Seahorse Alcohol Ink & Resin Art Class

Learn Tips and Tricks for combining Alcohol Ink Art with Resin Art!

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1.5 hours
Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Learn how to basecoat a wood panel to prepare for Alcohol Ink Art

Learn how to mask off areas to keep them free of Alcohol Ink

Learn the basics of Layering Alcohol Inks with Resin and how to prevent the resin from affecting your Alcohol Ink

Learn Tips and Tricks for working with Resin and getting that perfect Glossy Finish


Welcome to the Seahorse Alcohol Ink & Resin Art Class!

Ink this class we will combine Alcohol Ink art with Resin Art.  Adding Resin layers in between the Alcohol Ink Art is a great way to add Interest and dimension to your work!

This class comes with a Supply List that outlines all the Supplies used in the class.  You will find a picture of the completed project as well on the Supply List.  Each supply is linked to where you can purchase it which will save you time sourcing your supplies and give you more time to create!  You will find the Supply List PDF link with the Introduction Video.  You will also find the Seahorse PDF used to create the Class Project.

In this Class you will Learn:

1 -How to Prime and Prep your Wood Panel for Alcohol Ink and Resin.

2 -How to Mask off Certain areas to protect them from Alcohol Ink Splatters.

3 -Simple Techniques for working with Alcohol Inks.

4 -How to figure how much Resin you will need to avoid Waste.

5 -How to cover your Piece with Resin and ensure it will flow evenly over the edges.

6 -Tips and Tricks for removing Bubbles that surface in the Resin and Protecting your piece to try prevent dust particles while Curing.

7 -How to remove the Resin Drips that Accumulate on the bottom side of the Wood panel.

8 -How to add a Hanger to Display your Art.

Note:  As much as we like control, Alcohol Ink likes to do it's own thing.  As you work more with Alcohol Inks, you will learn how it tends to flow and ways try control its flow.  Enjoy that learning process! 

Second Note:  Please follow all safety direction from the Resin you choose to use.  You will either find that information with the product itself of that Companys website.


Seahorse Alcohol Ink & Resin Art Class - Screenshot_01Seahorse Alcohol Ink & Resin Art Class - Screenshot_02Seahorse Alcohol Ink & Resin Art Class - Screenshot_03Seahorse Alcohol Ink & Resin Art Class - Screenshot_04



Seahorse Alcohol Ink & Resin Class Introduction
Prepping & Basecoating Wood Panel
Transfer Image & Masking
First Alcohol Ink Layer
How much Resin will I need?
First Resin Layer
Masking for Second Alcohol Ink Layer
Second Alcohol Ink Layer
Second Resin Layer
Masking for Third Alcohol Ink Layer
Third Alcohol Ink Layer
Third & Final Resin Layer
Removing the Drips off the Back of your Piece
Adding Hanger to the Back of our Art Work
Cleaning our Resin Tools
Seahorse Alcohol Ink & Resin Class Thank You

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