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Scrum Master certification - practice test questions

A comprehensive set of mock exam questions . A final step for your Professional Scrum Master certification(updated 2021)

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May 2021

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What you will learn

A fundamental understanding of Scrum theory, definitions and the Scrum Values as per the Scrum guide

A comprehensive list of questions straight from the Scrum guide. These mock exam questions are the final step in your Scrum Master exam preparation

An A to Z of Scrum and the role of the Scrum Master, 100% focused on the current version of the Scrum Guide,the definitive guide to Scrum. Anything else just isn't Scrum!

Learn how to get a Certification in Scrum without paying out thousands of dollars

A thorough review of the three roles, the 5 events and the 3 artifacts that are make up Scrum as per the Scrum guide


Are you about to take your first Professional Scrum Master certification exam, then this is the package for you.

Be under no illusion, exams like the PSM1 and CSM exam are not easy to pass. Even a person, currently in a Scrum Master role will need to prepare and study.

These mock exam questions are perfect for agile project managers who want to have a complete and thorough grounding of the Scrum guide, the scrum body of knowledge.

(Note: This test has been updated to the 2020 version of the Scrum Guide. Please note that there are many subtle changes from the 2017 guide and these questions and answers reflect the changes)

We recommend three stages to complete before taking your first Scrum Master exam

1) Take my accompanying Udemy Scrum Master 101 course (Search under my name "David Keenan"!!)

2) Read the Scrum Guide

3) Take this Scrum Master practice test and make sure you understand all the questions and answers.

Important: Each question also has the corresponding Scrum Guide answer, to allow you to completely understand both the answer and the context.

There are 6 practice tests. I would recommend you take Test 1, then review your answers against the correct answers from the Scrum guide before moving onto the next. This is the key learning from each test. Not only is it a practice, but it also gives you the ability to revise the Scrum guide. In many ways, it is a second pass at reading the Scrum Guide.

It focuses on all aspects from Scrum history, definition, theory and Values and moving to deep dive into the the 3 Scrum roles, the 5 Scrum events and the 3 Scrum Artifacts.

We designed these mock exam questions to act as a core learning tool to utilize, before sitting your first scrum master certification. Our aim is that at the end of this course, you will be able to pass an exam like the professional Scrum master (PSM1) exam*

It is a new course developed in 2019 and specifically designed around the Scrum guide, the definitive Scrum body of knowledge. We present it in a way that helps you to fully understand Scrum Master role and also, to give the information needed to pass certification exams based on the Scrum guide.


*This course is perfectly suited to those about to take their initial Scrum Master certification

Please note, we are not affiliated with Scrum dot org or the Scrum Alliance etc. No endorsement is made by either Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber, or any of their related commercial entities. The original Scrum Guide is offered for license under the Attribution Share-Alike license of Creative Commons, accessible at http://creativecommons dot org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/legalcode and also described in summary form at /licenses/by-sa/4.0/.


Scrum Master certification - practice test questions
Scrum Master certification - practice test questions
Scrum Master certification - practice test questions
Scrum Master certification - practice test questions


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Suyog9 October 2020

Nice set of questionnaire with explanation given for both wrong and correct set of answers, plus multiple attempts are given. This surely helps to take the test again and improve the score and to get more practice.

Richard24 September 2020

Expected more tough & Tricky questions. Nevertheless it was good set of questions. some of the questions were eye openers. thanks !

Sangita17 September 2020

yes it was a good match, it highlighted areas which sound simple to read but when questioned to make a choice it's not always straightforward

Helga18 August 2020

It was a good test for learning with the Scrum Guide. I wish there would be some more questions in the quiz

Sebastián27 June 2020

Muy didactico y por sobre todas las cosas aportan mucho las explicaciones para cada respuesta. Es muy recomendable para aquellos que quieran obtener la certificación de Scrum Master.

Davide17 June 2020

Most questions were very similar to another practical test which is free. Furthermore, I believe that some answer doesn't match with the scrum guide released by scrum.org

Jairo10 February 2020

This is my first course about PSM , but quiz is really good because explanations describes exactly as you need , and it's a good way to learn and play. I think complexity of the questions are similar to real testing

Pooja3 February 2020

This course covers every part of Scrum given in Scrum Guide. Mock tests are of great help for the ones preparing for PSM 1.

Qaiser25 December 2019

Interesting questions and the answers are described as well for review. It helps better understanding the mistakes

Jessica16 December 2019

Typos in the test were distracting but it was a good review of the concepts of Scrum that I am trying to improve upon.

Rebecca25 November 2019

Brought this as a bundle along with the Scrum Fundamentals. Great test questions to help me before my exam! Lets hope I pass!

NicP25 November 2019

Really great questions. It shows me that passing the PSM1 exam is not easy!! I really like the fact that I can review the answers after each section and the answers are really comprehensive

Ricardo25 November 2019

This Quiz is excellent (5⭐️), the questions were just what I needed to help me pass the PSM1 exam...I appreciated the review section after finishing the Quiz, it quickly refreshed my memory for the right answer!

Russell20 November 2019

These questions are the best. I had taken a course but wanted to be prepared going into (SMC) Scrum Master Certification Exam so I used David's questions to prepare myself for what was coming. GREAT NEWS I PASSED !!!!! Thank you so much David

Durrell5 October 2019

The test questions were very realistic, and along with the answers and explanations make a really great review. Personally I hate multiple choice questions with multiple possible correct selections, especially if the number is not specified, so I lamented this fact in the beginning, however by practice test 3 I was beginning to see the real value as i began taking and compiling my own notes. Thanks for the opportunity.


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