Build a Self Hosted Online Course With LifterLMS & Wordpress

Learn how to use LifterLMS to sell online courses on your own website or blog

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Build a Self Hosted Online Course With LifterLMS & Wordpress
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Feb 2019
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What you will learn

Understand if LifterLMS is a good choice for them

See all the features of LifterLMS

See the differences between paid and free versions of LifterLMS


*Last Updated August 2018*

In this course I'm going to walk you through a plugin for Wordpress called LifterLMS.

You can use this plugin to build your own self hosted online course on Wordpress.

The base plugin is free which will give you a wide range of features such as:

  • Course management for unlimited courses

  • Membership levels

  • Payment integration

  • Page protection

  • Custom content

  • Gamification

  • Student Analytics & Reporting

  • Drip Content

  • Coupons

  • And much more.

Inside the course I walk you through all of these features, the quick setup and a demo site I installed the plugin on. I also walk you through the difference between both the free and paid versions of the course including the upgrade they call the 'Universe Bundle'. 

If you are looking to start selling online courses on your own website you should definitely consider LifterLMS. 


Introduction To The Course

Introduction To LifterLMS
Need Help?
LaunchPad Theme Demo

Setting Up LifterLMS

Quick Start Setup
Real Quick..

Working with LifterLMS

Adding Courses and Settings For Your Course
Membership Levels - Achievements - Certificates
Orders - Coupons - Vouchers

Extra Extensions With The Universe Bundle

Universe Bundle Extensions and Conclusion

Running Into Any Coding Issues?

My Resource For Quick Help With Coding Problems


Bonus: How I'm Landing $1000 Clients Every Month


July 6, 2021
It is short, to the point and very concise which is what I look for in online learning video. Great Job!
August 13, 2019
Ce cours est une introduction à l'utilisation de LifterLMS. Une version plus fouillée serait très utile pour ceux comme moi qui voudraient aller plus en profondeur dans l'utilisation de ce plugin
January 1, 2018
A good start-up to learning the Lifter LMS plugin but would have preferred a more detailed version to earn a 5-star
December 9, 2017
I enjoy the material but find that it's limited to only one company which makes me realize this course is a promotional course. But the information is still valuable
May 12, 2017
Great and powerful course that teaches you on how to self host your courses. The walkthrough in this course and the plug-in being introduce will change your life. This is a quick and concise course that can open more streams of income for you and start earning that millions of dollars. This course has short, practical videos that can definitely help you on becoming a successful entrepreneur. A entrepreneur who earns passive income and less stress. The instructor definitely is an expert on the field of marketing. You will learn additional lessons and resources to improve your chances in becoming a millionaire online. Learn from this course and start creating your first profitable self hosted online course. Thank you so much :D
January 23, 2017
Unfortunately, I did not achieve my learning objectives. The instructor moves very quickly from section to section merely explaining the various fields. I would have like to have created a dummy Online Course by the end of the lectures.



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