. The Self
12. Rejection Of The Self
12. **Exercise** Rejection Of The Self
13. Thought and Habit Patterns
14. Stimulation
15. Focus and Happiness
16. Writing
16. **Exercise** Writing To Know The Self
17. Summary - Understanding The Mind

Negative Ideas - Completed! May 12 2018

18. Negative Ideas
19. Sufferings & Negative Ideas
20. Discovering Negative Ideas
20. **Exercise** Discovering Negative Ideas
21. Expanding Negative Ideas
21. **Exercise** Expanding Negative Ideas
22. Transforming Negative Ideas
23. Habit & Negative Ideas
24. Stillness & Negative Ideas
25. Wandering Thoughts & Negative Ideas
25. **Exercise** Wandering Thoughts & Negative Ideas
26. Stimulation & Negative Ideas
27. Attachment & Negative Ideas
28. Health & Negative Ideas
29. Summary - Negative Ideas

Life Practice - Catalysts - Completed! May 12 2018

30. Catalysts & Life Experience
31. Importance of Recording Progress
32 Health as Catalyst
33. Intention as Catalyst
33. Life Practice - Intention as Catalyst
34. Honesty as Catalyst
34. Life Practice - Honesty as Catalyst
35. Trust as Catalyst
35. Life Practice - Trust as Catalyst
36. Patience as Catalyst
36. Life Practice - Patience as Catalyst
37. Commitment as Catalyst
37. Life Practice - Commitment As Catalyst
38. Forgiveness as Catalyst
38. Life Practice - Forgiveness as Catalyst
39. Creator's Absoprtion Technique
39. Life Practice - Creator's Absorption
Creator's Absorption Course
40. Meditation as Catalyst
41. Catalysts - Summary

Summary And Support

Summary and where to next?


January 7, 2023
When the self don't think its good enough to function on a higher intellectual level. Self acceptance.
August 7, 2022
Not entirely what I expected; the video was dull; I wanted some enthusiasm and an excellent presentation.
May 12, 2022
This course is well put together. It’s easy to see the creator took great care as to how he presented the content and what he put into it. His gentle, soft spoken voice is calming and yet confident and knowledgeable. It went really well with the simple and beautiful serene environment of nature and birds in background. Especially with the topics discussed. You can tell that he truly desires to help people with his message and it comes through most evidently. This is an excellent course hands down . And that it’s free there’s no excuse not to get it. Great job!
August 22, 2021
A very good introduction to self-transformation. Johnny uses anecdotes to help you understand the suffering states of mind. Thank you for this.
November 11, 2020
Interesting way of looking at things to try to change the way that we feel about things and obtain peace of mind
August 31, 2020
Nice course! The course on how to transform the suffering states of the mind was well-explained. Thank you!
August 20, 2020
I liked this course very much! It is clear, precise, touching the mind. The teaching style fits me very well. The Teachers voice is calm, easy to understand and he explains everything in details. Thank you very much!
June 13, 2020
I have read a lot of books and listened to a lot of audiobooks but this was the most enlightening. Thank you!
May 21, 2020
I enjoy the teaching style. He has a very calming approach and is very articulate. I also enjoy the content and how it is delivered in a way that I can easily understand and apply to myself.
May 13, 2020
This course is amazing and should be priceless! It's better than a 3-year Psychology degree. I learned much more from this course than from dozens of hours of self-help books and articles and courses. The explanations are so clear, simple and touch the essence of the mind. Great job and insights!
April 12, 2020
The course is worth taking as I learned some tips to transform my life to a more healthy and positive status. Thank you!
April 11, 2020
Initially, I did not agree with you and seemed to me that there were too many things mixed, but I continued and realized I was the one in denial. Thank you for everything!
October 21, 2017
Instructor explains very well topics that are difficult to understand. The real problem are the captions, because they are not following the conversation correctly; sometimes gives a complete different meaning of what is being explained. I can help you on that.
September 29, 2017
Nice course for the beginners on the self-improvement and self-developement journey :) I love the style of presentation and also the background scenes!
September 28, 2017
No so practical, just lot of repetitive theory with no examples so there is not much I can do with it. And the idea that happiness will come by managing thoughts is questionable. Didn't like it, although the instructor presents in a calm and assuring way, almost hypnotic.



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